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Shock-Heart Empty Shock-Heart

Post by ghost January 12th 2021, 6:05 pm

Amanda Martin


The Bio

Real Name: Amanda Martin
Renegade Name: Shock-Heart
Title: Little One
Alignment: Lawfull Good
Age: 103
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5' 1
Weight: 97lbs

The Looks

She may be 97 years old, but she doesn't look it. The only thing that may even hint at her age is the flowing white hair that hangs to her hips. She likes to keep it up, braded so it stays out of the way. When not in her suit she keeps things casual, jeans and a button up are her go to. Though she has a nice girly figure she doesn't like to flaunt it. Most of her clothes cover a lot of her body, refusing to show cleavage unless completely necessary. She doesn't have any noticeable scars or markings on her skin. Her face is slim, her skin is pale, her eyes are a deep blue.


The Personality

Shock-Heart is a kind and loyal person. She tries her hardest to make friends and when accomplished she will do what is needed to keep them. When apart of a group she is a team player and does what she can to keep cohesion. When she dedicates herself to a cause she sticks with it. But she isn't beyond reason, if someone presents her with facts she is willing to listen.

When in the face of adversity she tries not to wallow in the past, but rallies for the future. All things come to an end, and that includes the bad times. She tries to look past pain, look to the end goal, the reason she if fighting. If she can get past the present and look into the future it can give her enough moral to make it past the situation.

She tends to be shy around new people. Hiding her face and sometimes blushing.  When in front of a crowd she is a little more comfortable, but this took some time to get used to, after coming out to the public she has had to make a few public appearances. The first she practically stumbled over her words, but by the fifth time she was speaking pretty clearly, even if she was blushing.

The Story

She was born in the early 1900s to a large farming family on the outskirts of New York city. When she was little she learned about her powers and tried to hide them. The lighting type ability seemed to burn everything it touched. Not to mention Metahumans, what she would eventually be called, where not the norm, and where definitely feared. So, she stayed in hiding for years. When she was 27 years old, when superheros began to emerge she got a suit together and joined them. Keeping her true identity a secret, she went under the name, Bolt. As she learned more about what she could do, what her power actually was she decided to change her name to Shock-heart. With the apparent ability to shock someone, and also the ability to save them, and herself. When diving deep into the power she saw her ageing slow and stop when she was in her early 30s. After most of her family had passed away she gave up the superhero business for a bit. Settled on the farm and has ran it for many years.

When the 1990s hit, she learned a crazy new thing about her powers. They can effect computers, make them faster, with a shock of her energy. In math things are multiplied using the X, so she called the power Ex Power. Seemed logical at the time. Going from never being around computers on her farm to suddenly learning everything she could about them, needless to say, her life changed. She converted most of the farm into a solar farm, added a building or two for office space to study, and started a computer business. She makes an ok living off of it.

Though she has been out of the hero business for a while she has decided to give it another look. With her new abilities and technology she was eager to get back out into the open, and for the first time she would reveal her identity to the world.

The Powers

Ex Power (energy) Manipulation: An ability that appears as a black hued lighting that shoots about her body. She calls it Ex Power. When electrifying objects that have the ability to compute, the black energy can speed them up by double. For example, if the objects ability was to calculate, under Ex Power the object could do the same thing twice as fast. If the power strikes human flesh, any biological material really, it disintegrates it (this works at a cellular level); that was what she thought at first. It actually slows it. slows it to a stop, then begins to rewind the time, back when it was nothing. She can use this energy in multiple ways, from shooting it like a lightning bolt at targets, to touching someone's arm to heal a wound. Her many years have given her time to practice and perfect the ability, in small amounts it is harmless, in large bolts it can be devastating. It is working with this power for so long that has kept her appearance young. [Permission Based]

Intelligence, mechanical genius: It only takes a glance at a mechanical object in order for her to know how it works and see it's weaknesses. Fixing things may be one of her specialties, creating things is one of her hobbies.

One with Machines: She is able to connect telepathically with machines, sense their presence, know their feelings, and control their functions through a link that looks holographic to her, but no one else can see. She is able to sense machines within a 50 yard radius, further with concentration (none combat).

The Weaknesses

The Computer Virus: Her link to computers can be a weakness. If a machine is infected with some type of computer virus it can cause a similar effect on her brain. This can range anywhere from having a headache, to coma.

Separation Anxiety: If separated from technology for more than a few minutes she becomes extremely anxious. Her hands get sweaty, her stomach turns, her pulse raises along with her reparatory rate and she can even pass out.

Bees: She is deathly allergic to bees and suffers from seasonal allergies.

