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Nikolai Vox

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Nikolai Vox Empty Nikolai Vox

Post by Rorking September 17th 2021, 12:49 am

Nikolai Vox

"Why don't you give into your dark side my dear??"

The Bio

Real Name: Nikolai Vox
Villain Name: The Curious Devil
Title: The Dark Baron
Alignment: chaotic evil
Age: ageless, looks 25
Gender: male
Race: desire demon
Hair: Cherry Red
Eyes: Amethyst Purple
Height: 6’2
Weight: Unknown
Blood type: Type D

The Looks

Nikolai Vox VTnQz0q

The Personality

Nikolai can be described as the classic devil in the case of personality. He likes to play on other desires with a wicked smile painted across his face. Even when he is not trying to strike up a deal with someone, he still comes across as a figure you would be smart to not listen to any of the advice he gives.
The Story

At the beginning of all creation, Angels were created to help mold the earth and the creatures that would soon inhabit it. It wasn’t long before tension arose and many of them were cast out alongside their leader Lucifer. an outcome that wasn’t expected by either party was a creation of a new race of creatures, one formed from the deepest and darkest desires of both the celestial beings and the soon-to-be “humans.” These new beings would be called “desire demons” and would quickly be seen as outcasts to even the former angels, one major reason for this rank would be fear of the power they are truly capable of.

Sometime between the birth and death of the last king of a long-forgotten kingdom saw the creation of the creature that would become Nikolai Vox. Created from the desires of a nobleman, this gave him an early start to the kind of power he was capable of. The desire that pulsed off the royal court allowed him the perfect power needed to train himself right from the start. By the time he saw the fall of the kingdom, he was already a force that was feared even down in the pits he crawled out of centuries prior. Before returning to his home realm, he offered the now elderly Nobleman a gift in the form of an amethyst jewel he had infused with his own power. To the noble person he thought he was gifted immortality by an old friend, in reality, he had been tricked to cherish a rock that would do nothing but steal the dark energy of his bloodline.

It wasn’t until centuries later that Nikolai would be pulled back to the mortal plane when a feeling washed over him as a huge cluster of dark energy surges somewhere in his old training grounds. Before long Nikolai found himself standing on the roof of a building somewhere in the bitter cold, the snow around him covered his shoes and jacket in a matter of seconds. Upon entering the building, he was quickly met with the two things he hated the most, long dark hallways and silence. Following the energy trail that brought him here in the first place points him directly into a room down the hall, upon entering the room he is met with the sight of dead bodies and a gun pointed at his head. looking at the gunman revealed two shocking revelations to Nikolai, one being the assailant being a woman with a familiar face and the other being the jewel bury in the necklace that hung around her neck. Maybe it was his charm or maybe it was his offer of a team-up that would see her truly unlock her powers. No matter the reason, Nikolai soon showed off his wicked smile as her guns slowly lowered and he unlocked the jeweled necklace.

After that day the two were inseparable, where she went Nikolai found himself following. He gave her more powers while she built up her energy for which Nikolai drained to feed himself. With enough motivation, they could have taken over the world easily. This mentality would come crashing down the day this desired demon started his new path with destiny. The day in question started normal, the two of them made plans for their next job and were planning on getting done that night. three hours after the plan was outlined the jewel shard in Nikolai’s neck start going crazy, something that would normally signal he was being summoned but this felt different. Arriving at the moral plane, Nikolai was met with a sight he wished he could unsee. laying on the floor was the partner he had spent years pulling off hits and jobs with. His head might have been missing but the necklace was a dead giveaway to him. With a deep breath, he bent down to grab the necklace in the hope of ending the bloodline's deadly cycle. As he laid a palm on it though he pulled his hand back in pain, the indent of the jewel burned into his right hand. in defeat he decided to flee before anyone else finds the body, no one else needs to die tonight after all.

As he was about to leave, he heard a door open on the other side of the house and quickly hide. Expecting to be able to jump out at the assassin coming back for seconds, he quickly stood in shock as a younger woman who looked just like his partner walk in. He watched as she picked up the necklace without a second thought and as she did, she instantly set his old partner’s body on fire. It was at this moment that the destinies of two entities that have never met before were about to cross, it was at this moment that she held up the necklace before it started to glow. As the glowing grew brighter, the jewel shard went crazy again. As Nikolia started to appear from his hiding spot, he knew that his days of being the backup were just getting started.
The Powers

1. Desire detection: Being born of the desires of others grants him the power to glance into people’s souls and see what they truly desire. This allows him to manipulate his victims more and offer them more exact deals. (If used on a player, it becomes permission based)
2. Darkness Manipulation: being from the deepest pits of hell allows him to dive into the dark energy of his realm for his own use. this ranges from abilities like:
2a. Energy absorption: the power to absorb dark energies around him to increase his power,
2b. Dark enhancement: He can take energy he absorbs and uses it to increase his strength, a power that allows him to hit as low as a fist to a freight train depending on how much energy he puts into the hit.
2c. Dark Illusions: He can reach into the dark energy that is found within one’s mind and create illusions that digs Deep into the victim's psyche. These illusions can range from their fears to even their desires. (Like Desire detection, this would be permission-based.)
3. Flight: like most demons, he was born with a nice pair of demonic wings. When in use, it allows him to reach flight speeds of up to Mach 3 on a good day.
4. Teleportation: Nikolai has the ability to teleport between the realms of the damned and the realm of man whenever he truly feels like it or whenever his mortal summons him. This allows him to vanish at a moment's notice or even drag someone back to his domain by force. (Permission based)
The Weaknesses

