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Grovoton's Advancement #1

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Grovoton's Advancement #1  Empty Grovoton's Advancement #1

Post by ghost on December 14th 2020, 9:56 pm

Item Name: The Celestial Focus

Item Description: The focus is a metallic sphere that has a mind of its own at times. It’s metal is able to shift like liquid giving it a web like appearance on the occasions that it does move, leaving small streams of, seemingly, sticky metal from end to end. In its center is another orb, one of light. This core is made of pure ether. Still under investigation, the metal seems to produce the substance. The focus is usually chrome but has been known to shift to blue or green, or even become a small bright light. These shifts are still being studied and their causes is currently unknown.

Item Power(s):

1. The focus produces a steady amount of Ether, a magical substance that the Vectian's have actually been using for centuries, just under a different name. It powers most of the technology they used, from AI systems to the holographic projection of mater. Grovoton plans to harness as much as possible from this artifact.

2. Seemingly indestructible. Because of it’s magical origin, the metal is ageless and unaffected by time. Things that would make normal metals rust away have no effect on this object. The same would go for heat or cold, the metal does not melt, contract, or expand in anyway perceivable by the human eye.

3. Having an unique connection to the celestial realm the user is able to touch any person and bestow an ability on them. Weather or not this is awakening gifts is not sure, and continues to be studied. [Permission based and only going to be used as a lot tool with Mod permissions.]

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):

1. With a strike of significant force the focus can become useless for ten minutes. It will sputter an
uncontrolled amount of energy and burn itself out for that time period.

2. Magical fires (Hell fire, dragon fire, fairy fire ect.), because of their properties, can also short the focus if they come into contact. It lasts for as long as it is exposed and ten minutes thereafter. (This is not to say the item can not generate the fire by spell casting, only that its vulnerable when exposed directly.)

3. If hit directly with a laser (or other energy) beam, it will also short the device for ten minutes.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 15xp

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Grovoton's Advancement #1  Empty Re: Grovoton's Advancement #1

Post by Chellizard on December 15th 2020, 12:50 pm

From our discussion on the discord, this first Advancement went from 5xp to 15xp due to the complexity of the item, and the potential for such great plot device.

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