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Giddeon [REDACTED] application

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Giddeon [REDACTED] application Empty Giddeon [REDACTED] application

Post by Redacted January 23rd 2022, 10:01 pm


"I'm busy."

The Bio

Real Name: Giddeon [REDACTED]
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dull Green
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 LBS
Blood type: O-

The Looks

The Personality

Short, quick and to the point are a few words to describe how conservations go with Giddeon. He is a busy man with very little time to spend worrying about pleasantries. But get him on a topic he cares about and the man will refuse to shut up about superheroes, relics and aliens.
Giddeon finds himself lost in his work frequently, spending hours studying the many artifacts left behind by his late father, his work overtaking his life causing the young researcher to neglect his own health in his undying pursuit for knowledge.
The Story

When his pursuit of a degree in archeology was interrupted by the sudden and unexpected death of his father, Giddeon returned to Chicago to move into his late father's home. That's where he found the collection amassed through his father's life of relics and artifacts linked to different heroes and villains from across the world. Magical relics, ancient artifacts and alien technology filled the basement of the townhouse, leaving Giddeon questioning the sudden death of his father.  While the death was sudden, unexpected there was something suspicious about the matter and Giddeon was determined to get to the bottom of it.
Only brief notes and the odd labels on the relics is all Giddeon has to work off of as he files and organizes the collection, determined to get to the bottom of why his father collected them and what ended up killing him. Was it a heart attack as the paramedics said? Was it a ghost haunting a relic? Or was it a vengeful superhero determined to keep him quiet for...something?
The Powers

Giddeon is human down to his bones, his only power is the ability to survive days with only coffee and ramen noodles.
The Weaknesses

Giddeon is weak to anything humans are weak to, from disease to blunt force trauma.
The Items

M1911 pistol
French Press
The Fluff

-Giddeon is a sucker for movies, particularly cheesy romance films.
-Giddeon will very rarely buy coffee, he prefers to make his own
-Giddeon has made an alliance with Chimney Sweep, who helps him with his research on heroes and villains
-Somehow Giddeons lat name cannot be found anywhere. It's almost like he doesn't exist
The RP Sample

" it's not right," the messy-headed researcher muttered to himself as he brought a pair of tweezers up to a small brass orb, gently tapping at it. "It lit up before when I did this...the conditions are the same, everything is the same...why is it dead now?"
Mutters and grumbles filled the room as Giddeon poked and prodded the orb, a strange alien artifact that was left among the piles of trinkets his father left to be inherited by his only son. There was no reason for Giddeon to focus on this item, there was no reason it was sat upon his desk beneath a magnifying glass being prodded by a pair of stainless steel tweezers, it was just another trinket that needed to be identified and filed away or disposed of if it was dangerous. But Giddeon's curiosity had piqued after the orb shone earlier that day, revealing what almost appeared to be a star map.
The map had lingered for a long few minutes, spewing illusions across the room that was covered in papers and strings linking different pictures to news articles that Giddeon believed to have some correlation. But that illusion, those star charts, were available for but a handful of minutes, hardly enough time for the researcher to figure out what exactly it meant.
Bringing a mug of coffee to his lips, the man leaned back in his chair and let out a brief huff, his free hand coming up to prod at his lower lip in thought. "Maybe it's out of battery? Maybe it was single-use? But why...why would a map be single-use?" More grumbling danced from his lips as he pondered the orb, lost in thought.
Placing his mug back down on the desk that was littered with paper, the man leaned forward and reached out to poke the orb which suddenly lit up again, spewing those lit up star charts across the room. This immediately sent Giddeon to his feet with a notepad in hand, scribbling down  some familiar planet names and constellations until his eyes finally fell on a planet that seemed to have a big X on it. Squinting, he leaned down to inspect the planet before a defeated groan left his parted lips, the star chart receding back into the brass orb.
"Another space map to a long-lost treasure," He muttered to himself. "Unfortunately I don't have a spaceship, nor do I care for treasure hunts...I'll file it with the rest."

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Giddeon [REDACTED] application Empty Re: Giddeon [REDACTED] application

Post by Zonkes January 24th 2022, 4:51 pm

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