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For the Girls

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OPEN For the Girls

Post by Demonhunter on October 12th 2020, 12:49 am

Rai finds herself in a bit larger of a crowd that she’d originally planned for. Where was she? And what was all this noise? She’d seen taverns with bards stroking their lutes before, but the new bar scene was like nothing the reaver had ever seen in her life. The music was inhumanly loud, so much she felt it thundering within her body as she walked by open club doors. There were so many people weaving through the crowd was almost impossible. However she was getting any odd looks as she definitely stuck out. Her horns where the dead give away if her armor wasn’t. The devil woman couldn’t quite understand all of it. And for some reason the sting of alcohol was much stronger than it was in Dis. Perhaps due to the humans being able to grow things other than wheat and the occasionally barley. Beer was really the only option in dis. Whiskey if you were wealthy. Wine was a very rare delicacy as grapes didn’t do great in Dis at all and were reserved only for church communion. However there were some smells Rai didn’t recognize. And some foods. She comes to a bar’s entrance noticing some very strange fruit in a bowl. What the hell were those things? One of them was small and round. Out of curiosity the steps into the bar fascinated by the bar counter’s many small round fruits.
She experimentally squeezes one of them as she accidentally squirts lemon juice into her eye. She winces before that really starts to burn. She rubs her eye just as the bartender notices a strange girl groping his lemons forcefully.
“Hey, If you aren’t buyin’ somethin’ get out.” He shouts.
Rai just stares in confusion, unsure of exactly what he meant. Reavers couldn’t buy drinks.. So was he just telling her to get out?

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OPEN Re: For the Girls

Post by Cerek on October 12th 2020, 5:41 pm

Aria was already sitting at the bar enjoying the Alabama slammer she'd ordered and checking out the crowd around looking for something or someone to have fun with, pretty regular night for this chick. Her hair was let down and colored a fiery yellow and red. She wore a rather interesting get up almost ironically.

A short red and green tartan skirt nearly showing off her genetically perfect rear, a white crop top showing off a very fit body, Catholic school tie and a patched jean jacket. Aria took a look over at the other folks around the bar and saw someone looking like a lost puppy getting into it with the bartender. This could be something interesting, this girl looked like she was fresh from a crusade.

Aria hopped off her seat and walked her way over, getting no small amount of gawkers on her way. She slides up next to Rai and turns to the bartender. "Yo, chill. Give the lady the same thing I'm having, on me buck-o." She turns to Rai and cocks an eyebrow. "Do you have a thing for lemons sweety? You're groping them like a porn star." She smirks playfully.
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OPEN Re: For the Girls

Post by The Nekromonga on October 12th 2020, 10:24 pm

Diane took a while to get in, considering she was arguing in the parking lot with a large local biker who'd decided to park his hog across five spots. Only once he was taught some manners did Diane realize her charge had already gone in.

"Hey Abby!" The door man greeted Diane, taking her firearms, bandolier and bowie knife.

"Hey Francisco. Big crowd tonight Did you see a weirdly dressed young lady..." The cowgirl wastes no time to scan the crowd, and Rai sticking out like a sore thumb especially with her outfit. They should probably hit a coscto tomorrow.

Diane comes takes off her big duster and wraps Rai in it, making said ogling eyes quietly sigh in disappointment. The Vampire hunting cowboy had to shoot a few angry glares to shut down the rest. "Young lady, one of these days we gonna have ourselves a long talk about being dressed like decent folk. Now, you hungry?" She turned to the bartender. "Hey Sergio, russle us up some grub why don't cha?"

"Sure thing Abby. Here. Some starters while I make some chili con carne." The bartender grabs some salsa dip and some tortilla chips, squirts the lemon on the salsa and lays it before Diane and Rai. He also put a drink before Rai, the same as Aria's. The older lady took one sip and approved of its taste and relative mildness.

Diane takes a chip and scoops up the dip, showing Rai how it's eaten, before handing her her drink. "Try some, it's nice and tangy. You might also want something in your stomach before ya start gettin hammered with drinks."

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