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Adonis Empty Adonis

Post by ShoddyHuman January 19th 2021, 12:38 am



The Bio

Real Name: Adonis
Villain Name: Adonis
Title: The Mortal God of Vanity
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: Presumed At least 2,000
Gender: Male
Race: Presumed Olympian, possibly artificial. Greek.
Height: 6,8”
Weight: 1 ton

The Looks



The Personality

Adonis is the ultimate narcissist. Everything he does is for the advancement of his image, or his pride. Adonis will absolutely assist a person in need; but it usually requires Adonis looking the best coming out of it. If anyone dares to tarnish this image, Adonis will hunt them, until either they redact the claims, or one of them is dead. Under the mask Adonis puts on - Hero, friend, and environmentalist - Adonis hides a deep and profound brokenness and desire to hurt that betrays his image more than any other being.

The Story

Adonis was born to the goddess Aphrodite. During his childhood he was praised for his feats of strength, by all of the gods except one. Artemis never seemed to like him that well all throughout his childhood. When he reached his teenage years she noticed his superior skill in archery and her dislike for him only grew. One day while he was out hunting with his brand new bow, He remembers his new bow quite clearly as it was a gift from Apollo. Anyway while he was trying to find something to kill, a ginormous boar came out of nowhere, he honestly doesn't know how he didn’t see it. This boar was taller than the treetops, but naturally he killed the enormous boar. Afterwards Zeus himself called upon him, apparently the gods had a lot of rewards for him after seeing that magnificent feat, but he had to be put to sleep to be given the gifts. He said yes to this offer of course, and was soon put into a deep slumber.

When Adonis awoke he found that he couldn’t see anything. He tried to move but found that very difficult, so he did the first thing that came to mind, and lashed out blindly with his fist. A chunk of a hard substance he had never seen before flew upwards as light came spilling in. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust, but when they did he found himself sitting in a hole with people running and screaming around him. He was in some sort of building, he didn’t know what kind. Somewhat disoriented he stumbled his way toward the exit in front of him, pushing away the screaming annoyances as he went, some of whom slammed into walls. He finally made it outside only to find himself surrounded by tall buildings, and these noisy machines moving up and down what looked like a black river. As he reached up to touch his face to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, he found a rough mask on his face. He turned around to find that the building he left looked like it was made out of mirrors. As he stared at his reflection he slowly started to remove the mask. He only had it halfway off when he noticed a horrible blemish on his face, too horrible to even describe. He hurriedly put the mask all of the way back on.

Adonis would go on to become a hero during the late 1990s. Taking over a large company that dedicated itself to cleaning up the oceans and developing environmentally friendly alternatives to plastics, furs, and materials that are generally a problem. Behind the scenes, Adonis had several controversies settled rather quickly. A rather infamous example being a 2013 case where Adonis was accused of siphoning off funds from his own company to fund his “superhero” career. The scum that dared to accuse Adonis retracted his claim, and would later say “Adonis is the greatest superhero of our age, and we should all recognize that.” And later retiring from the media and the public eye. Adonis meanwhile would continue his heroing career, dipping a bit by early 2016 and disappearing into the business world, only recently returning to the superheroing career.

The Powers

Heraclean Strength: Adonis was gifted with the strength of Zeus’ favored son, Heracles. Adonis is strong enough to redirect rivers, lift even the heaviest of buildings, and create thunder with his bare hands. In addition, Adonis can jump over skyscrapers with this ability, being able to reach the top of the empire state building within 48 seconds. The more of his strength he uses the bigger his muscles get.

Speed of Hermes: Gifted to Adonis by the god Hermes, Adonis can travel at speeds up to 300 MPH at top speed.

Armor of Hephaestus: This gives him incredible durability, his skin is harder than anything on earth, harder than even diamond.



Fist of Ares: He can use magic to focus his strength onto one hand and deliver a devastating shockwave that can flatten half a large city. This spell can rip buildings apart, completely destroying them.

Rage At War - Adonis summons a spectral tribal drum that he must play non-stop until his spell ends - 6 posts - while played, Adonis creates a field of rage around him causing every single entity in the area - up to 30 feet - to riot.  

Tempest of Zeus: Adonis summons storm clouds, lightning will strike him, the lightning will disappear into the clouds and come down as a bolt of lightning elsewhere and reform. This ability works as a teleport, but with a longer transition time.  

Nikes Laurel - Adonis calls upon the goddess of victory, Nike, to assist him and double his strength, speed, agility, and strategic thinking. To signify this change, Adonis gains glowing golden wings upon his back and a crown of laurels upon his crown.

Pan’s Song - Adonis sings a song that calls upon the natural world around him. Animals begin disobeying their “master” turning on them, trees uproot themselves to toss apples, acorns, branches at whatever Adonis commands, the earth itself rises and tries to swallow anything in its path. The radius of this spell is only as far as Adonis can be heard.

Harvest of Demeter - Out of the air, Adonis pulls one of 3 seeds.

  • The first seed, if planted in dirt of any amount and watered; will instantly grow into a Thistle, a monster made of thorns.
  • The second seed instantly heals any and all of Adonis’ wounds or anyone else's. (Permission based)
  • The third seed explodes with the force of 2 tons of TNT, releasing plant matter, and debris from the shell of the seed.

Apollo's Bow - Adonis summons a powerful energy bow that glows with the light from the sun. This weapon does not require any arrows as it creates its own arrows when drawn back. They are faster than normal arrows, and burn the target hit with them.

