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Neo-Wolf  Empty Neo-Wolf

Post by CoyWolf April 2nd 2021, 1:41 pm

Dakota Skyfang

"Well, well, well… having trouble with dumpster-diving are we?"

The Bio

Real Name:Dakota Skyfang
Hero Name: Neo-wolf
Title: The Beast King
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 19 (Human Years, explained in bio)
Gender: Male
Race: Coyote-Wolf Hybrid
Hair: Naturally silver fur
Eyes: Heterochromia(One eye blue, the other gold)
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 70 pounds
Blood type: AB Negative

The Looks

Neo-Wolf  Coywolf35.256.137324

The Personality

 Dakota oozes ambition, charisma, and a swarthy, rugged dry humor whenever he interacts with friends, foe, or passerby. A blend of human, wolf, and coyote intellect along with his urban survival experience has made the canid wise beyond his years, albeit a bit arrogant and cynical. If one gets to know him, they will realize that his coyote and human side dominates the wolf aspect of his personality, but the wolf personality is still a strong foundation, giving him a keen eye for loyalty, honor, and the spirit of the pack. As such, he busies himself mostly with his various hobbies such as tinkering with inventions, watching Youtube, Netflix, and  internet comments, pondering the meaning of life, and exploring the city, but his wolf side gives him a utilitarian, pack perspective on both animal and man.

He is considered a legend and an underground warlord, as well as a freak, but he sees it as part of his survival to keep the city’s peace, as a house divided will surely fall on top of him and his life. He also sees that humans are often very little different from wild animals, true altruism being practically non-existent and the reality of self-centeredness reigning supreme in all facets of life. He also embraces this within himself. Sure, he respects selfless goals, and he does believe in the existence of souls, the supernatural, and God, but he knows deep down that if he were a human, he would probably be a thug drug dealer like many he has clashed with, simply because humans do not have the ingrained survival advantages animals have. Money, power, drugs, and weapons are simple alpha and omega canine survival techniques for humans, thus blurring the lines of morality. Since he does not need those things to survive, some spark of goodness within him inspires him to use the talents to build himself and those around him up. Because of this, Dakota is pretty merciful to even bad guys, and sees them as wayward, uneducated children. Rarely has he run across true Machiavellian evil, and even rarer is the totally altruistic do-gooder.

 In essence, he is a simple warrior trying to keep peace within his domain. He is both a flawed, selfish American canine, and a humble ‘hero’ who still has much to learn and grow in. For now, he hangs out in his lair, enjoying his strange body and mind, thankful for his friends and food.

The Story

(I hope adding some real-world events, i.e. the eastern coyotes in NYC and military dog breeding programs is ok)

  In the 1950’s, various modern militaries began working on wolf-dog breeding programs to create new breeds of military and police dogs. These canines would be considered a step up from the already formidable and helpful German Shepherd breed of dog, the pinnacle of success being the Czechoslovakian wolfdog, still in usage today. What isn’t well known is a much more secretive U.S. program looking into weaponizing raven and coyote intelligence and training for the military special forces program. Like stealth aircraft, the hope was to train these animals as a kind of animal spec ops agent, creating the perfect pseudo-domesticated animals. They would be able to survive and live independently for long periods of time behind enemy lines, blending into the natural wildlife, yet respond to any orders given through micro cameras and microphones. The program was mildly successful for ravens, but not so for coyotes or any coyote hybrids, so it was allegedly shut down. The existence of Dakota the eastern coyote, however, gives credence to it simply being moved to an even higher level of secrecy or there being a breakaway program that was MUCH more successful than the government would like to admit.

   In the mid-2000’s, North American eastern coyotes from Canada and New England began to appear in the outskirts of New York City, slobbering their way towards all kinds of goodies left in the dumpsters and alleyways outside of restaurants. The city is an all-out paradise for animals like eastern coyotes, who are hunter-scavenger omnivores. Since eastern coyotes (or coywolves) are part wolf, they have achieved dominance over the stray dogs, raccoons, and birds of the urban wildlife, able to kill small animals and pets, or simply chow down on leftovers from denizens. On top of that, their resemblance to some domesticated dogs, their practical friendliness and neutrality to humans, and their clever usage of stealth and feigned passivity mostly keeps them out of trouble with any animal control units. They are so stealthy that most residents of the city are not even aware of their existence. Mostly everyone are oblivious to this kind of animal… except for one eccentric scientist that was clearly a part of one of the hybrid research programs.

  Dr. Zimmerman was a boundary pusher in the military coyote program, truly believing that they had the potential of unlocking whole new realm of bestial-human interface. He would train them through the unethical means of starvation, landmarks, and long-range instinct, believing that the closer a wild canine of the dingo, coyote, or omega wolf is pushed towards death, the sharper its instincts and intelligence will become, especially if aided with last minute food, and a particular blend of injected amphetamines and drugs. Using that hunger, the animal would be willing and focused enough to problem solve through increasingly more advanced mazes, puzzles, and tasks. He was met with some success, but at the cost of many animals’ lives. The government shut down his program, but he remained obsessed with his research, believing he was on the cusp of some huge breakthrough. He worked as a chemist in New York City, but secretly kept researching about stem cell research, nanotechnology, and other biotech, hoping to one day prove himself. When he heard about the emergence of coyotes in the city, you can best believe he set himself about the work of capturing a few of them.

