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Wolf (Wip)

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Wolf (Wip) Empty Wolf (Wip)

Post by Shadowoof December 28th 2015, 3:06 am


Basic Biography

   Real Name: Wolf
   Renegade/Hero/Villain Name:
   Title: The self claimed 'war' god of wolves.
   Alignment: CN
   Age: 40 Million
   Gender: Male
   Race: A magic wolf god
   Skin: Olive
   Eyes: Brown
   Height: 6'5
   Weight: 195lbs
   Blood type: Unknown
The Looks

Wolf (Wip) 563731a4ecd1a

The Legacy

   Personality: Wolf likes one thing in this life. Fighting. Excitement. He bores very easily, and always seeks to find a challenge, someone to defeat him, to win over. He doesn't normally care about other things unless they threaten his being, a war could go on and he'd merely be there for the fight.

   History: Wolf was born unnaturally along with two siblings. Their mother was a great mystical wolf that was ill and upon a deal with a rather mystical human, was healed but was also given her three children. Light, Geo and Wolf were born into the old world. Light being the first born, a pure white coat that matched her clear sky blue eyes, Wolf, born with a pure black coat and dark brown eyes and finally Geo, a ground boy that loved to play in the dirt to make his already brown coat even browner.  The she-Wolf cared for her children for several million years till they finally grew into teens. It was here that the three adventured out into the world on their own for the first time, hunting together like any pack should have. By the time they had reached adulthood, 20 million years had past and their fruits that were given by the magical human grew. Into powers, that each wolf had their own.

Wolf even when he wasn't as small as there younger brother, felt jealous of his elder sister's power when compared to his own. It wasn’t till their mother had finally passed away that Wolf left his pack, unable to cope with being weak and his selfish need for power. For a few million years, Wolf hunted prey, each bigger than before, he fought and ate till he had grown out of size. Bigger then should have been probable but this was also planned, all cause of the mystical man that had given life to the wolves. When Wolf had finally met with this man, he spoke of ways to become stronger a notion that Wolf could not refuse even when he had heard the terms. To kill his brother and sister, to devour them and claim their power as his own to become the perfect god that the elder wanted. With hunger in his eyes and a murderous intent, the middle of the pack returned home, his sight first met with Geo, his younger brother was playfully messing with a local wildlife when his eyes caught sight of Wolf’s. Geo at first was happy to see sight of his older brother till his eyes saw into the darker wolf's own and saw no love, only the burning hunger. The fight did not last as the brothers fought, Wolf had grown more powerful then before and Geo was always weaker, the fight was quick and decisive.

As Wolf feasted on his younger brother, Light arrived, attracted by the smell of earthy blood and witnessed the horror that was one brother goring another. When Wolf looked to Light, his eyes had gone a blend of black and red and his gaze dead and evil. Once more a fight ensured, Light had an advantage over her younger brother, having grown in size with him and his already fatigue fight with their younger brother. In the end, Wolf was not victorious but rather than kill the fallen wolf, Light simply told her brother to never come back to their home again or she would kill him. With a broken will, Wolf left his old home once more to find the man that had sent him on his ill fated journey and once he had, he swore unjust revenge for what he did and butchered the old man. Having done his revenge and filled with regret, Wolf traveled the land for years, millions in fact. When he had encountered the first human tribe he had seen, who after much temptation to eat the small buggers, rather accepted them as followers and they treated him as their god like the old man had said he would be. Even then, Wolf grew bored, despite the tributes and wars enacted in his honor, but also intrigued with how the humans acted, his eyes mainly on a girl and man.

One that had unsuccessfully tried to kill him trice and another willing to break traditions to the wolf god to protect his family. This gave him the idea to use the power that was given to him by the dead elder to turn into a human like them, to participate in their village, but he would return to his cave, for the girl, unfazed by her defeats came back time and time again. She reminded him of his own sister and after letting the girl go once more, he traveled to a land he was banned from. Only to find his sister weak with disease that had made their mother ill once long ago and their reunion was sadly short lived. After several days, Wolf left his home for the final time, his sister gone with his brother and mother, his grief followed and upon returning to the land that loved and feared him, he allowed the girl to strike him down, to be considered a god killer by her tribe and allowing him to disappear to a underground cavern where he slept once more wanting to be left alone and disappear into legend.  Coming out in his human form every few hundred years to eat and see what was happening, to fight the strongest fighters he could find all over the world. Till one such sleep was disturbed by machines, and the wolf god awoke once more.

The Powers and Weaknesses

   (All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

   Power 1:

   Power 2: Blood of the ancient A: Wolf is the oldest of his kin, the longest living and so, his blood has too become old and so has the magic in it. While already strong. His blood makes him Much stronger and faster, able to tear though steel and harder materials with utmost ease. Any normal human would collapse into nothing from his finger flicking them.

B: Blood of the ancient:  Wolf is the oldest of his kin, the longest living and so, his blood has too become old and so has the magic in it. While already tough His blood makes him much more durable, able to take superhuman attacks with ease.

 Power 3: The skill of a war god: Wolf has had a great deal many of years to fight and learn, and as such as learned many forms of combat. Giving him to reflexes and speed to outmatch nearly any normal fighter.  

 Power 4: Blood Curse: His blood however, also brings a madness he has learned to somewhat control but when enraged, his physical ability's are even more dangerous, his strength and durability are untold and almost unlimited.


   Weakness 1: The innocents at harm: When in a fight outside of war, Wolf doesn't like death too much. He is a fighter first, killer second, a practitioner of the art of war. Not a solider. Even in war he doesn't kill all that often. So. In any fight, he will not put civilians in direct harm, the illusion of harm is fine to him, but he will not risk the lives of those he fights nor are bystanders going to be harmed under his watch.

   Weakness 2: Madness envelops: When his enrage is unleashed, Wolf becomes a machine for the fight, and if one does not pose a threat to him, they are all but blind to the wolfs sight, as he looks for something worth a challenge.

  Weakness 3: Earth is a bane: Earth is able to hurt him far easier then that of other weapons or ability's, simply throwing dirt into his fur with a intention to attack will make him itch.

  Weakness 4: Hope and dreams: When enraged, there is not much that would stop the murderous wolf, but he is weak to one thing. Human compassion. sometimes the will to fight and Determination. Seeing Humans show any of these is enough to calm the wolf of his rage and boiled blood. What can you say? Humans are... Inspirational creatures. It's even enough to distract him as his normal self.

 Weakness 5: Magic: Magic of any kind hurts the great Wolf more so then most things, when enraged, magic becomes even more dangerous to the wolf.

Weakness 6: Illusions: Wolf will almost never be able to tell apart a illusion to reality. Making tricking the wolf with them much easier.

   RP Mechanics

   RP Mechanic(s): Anyone who is a history Nut might know of the wolf war god of old.
He also shows a disdain for being called 'Woof' but won't stop you.
When at the point of death, the blood of the ancient takes on a slow but powerful regenerative property that allows Wolf to heal from his wounds, while also taking him into a shadow realm (Thread exit Etc.)


   Physical Priority
   (You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
   Agility - 3
   Endurance - 2
   Reaction - 4
   Strength - 1


The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

Characters of the wolf:
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