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New Hero: Ricky Fletcher / Maverick

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New Hero: Ricky Fletcher / Maverick Empty New Hero: Ricky Fletcher / Maverick

Post by MaverickHero July 8th 2020, 8:52 pm


"Metallic Wrestling Lumberjack, Keep Away From Electricity"

The Bio

Real Name: Ricky Fletcher
Hero Name: Maverick
Title: Ricky Maverick, Lumberjacked Ricky Maverick, Three-Time Village Wrestling Champion
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human, British
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 7ft
Weight: 300 lb
Blood type: B Positive

The Looks

Rugged, and standing at a impressive 7ft, it is difficult to miss this Ricky. While being the size of a tree, it’s no wonder this man chose to become a lumberjack. Despite his overwhelming size, he has kind brown eyes, and a gentle, worn face. Ricky has long brown hair, which is usually tied back, paired with a matching grizzly beard. Being both a Lumberjack and a Wrestler, Ricky has a very strong and muscular build, which can cause him to look intimidating at times. He also has a large permanent scar on his back, caused by a thunderbolt.

In terms of style, Ricky is somewhat of a stereotype, with a love for tartan. He is usually wearing a brightly coloured flannel shirt, and dark blue jeans and brown leather boots. Ricky is usually seen carrying his ‘Lucky Axe’ which he calls ‘Benjamin’.

When wrestling, Ricky wears a brightly coloured Red, White and Blue Singlet, with matching pads, and boots.


The Personality

Although his huge size may be intimidating at first, Ricky has a very kind soul. He is incredibly grounded and down to earth. Due to his weakness to electricity, he abstains from using most modern technology, although he has a mobile phone that he rarely uses. He is particularly adept with traditional technology though, and is skilled in carpentry, and tool smithing.

He is particularly popular with kids, who like him for his superhuman appearance, and wrestling character, Ricky ‘The Maverick’ Fletcher.

Despite being very popular with the village-folk, especially the children, he is a very lonely person. He fine talking with other villagers, but he purposely distances himself most of the time, living in a self-made hut made from lumber, which is hidden away in the nearby woods. He prefers to spend time with animals, and will often sit reading a novel in nature.

His choice to distance himself from most people comes from him wanting to keep his powers a secret. How would the village react if they knew he could morph his body into a metallic form? It could scare them, and potentially bring in unwanted attention to the village from the outside world.

Another reason for his distant tendencies is the fact that Ricky is a homosexual. To Ricky’s knowledge, he is the only gay man in the village, and he is unsure how people may react to his sexual preference.

The Story

Ricky’s biological parents are unknown. He was adopted by Rick and Jane Fletcher as a baby. His adoptive parents raised Ricky with love, and were unaware of his special metallic powers. Sometime after his third birthday, Ricky’s parents awoke the a crying Ricky, who had surprisingly transformed his body into a silver-ish metal. Despite this shock revelation, Ricky’s parents continued to raise him with total love and care.

After an accident with a toaster, it was discovered Ricky’s powers caused him to be highly conductive to electricity, which caused him to experience excruciating pain in high voltages. Out of fear that this weakness could be fatal if a similar accident were to occur, the family migrated to a hideaway farm formally owned by his mother’s parents, far from the modern technologies of the city. They strictly used zero electricity in the house.

Years later, sometime after Ricky turned 18, he was tending to the farm animals when a sudden thunderstorm developed overhead. Fearful from the possibility of a thunderbolt striking the earth, Ricky quickly herded the animals indoors when suddenly a thunderbolt struck his family home, causing a fire. Ricky’s voice cried out for his parents, and he bolted for the house. Before he could make it, several more thunderbolts hit the earth, including one that struck Ricky in the back. Ricky bellowed in howling pain, and violently collapsed into a heap of hurt. Through sheer willpower, Ricky tried to pull himself closer to the house. This attempt was futile, and his vision faded to white, as he felt the flames cascade over his body...

Ricky awoke weeks later in a hospital bed. His body was scarred from the thunderbolt, but fire seemed to have had zero impact on his metallic body... Was his body fire-resistant?

His parents didn’t survive storm...

Years pass, and now Ricky lives alone in a secluded wooden hut nearby a lively rural village. The villagers are wary of his strange distant personality, and are at first reluctant to approach him. One day, a freak accident occurs, and the local bakery is in flames. Everyone manages to escape, except for a young girl playing in the room upstairs. Hearing her screams, Ricky breaks through the panicked crowd, and runs into the burning building to save the little girl. He emerges moments later with the girl safely in his arms, and the village cheers Ricky for his bravery. He is named a local hero, and is finally accepted by the village folk.

Ricky enjoys his newfound little-village life, and joins in many of the village activities, such of the monthly wrestling competitions in which he is usually victorious, although he purposely loses on occasion to hide his superhuman strength.

Although he is happy with his life, Ricky often wonders if his powers are not being used for their true potential. He however is scared of the urban world, and avoids the city as much as possible...

The Powers

Metallic Body: Ricky’s body is naturally infused with a mysterious metal which even doesn’t fully understand. He has a high resistance to physical attacks, and also fire. He has great natural strength, but when in his metal form, he has drastically increased physical power. He estimates that he can carry just over 100 tonnes, but he isn’t certain. His skin is also bulletproof.

The Weaknesses

Electricity: A small jolt of electricity, or even a static shock can be very painful for Ricky, but a large amount could potentially be fatal. He has survived one thunderbolt before, but this caused him to go into a coma for several weeks. If victim to a large electrical attack, Ricky is left unable to transform for a period of time...

Magnetism: Ricky’s metallic body is magnetic, and this he could easily be manipulated by a character who are able to manipulate magnetism either with powers, or access to physical magnets.

Technology Illiterate: Due to abstaining from modern technology, Ricky has no idea how most modern technology works. If battling a Robotic Enemy, his only strategy is to “punch it very hard...”

The Items

Benjamin the Lucky Axe: While trying to harness his superpower strength, Ricky practiced using axes to chop down trees. Through this, he broke quite a number of axes... until finally gained enough control over his strength to not break a certain axe... he felt this axe was ‘very lucky’ and named it after his favourite childhood character, Benjamin Bunny. The axe doesn’t actually do anything particularly special, it just makes him happy.

The Minions


The Fluff

The name “Maverick” comes from the villagers dubbing him as “The Maverick” during his wrestling matches.

Ricky likes to read novels, particularly ones about animals.

He has a phone, but it’s particularly old, and doesn’t have a touchscreen. He thinks it’s cool because it can flip open... It’s not very cool.

The RP Sample

Ricky: What do these gadgets do anyway?
Emma: Oh they just clean the floor automatically, they’re pretty handy actually.
Ricky: Thats quite cool actually. How did you make them?
Emma: Oh I just used EBay!
Ricky: ...Forgive me, but what is an EBay?


Ricky stared down the barrel of the gun, and into the eyes of the trembling criminal pointing it at him...

Ricky: I suggest you think very carefully about your next move mate... If I were you, I’d go about returning that bag to this young lass before you go and do someth-


The criminal shot a round from the double-barrels shotgun, but the bullets gently ricocheted of Ricky’s metallic body. The criminal was now sweating with panic.

Ricky: ...something you seriously regret.

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New Hero: Ricky Fletcher / Maverick Empty Re: New Hero: Ricky Fletcher / Maverick

Post by Arcana July 9th 2020, 12:33 am

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