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Dramos the great and glorious character application

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Dramos the great and glorious character application Empty Dramos the great and glorious character application

Post by The_smelly_taco on March 24th 2020, 9:15 pm

 The great and glorious

"Who wouldn’t want to be a hero. The style, the grace, the power! And the catchphrases, oh the catchphrases. I want the people to swoon over my performance, not scream and run!"

The Bio

Real Name: (civillian guise: Mr Tom)
Hero Name: Dramos
Title: the great and glorious
Alignment: Chaotic good
Age:: 6
Gender: N/A
Race: Robotic
Hair:  (wig) short, brown and wavy
Eyes:  green
Height: 176cm
Weight: 89kg
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Dramos appears as a simple robotic character, with some things to set him apart. He wears a very dated clothing style, akin to that of Shakespeare's time and he wears a long jet black cloak. His boots (while not visible in the illustration) are leather laced with golden decorations that go across them like vines. The spotlights on his shoulder pads are fully retractable and are not any different from any other spotlight, although he can choose whether or not to summon them with barn doors (technical spotlight term. It's like the weird flaps that help to concentrate light). Along with all of this, he sports his signature wig which is styled in a very medieval fashion.

The Personality

Flamboyant and very much a showman, Dramos is a hero for the sake of the fame, the drama and the glory. He isn’t often one to help with the more minor and petty crimes of the city such as pickpocketing but is sure to be there if there will be news coverage. His showman like nature makes him a very charismatic and overly dramatic character. He is a powerful presence in any setting, as his voice often booms out the cheesiest of catchphrases, while he dances through the battlefield with exaggerated movements. He loves to show off his pride and is a very egotistical person.

Despite his massive ego, however, he has genuine respect for heroes, especially those he believes possess a certain “flair”. His ego and pride can get the better of him at times, but at the end of the day (aside from the fame and glory of being a hero) he rarely loses sight of protecting the people over his own pride, but it has been known to happen occasionally.

The core of Dramos is attention, whether from his allies, opponents of the civilian bystanders, Dramos wants to be at the core of the action. Any voice thrown at him, be it profanities from his enemies, cheers from the bystanders or the occasional ‘good job’ from his allies is a need that he wishes to satisfy.

The Story

Dramos is actually the invention of a villain. His creator intended for Dramos to be a prototype of a new combat robot capable of analyzing and copying the moves and skills of other heroes. Dramos spent his first trials analyzing old video recordings of battles against heroes, and at first, he fulfilled his job successfully. Replicating the moves of heroes perfectly. However, overtime Dramos began to develop a personality of his own after a certain incident where he was accidentally hooked up to a television network. With his temporary access to human entertainment, he found himself enthralled by drama, by the creation of stories, the grandness of adventure and the stories of heroes. Either due to faulty coding or some other unexplainable force, Dramos took a liking to the heroes.
He thought to himself “Who wouldn’t want to be a hero. The style, the grace, the power! And the catchphrases, oh the catchphrases. I want the people to swoon over my performance, not scream and run!”.

The opportunity to escape came one evening when the villain’s base was attacked by a group of heroes. Dramos snuck out of his enclosure (his creator not knowing of his newfound free will), taking a few bits of lab equipment along with his own blueprints and valuable materials. With the valuable materials, he sold them off for a large sum of money, which he used to purchase an RV (which he now resides in). His blueprints allowed him to reconstruct any of his missing or broken parts, so long as he had the necessary materials (most likely from a scrapyard) he could repair any parts during his downtime by using the stolen lab equipment, and more importantly can become independent of his old creator by making his own battery cells.

He wanted to make a big entrance into the modern world. To let the humans know of his “powerful presence” and to win the populus to his side. Sure he could have faked being a man in a robot suit, but he thought to himself “where is the fun in that”. He began compiling his costume, taking bits and pieces from clothing stores and even a wig to commemorate his favorite playwright William Shakespeare. It resulted in a grandiose costume, complete with a large cape and stylish boots almost akin to a musketeer of sorts. To finalize his hero persona, he decided on mainly using a rapier that he crafted himself in his lab, choosing it due to its flair, grace, style, and because he had taken a liking to it from his years of watching heroes wielding swords.

“let's be honest. A gun is just too easy” -Dramos

After renting sword fighting tutorial DVD’s (along with a few action movies) and using his natural copying abilities, he practically became a master swordsman overnight. After that, he began taking on crime headfirst, charging into action. Saving civilians, rescuing hostages, and stopping bank robbers. He began spreading his name “Fellow civilians, it is I, the great and glorious Dramos. I assure you, the evildoers of this town will not last long under my spotlight of justice”. Anywhere where there is trouble (and a pinch of fame available) he’ll be there.

