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Arthur Wright - Maverick

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Arthur Wright - Maverick Empty Arthur Wright - Maverick

Post by Jordan Reynolds March 1st 2019, 2:43 am


Arthur Wright - Maverick Giphy

Basic Biography

Name: Arthur Wright
Title: Maverick
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Medium brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 185 Ibs
Blood type: A -

The Looks

Arthur 1:
Arthur 2:
Arthur 3:

The Legacy

Personality: Inherently good, Arthur is the kind of person that normally believes in the individual and protecting them. Not something that is ever commonly seen in his manner but he has always valued human life and the freedoms that come with it. It’s something that he sees in himself and likes to see people value within themselves as well, so long as it doesn’t harm someone else.   While he has seen that violence was necessary in his world, he never resorted to it first and always saw the requirement for it as reprehensible.  Still he knows what is required and will do it when it’s needed.

Eccentric to the extreme, he is the kind of person that takes in all things and this can leave him stunned in this strange stupor when not trying to interact with people or working on one of the many projects he tries to keep himself busy with.  Keeping busy is the most important thing within his life and he will do anything to get that.

Detail oriented to the extreme, he can’t stand having things not fit a certain criteria within his mind.

History: Imagine a world where things happened different and history took a far different turn. Alternate history for sure though he didn’t know that was the case. This was the world that Arthur had been born into, in the beginning nothing more than a subsidiary of the House Lourishna. His mother tried to make sure that he was taken care of within a world that would otherwise have seen him die and she did whatever she did with the metahuman gifts that were given to her. Strength within this unforgiving world and that was what he learned about.

Growing up with the mutation that he was afforded himself made life difficult. Everything was buzzing with his senses always taking in anything around him and overwhelming fragile senses. Even flickering dull lights were something that could hold his attention for long hours, eyes wide and mind focused deeply on that. It was first thought that he was mentally infirm, not fit to exist within this world but with time he began to learn how to control this overwhelming sensory mayhem. He could operate to an extent, breaking out of these autistic trances and instead showing flashes of inhumanly intense brilliance.  It was apparent that he was amazing by many standards, even by inhuman ones.

That didn’t ingratiate him to anyone considering he would have rather been alone than talking to others. His tinkering ended up being more important than anyone else but that didn’t stop Arthur from meeting the love of his life much like within the world he ended up being brought to. Children followed that and he  found that his life was a little more for them as well as himself. His youngest was the harvinger of that love dying, though he didn’t abandon those that he brought into the world. Strange to find the world didn’t revolve around him but then again that wasn’t always a surprise. To think that such a complex mechanism in motion was hingent on him would have been the highest form of egocentrism.

He didn’t belong to any real organization beyond the house he was born in allegiance to and he occasionally offered the products of his tinkering for resources while hoping they would also leave him alone. It worked mostly and he was fine with life itself. That being until he managed to create something and someone saw the creations of his mind and wanted it.  In stealing the plans for his latest, likely most advanced device they had come across an issue and his youngest son was killed in the crossfire. Whatever mattered beyond that he didn’t know but a deep depression dragged him down from there.

Being removed from his SHRP and being placed into another wasn’t even inconvenient then. It was welcome to a degree.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Analytically complex intelligence: The most simple term for this manner of intelligence is that he is superhumanly intelligent though it is more complex than that. Primarily his intelligence allows him to consider and analyze complex mechanisms in the span of seconds. Practical examples that he could take apart and put back together a laptop after five seconds of examination, taking only a minute or more only hampered by his own human faculties. This immense understanding of mechanisms and the like has allowed him grand success within the world of robotics as well as even medicine through he mainly focuses himself on robotics not that he has ever held himself back from further studies. His mind also works on a level that takes in all details around him and speculates about them, putting them through. Giving him a higher level of deductive capacity than normal.

A secondary application, one he considers less intelligence and more of an intuitive understanding of a mechanisms. Something he could get a detailed understanding of somethings make-up through touch, typically only needing seconds of physical contact depending on how complex it is. Minutes if it is above a certain level of complexity, though he had yet to encounter something that actually stumps his level of intelligence and natural understanding.  All machines that he remembers via this fashion are typically perfectly remembered, though his memory is considered perfect by all standards.

Debilitating sensory overload: his mind is constantly in a state of overdrive, taking in details and  sensory data without him needing to. Sudden or rapid changes can cause intense disorientation as his mind tries to cope with the sudden alterations within the world around him. At best he could suffer through mild nausea and at worst it can lead to debilitating seizures. So far no means of sensory protection he could design aside from closing his eyes or shutting off the offending senses can stop this sudden overload.  

Can’t resist it: Arthur has what you would call an intense compulsion to figure out anything that he perceives as a puzzle. This could be something as simple as solving a rubix cube settled before him or even as complex as a 5,000 piece puzzle.  So long as his death isn’t an immediate possibility he will take time to deal with these puzzles before continuing whatever it was he was doing.

Coming soon

Physically fit: While he might not be superhuman or even peak human, Arthur does work out. He’s capable of bench pressing close to twice his own body weight, and can handle himself when it comes to fist fighting your average humans.

Personal Training: He’s trained himself in multiple self defense disciplines to give him a cursory understanding of self-defense and can hold himself with a master, even if he cannot defeat them. Not on the level of many superhuman combatants but is recognizably skilled.

Radiation Resistance: Due to living in Chimera lands from his home world, Arthur was born with the ability to absorb and filter radiation without taking any damage and without his DNA suffering any negative effects.

Physical Priority
Endurance 1
Strength 2
Reaction 3
Agility 4
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Arthur Wright - Maverick Empty Re: Arthur Wright - Maverick

Post by Red March 1st 2019, 11:41 am



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