  Dakota only knows so much from research after the fact of his creation, as the memories of his childhood are blurry and imprecise. What he does know is that whatever happened to make him who he was, was unexpected by even the doctor, as the power of the experiment left him lifeless, with his bones picked by the very animals he was torturing. He also knows, by sneaking into a facility with an X-ray, that he has no microchips or inorganic material within him to his knowledge, suggesting that the breakthrough that the doctor achieved was an entirely new level of canine, with a perfect blend of bestial instinct and human-like intelligence. In the end, like so many slave masters and dictators before him, the unfortunate doctor soon learned that, at a certain level of intelligence, it is impossible to avoid the emergence of a spirit and a yearning for freedom. Dakota has been spending his days in the city surviving as long as he can remember, but only recently has he realized he can be someone who’s powers is great enough to make a difference. He has much more in common with humans than he does with other animals, but nevertheless he is a bridge between the human and animal kingdom.

The Powers

The experiment has given Dakota three main abilities, which he has used like second nature for as long as he can remember:

1. Low-level telepathy

Emanating from his being as part of the unique intellect he possesses is the ability to communicate with other minds with telepathy. That is as far as his power goes, and it can even be blocked out with enough willpower, but it is his main form of communicating with humans and other sentient life if necessary.

2. Low-level telekinesis

Additionally, he can lift and manipulate objects with his mind to the capacity of whatever a human male his age would be able to do. He can lift up to 100 pounds. Dakota assumes both his telepathy and telekinesis are ways for his mind to make up for his lack of opposable thumbs. With both of these powers, he can live like a modern human. The range of his telekinesis is only as far as three-four feet, just as long as he could stretch if he was a human.

3. Well above average human intellect

He is a very cunning dogger, able to strategize, philosophize, and compartmentalize as well as an extremely clever human. He has the ability and willpower to push himself beyond the innate coyote selfishness and think of the bigger picture. He also knows how to train himself, use tools and weapons, learn new skills and knowledge, and easily enter or exit complicated mazes, barriers, and even high-level security facilities. He can also invent and repair different tools and weapons (He is quite the handi-wolf!)

4. Human lifespan  

The usual lifespan of canines no longer applies to him, as his vitality boosts and extends his years to potentially the height of human lifespan.

5.  Enhanced Canine Physiology

Wolves, and trained military or police canines are considered on par with some of the best human warriors. Their sheer speed, bite strength, and unpredictable movement allows them to match even armed humans. This dynamic is amplified by many more times with an animal like Dakota. Not only are his canine attributes enhanced beyond peak canine ability, but his great intelligence helps him adapt to different fighting and tactical situations. He can take on multiple armed humans and can easily aim-dodge bullets. He has such fine-tuned reactions and reflexes that he can even do low-level bullet dodging, and catch high-speed objects like arrows. He is also capable of landing falls from several stories without harm, and minimizing damage from much higher falls. He learned how to do this by studying cats and imitating their musculature response (as well as lots of parkour practice). Other feats he is capable of  are advanced wall climbing or descent (like mountain goats), parkour tricks like running on walls or flips, and quick combat movement on par with master martial artists. Although he does not possess the strength of some wolves, dogs, and even more powerful predators (bears, lions, etc), he can successfully engage them with his reflexes and cunning and even win. His unpredictable coyote mix of defense, aggression, and trickery make him a freakish foe to face, far beyond normal animal prowess. Lastly, he can reach speeds up to 40mph, as fast as the best of wolves.

Dakota also has the same sensory natural advantages that coyotes and wolves have of hearing and smell. Like many canines and felines, Dakota also has an enhanced sense of impending natural disasters, danger, and the paranormal. Although he can't see them, he can quantify the presence of the otherworldly much easier than a human can. This instinct can be helpful when sensing a place or presence of evil, human or otherwise. He can be quite the detective when need be.

The Weaknesses

   1.  Telepathy and Telekinesis Weaknesses: Dakota's mental powers can not be utilized beyond being a distraction or an alternative to a lack of human limbs. It's more an extension of his being, just like human appendages, and thus can not be used in the same way other metahumans can use them. Believe me, Dakota has tried, but to no avail.


2.  If Dakota kills using his teeth a large animal, human or otherwise, he will become temporarily feral for at least fifteen minutes.  Some form of primordial bloodlust surges through him when he sinks his teeth into a big kill and tastes blood. This significantly hurts his edge in combat and situational awareness, becoming nothing more than a very strong canid.

  3. Dakota’s weaknesses are also the same as any canines. Certain loud sounds can mildly disorient him and any agitators to smell like pepper spray will leave him reeling. He also, like many other canines, has red-green color blindness.