Over time, however, he has begun to learn that perhaps fame and glory is not all that makes a hero a hero.  

(note: Aside from his superhero occupation, he has a civilian guise (which is just him in a large brown cloak with a white mask) which he refers to as Mr Tom. He earns most of his income from helping to ghost-write plays, being an editorial writer, and occasionally helps with being a sound and light technician for theaters. No one truly has ever known that Mr Tom and Dramos are one and the same)

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Strength
4. Endurance

1. Will power
2. intelligence
3. empathy
4. awareness

The Powers

1st power: Dramos has the ability to copy skills (not powers) of other adversaries through sight. Once copied, Dramos can repeat and use those skills at their own users' original level in a consistent capacity, or even performing it in an advanced capacity with his stronger and faster robotic limbs compared to human limbs. This ability also extends to him searching his enemy for weaknesses in their stance or technique that he can use against them, along with any weakness in their structure (pressure points, weak spots e.t.c)

2nd power: he also has hidden spotlights in his shoulder pads that can project multiple types of lights (e.g floodlights, spotlights, e.t.c). These can produce a blinding effect (temporary) or can be used to simply illuminate the surroundings/an object. He can control which type of light his spotlights project (changing color, concentrating the light e.t.c). They usually have a maximum strong range of 22 meters from him (after this range, it begins to dim down and only extends for a further 4 meters).

3rd power: sword proficiency: A consistent skill he has kept since his creation. He is extremely skilled in this regard and can contend with professional sword fighters across the world. His speed with the blade makes it look as if it is a blur of masterful motion. His personal favorite sword is the rapier, but he can use any sword-like with the same relative effectiveness (including daggers). Aside from his mastery of the sword, his martial arts knowledge has also lead to him developing his acrobatic skills, which are highly advanced. Examples given would be summersaults, flips and even the occasional short ranged wall run, he is quite skilled in this regard.

4th: his robotic legs allow him to reach high heights via jumps, allowing him to leap a maximum of 4 meters into the air. He also has shock resistance from falling, being capable of falling from around 20 meters without taking damage (only if he lands on his feet however). This also means that during combat, a single kick from his legs can send his opponents flying.

5th: fog/thermal vision. He can activate special optics which allow him to see clearly through fog and allows him thermal imaging capabilities (about 6 meters through walls maximum). This ability is mostly used in conjunction with his smoke bombs.

The Weaknesses

1rst weakness: It takes around 12 seconds for Dramos to copy someone's skill. He can only copy a skill he sees in action (meaning he can’t just take skills from people who are passive), he can’t copy a skill he can’t see (meaning that invisible opponents or concealed opponents are uncopyable), and he can only copy skills he can naturally do with his own body (e.g copying someone’s weapon stance, martial art technique, or archery skill). He can also only copy 2 skills at a time, maximum. Any more and he becomes erratic due to the overflow of information. If he wishes to learn a new skill above these two, he must erase one of them. The same applies to the knowledge he gains based on enemy weaknesses, as they count as additional data he has to flush out (meaning he can either have 1 skill 1 weakness knowledge, 2 skills, or 2 weakness knowledge at a time). His sword knowledge does not count. As long as he does not flush out any knowledge, they last indefinitely until his next long rest (stasis nap to refresh his software and remove bugs. Similar to human sleep)

2nd weakness: The lights are a dead giveaway to his position, and overuse may result in Dramos’s batteries slowly being drained. He also can’t keep strong lights (anything stronger than a regular spotlight) on for more than 6 seconds at a time, else he risks overheating himself and making himself ‘dizzy’ (akin to a human suffering a migraine or headache).

3rd weakness: his sword proficiency is in no way special, meaning there is no ‘mystic art’ or any of that. Just really good footwork, acrobatics and sword handling, meaning he can be out-fought in a head-on fight by any fighter of equal skill who is imbued with magical ability.  Also, without his sword he is only a mildly skilled fist fighter. Able to hold his own against street thugs and common robbers, but relatively weak against any other martial artists (unless of course he copies their skill in time). If he loses his sword, he either loses it for the rest of the thread, until he retrieves it, replaces it with a new weapon, or if he has a chance to return to his RV to craft a new one.

4th weakness: despite the high jumping capability of his legs, they are still as fragile as any thin steel bar, and any sufficiently blunt attack can easily bend them out of shape.  Also, if he kicks and misses, the recoil from the strength of the kick can easily throw him off balance, either leaving him prone on the floor or open to attack.