1. with the mind being an extraordinarily complex thing, sometimes the desires he pulls out are not exactly useable. The power also does not work on people with strong wills, when he uses it on them it only makes them feel his power which gives away his intentions.
2a. His absorption ability is one that is a huge gamble for him as he can’t truly see the dark energy around him and must take the chance there is any before he uses it. If he guesses wrong and there isn’t any, it makes any power he uses tab into his own energy which weakens him greatly.
2b. His strength enhancer ability comes with a lot of risks behind it. For one, he is still flesh and flaming blood so any force he puts into the attack has recoil to deal with. Another major risk is that the more powerful attacks are more likely to leave him weaker, a risk that makes him less likely to use the stronger power unless he’s 100% certain it is necessary.  
2c. Like his Desire detection power, his illusion power is completely useless on those that have strong minds. He also has no real control over what kind of illusion he pulls forward, what might come across as fear might be seen as lust to another party.
3a. The use of his wings is both a pleasure and a curse. For starters, if he is wearing anything other than his normal outfit, this other outfit will be nothing but shreds by the end of the wing’s use. This kind of annoyance makes him double-think whether the use of his wings is worth it.
3b. his wings tend to drain him quickly with their use. Not only would it take him a solid five minutes to reach Mach 3, but he can also only stay at that speed for ten minutes before he starts to lose consciousness.
4. his teleportation ability is one that has a connection specifically to the jewel he is bound to. When he enters the mortal realm, he is required to appear near the jewel. When he returns home, he must appear on his throne no matter how much has changed since he left. He is also bound to the jewel in a way that if the mortal wielding it summons him, he cannot disobey it or he feels physical pain before being thrown into the mortal world.
The Items

1. His Knuckleduster, he calls it “extra damage”
2. His Kukri named “the last resort”
3. A flask with a mysterious liquid that he drinks every once and while.
The Fluff

Constantly gives off the feeling of something truly unholy, those around him tend to feel a weird whisper to give in to their desires.
The RP Sample

"This should work," she said breathlessly. She is not dependable, mainly because she cannot predict him. But who could predict demons? But she needed a way out, the lights in this room were too bright and she couldn't walk out due to a party just beyond the doors.

Anya feels the air around her shift in temperature as the heat goes up for a moment before it drops back to normal. standing next to her is a man in a well-iron pinstripe suit.
"You know," he starts to say before looks down at the man on the floor "my dear my dear my dear you have been busy. " leans on her a little as he says "you really need to hold back on the drugs, don't want you getting addicted now do we?

"For the love of my dead mother I will never get used to that" She looked at the man. "The drugs aren't for me they are for.....clients" she rolled her eyes and sighed. "I need to get out of here."
She hated cocky men and this demon was no exception. Relying on him makes Anya must talk to him. Luckily for her though he has never seen her face and she plans to never let him.

He smiles his wicked smile as he turns to look her in the eyes, a sight that leaves him staring at her veil. "You could always slip out the back," he says as he starts to step away from her "but of course that's 'too simple for you' he looks around the room before spinning round to look at her again.
He runs up to her and hugs her tightly before pulling back and laughing a bit. "You gave me a terrific opportunity to test out a new trick I've been meaning to try out." As he says this there is a moment of silence in the other room before there are screams and shouting as feet stomp and scratch on the floor, before long the room over falls silent like the party next happened. Anya is partly frozen as she realizes that the whole time that was going on, he never broke eye contact with her veil or lowered his smile once.

"What the fuck did you do?" She said a bit shaken. She breaks eye contact, clearly uncomfortable. "You can stop now" She backs up and heads to the door.
God, she hated this. She pockets her empty vial and reaches for the door handle to leave. She lets her hand hover over the door handle nervously. She is scared to see what mess lays beyond the door. Did she want to open the door?

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Nikolai Vox Empty Re: Nikolai Vox

Post by Zonkes September 22nd 2021, 12:23 pm

The biggest issue I have with this app is that you need two more weaknesses. You have illusions and super strength tagged onto darkness manipulation which are two additional powers according to how we do this.

Please fix these ASAP and I will be back to review it.

~ Zonkes
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Nikolai Vox Empty Re: Nikolai Vox

Post by Zonkes September 23rd 2021, 12:03 pm

Approved and moved!
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Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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Number of posts : 647
Location : Somewhere between hell and a hand basket
Age : 28
Job : Professional Slacker
Humor : What’s the difference between a clown and a pancake? Not much after the steamroller incident.
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Nikolai Vox Empty Re: Nikolai Vox

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