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Imdor Grovoton Exp Sheet

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Imdor Grovoton Exp Sheet Empty Imdor Grovoton Exp Sheet

Post by ghost on July 4th 2020, 2:08 pm

Imdor Grovoton

Experience Sheet

Experience Gained/Spent

0 / 12.7 (ACTUAL 0 and negative 2.3 for advancment)


5 EXP: 15: Celestial Focus
10 EXP: [To Be Apped]
15 EXP: [To Be Apped]
20 EXP: [To Be Apped]
25 EXP: [To Be Apped]
30 EXP: [To Be Apped]
35 EXP: [To Be Apped]
40 EXP: [To Be Apped]
45 EXP: [To Be Apped]

Experience Tracker [COMPLETED THREADS]

Down to Earth (20200702 - 20200704) 0 [SOLO THREAD]; WC 2,631

Successfully making it down to earth Imdor learns about his nature and tries to make a little cash. He has come to learn money makes the world go around so that is what he is after. Seeing how much the Drug dealers were making Imdor absorbed one, learned where his leader was, and went to steal from him. After killing the gang leader in a shoot out Imdor begins his trek west to California, hoping to find a way to the Japanese gang headquarters in Hawaii where he can make billions.  

I want in! (20200802-20201110) 7.5; WC 3,789

Grovoton plans to get the Yakuza back on the map by planning a bank robbery. During the first meeting a new character broke into his meeting by unknown means and hitched a ride. Glitch was sent to the electric company to shut it down, in edvertintly setting off an explosion, developed by Grovoton to cover his tracks. Underestimating the weakness of the human mind, the device also effected his men, driving Grovo to extreme actions. Glitch got paid and also joined the Yakuza's new technology development group, lead by Xavier Lahst, a fictional character developed by Grovoton.

Not a Good Start (Grovoton and Dragon Girl) (20200703 - 20201211) 5.2; WC 2,633

Grovoton forms in space, encounters a mysterious hero and a more mysterious villain and finds himself playing cards in the celestial realm. How will he get out?  

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