The Items

W.A.N.D Sword: Webbed, Autonomous, Nanobot, Dissemination Sword is capable of creating an encrypted connection between the machine it touches and Shock-heart. This connecting does not have a distance, though must be placed physically. With a touch or strike of the sword it releases nanobots that seek out any mechanical and computing ability of the object and create a link. This link does not necessarily harm the target, though it is encrypted so that feedback (the target gaining access to her mind) is unlikely. The nanites are created within the weapon itself, though it is made only of steel. There are also small small nodes imbedded in the blade that allow it to go invisible with her suit. It is currently in the form of a ninjato, a small three foot long, straight blade, with a hilt wrapped in bright yellow cloth.
---Weakness: The sword is made of normal metal, it is vulnerable to extreme heat (that could melt it), the cold can make the blade stick, if bent in half somehow it would break and end all of its functions. Also shares a weakness with her suit.

ORCHID System: An AI that she developed years ago. It is integrated into everything she creates, is able to control their functions, and has a friendly voice and personality. ORCHID does not stand for anything specifically; when she was creating the program she noticed it's pattern looked much like an orchid to her. Also, despite the girlish name of the system, it's voice is that of a young man she once knew.
---Weakness: No system is completely invulnerable, the AI has been known to catch viruses, it is connected to the nasty WWW.  

Wrist Band: A plain looking silver bracelet that seems to have no clasp. It is a half inch wide and a few centimeters thick. This device allows her to project the holographic field she sees into reality, making it not so odd when she is touching the air in front of her. She can turn this on and off when needed.
---Weakness: Like any computer device her bracelet is vulnerable to extreme temperatures, hot or cold. If exposed for more than a minute it will stop working till it reaches the right temp again.

Goggles: Also used to protect her eyes while she builds things or flies, the goggles give her a variety of visions. Infrared, night, X-ray, and ultraviolet vision. They have a reflective service that can be changed to a dull black if needed. The band that goes around her head is black with a yellow clasp.  
---Weakness: They can be broken if struck with a significant force, punched in the head by someone with superhuman strength, or hit by a bus.

Cape: Shock-Heart's cape allows her to defy gravity. It is through a web of electromagnets that give her flight while surrounded by metal, or within the city. She can reach the speed of 200 mph, if she where to go over, she would have difficulty controlling herself. "City", is said lightly, if she was in the middle of nowhere, and a large metallic object was stretched across the expanse she would be able to traverse the area using it to propel herself.
---Weakness: The cape is vulnerable to EMP and Fire. She would have to restart it's program after each encounter with these, making her unable to fly for 15 minutes.

Tool Belt: Around her waste is a toolbelt. It is sleek in design, having small pouches that are easy to access when she activates them. They contain simple tools to do minor work on objects, a steel cord she can use to climb up or down buildings, small grenades (flash and explosive, 5 ft area), caltrops, bolas, and smoke pellets. It matches her other objects with a black bordering yellow pouches.

Sound Dampening:  Also on her belt is a small ring superimposed on the buckle. When activated it creates a sound dampening field around her, any noise she makes while in this field is dispersed. No one would hear her talk or her footsteps. This field, because it is connected to the suit, hovers two inches above it. If used without the suit it would dampen any noise in a 6 foot radius around her, anything that makes a noise in that space would be dampened.
---Weakness: An EMP can completely disable the device, and shares the weakness with the wrist band.

Suit: Her suit is meant to protect her from any small rounds fire, slashing attacks, and energy blasts. Though, it wouldn't be able to take anything more straight on. It has a system of sensors and energy projection nodes spaced all across it, below its hard exterior. The suit is split in colors, the side of her arms, legs, abdomen and chest are all black, while the rest is yellow. The suit can come up over her head, but she usually leaves it down unless in direct combat. The top and sides of her head are black while her face and back of head are yellow. The electrical nodes in the suit are mostly for sounds dampening and reflective camouflage generating. The camouflage make her practically invisible to the naked eye.  
---Weakness: The suits camouflage is not shielded against EMP and if three or more nodes are damaged in any given area the camo will not generate there. A significant force can damage the nodes.

The Fluff

Martial Arts Expert: Training at multiple different gyms for years has definitely payed off. She has reached master level in multiple martial arts, Karate, TKD, jujitsu, and kendo with a little iaido training.

Acrobatic: Not formally trained, but she knows her way around rolls, flips, cartwheels, and the like. She can deal with heights but doesn't like to do anything fancy when high up.  

Nanorobotics: She has been interested in them for years.

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Shock-Heart Empty Re: Shock-Heart

Post by Zonkes January 16th 2021, 6:57 pm

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Shock-Heart Empty Re: Shock-Heart

Post by inquisitor February 11th 2024, 5:42 pm

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Shock-Heart Empty Re: Shock-Heart

Post by Sponsored content

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