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A Lovely Dollhouse [Closed]

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A Lovely Dollhouse [Closed] Empty A Lovely Dollhouse [Closed]

Post by Zonkes February 6th 2022, 6:45 pm

Taken in the night once again. Mary O’Nette, her true name long forgotten, sat quietly in the glass display case they had trapped her in. If she moved so much as an inch, they would burn her. She didn’t like being burned. The alchemists did that to her. And while she wasn’t told directly that would happen, her instincts told her a moving doll wouldn’t be seen as a good omen. No, she had to hide her time until she was freed from this glass prison. That’s when she would strike.

The auctioneer stood on a pedestal to ensure his crowd would see him. ”Alright folks, we got an antique doll here found in a slave quarters not too far from here in New York City. The doll has been cleaned up and is now ready for display in any local home. This particular doll may even be linked to that old nursery rhyme about Mary O’Nette.”

The bidding started, and Mary sat and watched as countless men and women started offering money for her life. She hated them all. She wanted to escape and enslave them all to her will. But still, she waited. The bidding finished, and Mary was taken off stage.

It was dark for a while. The sound of the shipping truck bothered her. But she persisted, continuing to lay in wait. A perfect ambush predator. Finally, light hit her eye buttons again… but why was it so… pink?
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