 4. The downside of his sixth sense is that he is much more open to being attacked, possessed, or startled by the supernatural than others.  It's a double-edged sword; when one stares into the abyss, the abyss can stare back.

5.  Dakota, on particularly physically strenuous days, must consume the caloric daily intake for a large adult human male or risks becoming disoriented, passing out, or thoroughly exhausted

The Items

1) Grappling Hook
2) Steel wearable claws for wall climbing
3) portable power transmitter that can hook into city power lines
4) portable gas-run power generator
5) hidden lair within junkyard
6) Throwing knives

Salvaged Items:

1) Smartphone
2) Modified high speed Laptop with wi-fi booster
3) Various furniture
4) Various power tools
5) Lots of textbooks on engineering
6) Endless supply of discarded old books
7) modified K-9 Bulletproof vest with holsters for different tools to be  carried
8) pepper spray and tasers
9) A pistol with some ammo

The Minions

(Not sure if this is in the right place, but this is the closest things to minions Dakota has)

Dakota doesn't have minions persay, but he does have many canine allies, that sometimes come to his aid or bark information about disturbances in the neighborhood.  He also has a few human homeless allies that he has helped in some pretty dark times.  They cover for his existence and have a mutual bond of friendship and comradery, helping each other survive in the city.

The Fluff

The RP Sample

Dakota set off down the wayward brush of Central Park, tracking very carefully the new breed of burrito he had first heard about from local yokels, and now that he had smelled the sauce from hundreds of yards away, he was going down with the ship and not leaving Manhattan until he had acquired just one... or two.  He was done strutting about with his fake dog collar, letting the young city punks pet him or admire his fur. He was finally clear of the nuisance and his stomach's growling only intensified.

My God, it better be here.

It was much easier to slobber like a dog and wag his tail now that he could smell that unique tangy barbecue sauce; it had to be pickle juice mixed in, it HAD to be.  He broke into a ravenous trot, around a woman and her baby in a stroller, into a bush, waiting a few seconds and then changing course to behind the food truck once all eyes were looking away.  The trash can was the true paradise. With a flash, hopped and dove in quickly. This was to become his own personal grill and bar for the next ten minutes. Any half or mostly eaten burritos would be all his. Lost in culinary ecstasy, he only came to when he noticed a disturbing silence outside of the can. He poked his head out slowly, and swiveled it cautiously around,  viewing the circle of people surrounding the can immediately bursting into laughter. With a whine and both paws covering his face, Dakota realized he had blown his cover like never before.

Sitting down a few hours later in his lair, he even got to see his ugly mug on local TV, increasing the shame yet again. With great dismay, he snarfed down an enchilada.


What is it, Kim?, Dakota defeatedly replied.

With a sigh, Kim, one of the ladies who moseyed into the yard to see him, sat down in a crouch and pet him.

"Oh, nothing Dakota. Just wondering if you'll ever admit to being bored out here."

Dakota scoffed.

I've been wondering the same about HOOMANS as long as I can remember. Guess my pride was humbled a bit today, but nah I'm good.

Flicking the channel, Kim watched adult swim with Dakota with an incredulous disposition, underneath the vast expanse of stars.

"I'm just saying, a change of scenery would be nice. Aren't you coyotes kind of like explorers?"

Nah, we're opportunists, babe. Always have been, always will.

"Well duh.  But when it comes to food y'all clearly are a bit adventurous."

Dakota responded with a look and an affirming series of pants with tongue out.  Gunshots, and then a police siren burst into a reverberating, warning whirr in the distance, ruining the mood.

"You know Dak. There would be more people like me around here of there were less of them out there."

Them? Oh, yeah. I really don't mind, to be honest. Nothing's really going to change out here.

Kim huffed and explained, "I don't mean the Crips, I mean the cops. You seriously do their job better than them."

Dakota continued watching TV, but his tone changed.

Uhhh, what do you mean? You want me to take over this place and be a hero or something?

Kim stood up and folded her arms with serious punctual human authority.

"Uh, yeah?! You're the only person with their head on straight around here. You should take over. You're pretty much the same as a metahuman. The way you took down those guys was professional! And no one died either."

Dakota raised his eyebrow, turned to Kim, snorted and then laughed. A  slob like him, a superhero. That'll be the day...

  A few months had passed when he learned what they did to Kim, and she hadn't been the same since. Dakota now peered over a rooftop, intently watching for the assaulters to make their rounds down the same street. He wasn't sure about being  hero, but when someone messed with his friends, Dakota made statements... very loud statements...

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Neo-Wolf  Empty Re: Neo-Wolf

Post by CoyWolf April 2nd 2021, 8:20 pm

I have finished my app. All ready for review.

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Neo-Wolf  Empty Re: Neo-Wolf

Post by Chellizard April 3rd 2021, 2:14 pm

Approved and moved.

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Neo-Wolf  Empty Re: Neo-Wolf

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