Asclepius' Instant Cure: Healing bands wrap around Adonis' opponent/ally, binding them and curing them of any ailments or injuries they have. These bands last around 15 minutes, or can be broken by claiming that you don't require healing. [Permission Based]


Flower of Hypnos: When activated, Adonis produces a sweet smelling cologne which gives people vivid hallucinations, similar to that of a dream. It lasts for one hour.

Kiss of Aphrodite - Adonis gives a target a kiss on the lips, creating an intense bond between the two of them for one hour.. While under the influence of this kiss, the target is paralyzed and cannot move until the connection is broken. (Permission Based)

Promise of Styx - A binding magic; when used, Adonis and any being under this spell's effects are forced into a binding contract that will steal away major portions of the offending parties power if broken. This contract, however, must be made with a promise between both parties in mind. The promise must be something within each person's ability, and each person must offer something.[Permission Based]

Foresight of Prometheus - When in direct combat, Adonis can access this spell to avoid a single blow from an enemy. [Permission Based]

The Weaknesses

Magical Limit - He can only cast 5 major spells a day or 10 minor spells before depleting his store of magical energy for the day. Any spell marked major is a major spell, otherwise it's a minor spell.d

Winded - He can only travel at top speed for 10 seconds. He can run a bit longer if he goes slower.

Unnatural Aversion - Adonis’ magic will not work on anything mechanical like androids or other robots. Also plastic will negate his magic entirely

Divinely Bound - Adonis has titanium bands on his arms, legs, and back,this only lets him lift and throw up to mid-sized military vehicles. If he tries to use his full strength it will severely weaken him to the point of unconsciousness or kill him.

Sound of his Own Voice - Adonis for the most part requires the ability to speak to cast his spells, as in order to use them he must send up a prayer to any and all Olympian gods that he wishes to give him power.

Water of the Divine - Adonis cannot be touched by water from the River Styx or any divine water, as his faux-Olympian physiology rejects the substance on contact. When touched by the water, Adonis gets burned and parts of his skin melts back, revealing the clay underneath; making him able to be much more easily destroyed by physical attacks, and demonic magic.

Anger Issues - Adonis has a bit of tunnel vision when he gets enraged, meaning that he can literally only see in one direction at a time.

Golem’s Constitution - As Adonis is made of clay, he cannot heal naturally and requires more of the same mystic clay that created him to repair wounds. (Or he could use the Harvest of Demeter, but seeing as he can only use 5 major spells everyday; the Harvest would cost him some combat advantages.)

Exhaustive War - The Fist of Ares will completely exhaust him. He will not be able to use this until he rests for at least a day.

Sleep Deprived - Overuse of the Flower of Hypnos causes the user to suffer hallucinations. This happens after two uses within a 24 hour period.

Farming is Fun! and required… - Harvest of Demeter requires the seeds to be planted in some form of soil and watered to work at all. If touch the seed with plastic, it will nullify the effects of the seed

Farming is Fun! and required… 2 - In addition, the Thistle that grows from the seed is incredibly weak to fire. To the point where it will even begin to wither in harsh sunlight.

Farming is Fun! and required… 3 - The TNT seed works like a mine meaning it will only explode if stepped on.
It takes at least 1 ton of pressure to activate.

Deities Never Lose - Nikes Laurel if used twice within a 24 hour period, he will become addicted, and if he uses it thrice, Adonis could overdose and die.    

Love Hurts… me… - Kiss of Aphrodite causes Adonis to fall in love with his target, for as long as it lasts, making him much less likely to hurt them.

Druidic Sympathy - If someone has a unique connection to nature, as in they care for nature and are protective of nature in a way beyond the average person, the minions summoned by the song will not attack them.

Pain of Potters - Apollo’s Bow’s heat causes the clay within him to become brittle and able to be shattered with above average force. After firing once his hands become brittle and if he keeps firing after 6 posts he will be unable to move.

Divine intervention - If he uses powers in a subversive way, like using Fist of Ares to stop an army or create peace, he will lose access to that power for a day. He will also have to swallow his pride and pray to the god in question and apologize.

Challenge Accepted? - If Adonis is challenged, or told that he cannot do something, his vanity will not allow him to back down from whatever he was challenged into.

Vain - If Adonis is insulted personally, he will enrage him into his enraged weakness.

Divine Daddy Issues - When someone mentions Zeus, or has a close connection with the sky father of the Greek Pantheon, Adonis will feel a psychological urge to get close to them and impress them.

Let’s Start a Riot - If knocked off of his drum, the rioting people will turn against him.

Broken Promises, Broken Dreams - If Adonis breaks the contract he will lose half his power as well.

Punishment of Prometheus - If used more than once it will cost one extra spell slot per use.

The Items

Chariot of Apollo - A flaming chariot that can transform into any vehicle the driver wants. Including space fairing vehicles, and other such specialized vehicles. It only has the durability of the vehicle it is currently transformed into. The vehicle will repair itself of any damages after 24 hours. While damaged it cannot change form.

Mask of Hera - This is the cursed mask Adonis wears, if shattered he will be too enraged to leave his demonic form. It takes more than the force of an atomic bomb to shatter the mask.
The Minions

Thistle - A monster made out of plant matter. It is a man sized monster with many thorns covering its body. It looks like a large cactus came to life.

The Fluff

The “Gift” of Hera - Gifted to Adonis by the goddess Hera, Adonis gained an unyielding rage inside him due to the curse Hera put on the mask. One that he hides well behind the granite mask. But, should that mask be shattered or removed. Adonis becomes a terrifying abomination against nature. A demonic being so powerful, it cracks the very ground it walks on.

Unwilling Rage - Adonis cannot enter his demon form willingly.

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Adonis Empty Re: Adonis

Post by Kubi Tsuru January 19th 2021, 1:34 am

Accepted! Can't wait to play with him.

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