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Cleave the Night (Anastasia/Nikolai)

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Cleave the Night (Anastasia/Nikolai) - Page 3 Empty Re: Cleave the Night (Anastasia/Nikolai)

Post by Lilbunnyblu January 10th 2023, 8:24 pm

Anya huffed in mere annoyance at the light, she searched for a nearby shadow as the light . Behind the hero, she smirked behind the Veil. Focusing on the front not the back. "I'm not really a fan of fireworks, though I do have to say.....Chains do seem exciting~" She tilts her head innocently and giggles whimsically, "Though isn't it rude to skip to such Sinful things before buying me Dinner?~ Its a shame bad pups need punished~" She beckons a finger to come closer and a spear of shadow stabs Max in the left thigh. She could feel the Glee bubbling up inside her. Fights were never a skill shed mastered but to say she was bad would be like saying a newly hatched bird couldn't chirp.

Hindering limbs would be the best way to go, legs then arms. If all else Fails Nik could cause another disruption and she could start a fire. Civilian lives may outweigh the need to win against villains, especially a lower one then Others that have been more openly problematic....Right? Perhaps she was a good hit and run, but she couldn't match levels of City destroyers or those brilliant minds who could invent items to shrink the moon. She would resort to cheap tricks and a demonic contract though.

Her mother would be proud....Hopefully.


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Cleave the Night (Anastasia/Nikolai) - Page 3 Empty Re: Cleave the Night (Anastasia/Nikolai)

Post by Rorking January 18th 2023, 4:52 pm

The Flash of light did nothing more than give Nik pause before he saw Anya leap into action. Seeing her in action truly put a smile across his face. She has grown up so much since she was a small child curdled up in her mother's arms. Though he was nowhere close to being even a father figure for her, he still felt a sense of pride seeing her Kick so much ass. Which a crack of his knuckles and a wave of his fingers, Nik was prepared to join her in her fight. He took a step forward before a grunt behind him made him glance behind him, the sight before him was certainly not one he expected.

"is that Jeff Goldblum?" Nik said as he started to walk up to the old man laying on the ground. "What the fuck is Ian Malcolm doing in Philly?" Nik bent down and slightly turned the elder man to get a better look at his face.
"Oh shit, I think this really is Jeff Goldblum. I loved you In "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," Sir. Goldblum Sir."
Nik looked up to see how the fight with Max was going, When he saw Anya kicking more ass he only smiled and tapped the old man on the side. Soon the man found his nightmarish visions come to end, The sight before him sent even more fear down his spine.
"I have to ask, Can I get your autograph?" Nik blurted out as he pulled out a Pen and Notepad. The Figure reached up with shaky hands and took the items from the Demon's grasp. "Just put in right there....Next to Ryan Reynolds ...not there, on the other side of Bruce Campbell....Touch Teddy Roosevelt and I will make you look like the ending of "The Fly"

He took the notepad back and looked down at the terrified man.
"Btw" He turned away to see how Anya was doing  "is it true you're actually a god?" This question will go unanswered as upon looking back, Nik found the man had run off somewhere.  "such a pity, Was kinda hoping for that answer more than the autograph." Nik turned back to look at the battle he was supposed to be joining into by now. "I wonder how Anya is doing.....Oh fuck She needs me." Nik started running to join the fight with his partner "Priorities Nikolai, You got to work on your Priorities."


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Cleave the Night (Anastasia/Nikolai) - Page 3 Empty Re: Cleave the Night (Anastasia/Nikolai)

Post by Melchizedek January 25th 2023, 7:02 pm

“Oh! A swing… and a miss!”

Carla's voice resounded through the helmet. She was probably enjoying her popcorn along with the other viewers. He was expecting a miss, as the chain usually started landing after a few first swings. Even a local drunk could usually time a good jump.

With a fanged grin, he approached, swinging the chain as she beckoned. The rush of the battle and the strange alluring night had picked up speed in his heart; he was a man often blind to his own lusts and they definitely surfaced when he was pushed. Still, he wasn't planning on maiming or killing at all, he just wanted answers and to knock them off their proverbial high horses. What came next, however, he didn’t expect. Through power infused eyes and a complementary mind, everything seemed to be operating in a form of slow motion. Pretty cool, but one of the big disadvantages of having this ability was feeling everything negative and processing it in a greater way.

He had the front row seat ticket to feeling something pierce his skin, penetrate his flesh and go through his thigh. But what really made his eyes pop was the fact that it seemed to come from behind without an inkling of a warning.  Reactive anger and pain coursed through his veins. He unleashed a neon yellow-green bolt of lightning from his other hand to completely knock her back and stun her for good. This would be a whole nother level beyond the little he had zapped her with in the club, as he now had no idea what he was dealing with.

“Bitch!” he cursed, audibly but not very loudly.

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Cleave the Night (Anastasia/Nikolai) - Page 3 Empty Re: Cleave the Night (Anastasia/Nikolai)

Post by Sponsored content

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