5th weakness: whilst the fog/thermal goggles are quite powerful, they do have their own disadvantages. For starters, the fog optics (while effective) do reduce his general range of clear vision to around 14 meters (which is useful for his smoke bombs but is generally worse than his normal vision) and his thermal optics can’t identify unique shapes after 10 meters and loses vision completely after 16 meters, only seeing them as blobs of heat. Furthermore, a powerful heat source in the area could obstruct the heat optics if it is in line of sight.

The Items

Smoke bombs (effective range: 15-metre radius). He often carries 4 on his person at all times, and can only restock when back on his RV).

Recharge canisters: Made by himself based off of his old blueprint's energy refueling schematic,  upon taking vital damage, or overusing himself, his recharge canisters act as a recharge for him to compensate for his robotic body. Typically, he administers them through a plug underneath his wig. However, if in his RV, he can charge it via a cable he installed into there. Essentially, it works as a 'food' source for him, and after use gives him a slight adrenaline rush of sorts for about 2 minutes. Once used, the cell is considered empty (regardless at which level of power he uses it at) and either has to be refilled at his RV or recreated in the RV as well.

As for weaknesses, he only carries around 2 with him per day/thread, and if he uses it while his energy reserve is still relatively full, can lead to him suffering a temporary 5 minute shutdown after the adrenaline rush. This is due to his lack of understanding of the blueprints, since his original energy cells are so advanced, and as a result, they apply a shutdown if he overuses them and they are quite large (usually stored in his back. In sort of like a miniature storage compartment. The cells have the size of a hand grenade). The shutdown does not apply if he charges from his RV cable due to it being a more refined transfer of energy.

Rapier: his typical weapon. Nothing different from a regular rapier except that it is made of a much stronger material than steel.

The Minions

The Fluff

As Mr Tom, Dramos has a different voice, sounding more as the generic mysterious shady croaky voice, as opposed to the regular upbeat booming voice he uses as Dramos

His robotic nature makes him independent of water, food, and air, also meaning he is immune to any biologically toxic attack. Furthermore, he also doesn't exactly feel pain, nor does he feel fatigued, but he does process pain and overuse of his limbs (TL;DR: he knows when he feels pain, though he doesn't actually feel it). This makes him able to endure much longer than an average human. He is also immune to hypnosis, or any type of mind control related to organic manipulation (e.g brainwave manipulation) and even telepathy (though this makes him unable to receive telepathic thoughts from his own allies)

While waterproof on a level, if he is submerged in water for too long, he can short circuit, leading to him being incapacitated. Aside from this, he is also very vulnerable to any electrical-based attack. Also, he is very vulnerable to any opponent with magnetism powers. While his body is robotic and does not require nutritional sustenance, he does require the use of batteries and electrical sources to charge himself up. Neglecting this need results in him entering a temporary stasis until someone recharges him. He is also susceptible to EMP’s which (while they don’t knock him out) make his vision temporarily blurry and his motor functions go haywire. Techno paths (or those with the capability of controlling technology) may also excersize their control over him to a certain extent, with some of them reducing him to their own puppet.

The RP Sample

Leaping into the air for a forward lunge with his cape which flowed like silk in the evening air, and an outstretched arm wielding his signature silver rapier that streaked through the orange sunset atmosphere towards the mutant horror, his spotlights sprung from his shoulder pads creating a blinding light causing the mutant to lower its guard from the stinging pain upon its eyes. With a jab of his rapier that sunk into the colossal beast's skin,  Dramos landed onto the monster's head before leaping off of the beast in an elegantly executed back flip, his powerful legs shoving the monster far back into hitting the side of a building across the street, as he now stands in front of a crowd of would-be monster feed. The mutant recoils back and begins writhing in pain. Dramos stares into the sea of panicking civilians.

“Don’t fret my fellow civilians, I Dramos the great and glorious have arrived to save you” Dramos yelled out as he began to enter an exaggerated pose, with his rapier pointed towards the mutant, his back arched to accentuate the flair, and his spotlights focused on the beast to blind and illuminate his opponent for further dramatic effect.

“Come on then you big oaf! I'm not done with you yet vile cretin. You will perish under my spotlight of justice"

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Dramos the great and glorious character application Empty Re: Dramos the great and glorious character application

Post by The_smelly_taco on March 24th 2020, 9:23 pm

First character, so Im a little bit nervous Razz

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Dramos the great and glorious character application Empty Re: Dramos the great and glorious character application

Post by The_smelly_taco on March 24th 2020, 9:25 pm

also... reading back I just noticed a bunch of spelling errors Sad

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Dramos the great and glorious character application Empty Re: Dramos the great and glorious character application

Post by Zonky Blong on March 25th 2020, 4:32 pm


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