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A spark of chaos (invite only)

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INV ONLY A spark of chaos (invite only)

Post by Phantasm February 28th 2021, 10:30 pm

Times had been interesting for Lukas.

The explosion of the Spark trade had lead to his business gaining a considerable increase in profits since it came onto the scene and only a week ago he had been contacted by a name known through the underworld. Known only for ripping through the Chicago and LA underworld, turning seemingly independent bosses into his lackeys with little issue. A man by the name of Hyperion, looking around as young as Vic of all people but holding with him a presence that brokered no questions. He had something in the works and wanted him along for the ride for whatever reason that might be. These recent developments had only managed to spur him into further action despite the vigilantes moving through LA in attempts to stop his operations.

At times they were successful and at times they failed, though the man known as Charlatan was quite annoying in that respect. No matter where he operated there was someone managing to get into those operations, make life all the more difficult for him. ”Make sure nothing goes wrong this time, I don’t want to have to fix everything for you again. You know what I’ll do if you do,” He spoke into his cellphone, eyes narrowed in irritation. This wasn’t the first time he had to make sure his employees were getting things done right and it also wasn’t the first time he had to clean their mess up personally. The fact they were alive now was just a sign he didn’t waste potential assets. Either that or as his father said; he was too soft.

“I promise boss, this won’t go wrong this time,”

”Boss? You make me sound like some kind of cartoonish mob boss. Just get the job done and don’t let that vigilante shit bring my operation down again,” Without giving the man the chance to respond he hung up. Massaging the bridge of his nose and just keeping his eyes glaring down at the phone.

This was going to go better than last time. He rose from his reclining seat, lifting the small case with his personal mask from under his desk before setting out to make sure it went well personally. An unwarranted risk his father would have stated, though the doses of spark were expensive enough to make such a risk. Anyone who got in his way would find themselves destroyed in the process.

The spot was one of many conspicuous abandoned warehouses situated around the city. Charlatan stopped many operations from them and this would have been no different, though he knew they were likely expecting him. In the end always expect the person that’s trying to ruin your operations. Normally the heroes or fellow vigilantes around the city tended not to interrupt his own heroic works.

Well, Solus helped him from time to time but he was more behind the computer than on the front lines. It felt like he were doing all the work, though he wondered if they knew about his metahuman status.

A few vehicles were driving into place, men in plainclothes exiting from their equally plain looking vehicles with their cases containing that annoying drug being peddled lately. The heft of sparky settled onto his back and left him wondering how hard this would be. They had guns, he knew this much and his body lacked that important bulletproofing. Maybe some metas were there too, which meant he had to be careful.  With a deep breath the waited for them to enter the large building through the front entrance before descending to the street level, dressed in the loose black hoodie with a mask covering his face.


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INV ONLY Re: A spark of chaos (invite only)

Post by Ash Winters March 12th 2021, 10:33 pm

Out on his nightly patrol, Alex had chosen to keep an eye on one of the rougher areas of LA; as someone from there himself, he felt a personal connection to the place, a want to protect it more than anywhere else. Perched on a nearby rooftop, the young hero watched over his surroundings like a hawk. Word had caught his ear through news broadcasts that Spark-related crime had increased considerably in recent weeks, a trend he hoped to see reversed. Regular drugs were bad enough; one that granted the user superpowers was a disaster waiting to happen, especially in the wrong hands. The pyrokinetic spotted several vehicles pull up outside one of the abandoned warehouses nearby, piquing his interest. He watched the occupants enter the building carrying cases of who knows what, then another, with a smaller container and wearing a black hoodie, follow them inside. Cruising down to the ground, Alex would stay outside, at least for now, observing what was happening through a window as best he could.
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