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When the silent eyes fell

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INV ONLY When the silent eyes fell

Post by Cerek February 16th 2020, 8:43 pm

Crunch and splat!
A splash of blood flies from Cebra's mouth cased by a weathered crowbar, a crowbar held by a rather brawny looking yet equally weathered cyborg. Strapped to brick wall by metal chains and surrounded by half metal men Cebra looks to be in a bit of a bind as one works him over with the crowbar repeatdly illiciting pained grunts and yells from Cebra as he is struck. After a while of bad beating a single human male emerges from the crowd of cyborgs. The room looks to be some manner of storage facility and a little run down, the reason this commotion can happen with no one noticing. The human is a middle aged asian man with short dark hair and a medium build, dressed in beaten jeans and a sweater.

"Can we talk now mister Ulkenne? My time is valuable and you have only so many things I can break." Uttered with a cocky smirk and a hand on his hip near a hand gun.

Cebra raises his head. His eyes are puffy and bruised, some teeth are missing and a stream of blood flows from his mouth. "We've been talking, you just dont like what I have to say."

The man gets in Cebra's face and points his finger. "You've got a big mouth."

"Want a kiss?" Cebra cuts him off and grins.

The man pauses a moment with a deadpan before grinning himself. "Funny funny boy. You know Qi Ling has a bounty out on your ass dead or alive, and I would love to hand yo punk ass over to him. But I think I'll cut out the middle man and deliver you to Michael myself."

Just then Cebra's expression changes, now examining the mans face with a lethal focus. No more remarks almost like he's trying to determine if the man is just playing him with this info. However the man takes this as a display of fear.
"Aaaahhhh well it seems I've struck a nerve haven't I?"

Cebra seems to be putting two and two together, some scheme or plot he had in his mind now seems to make sense. "So Michael does know Qi Ling, and probably has it in with his company."

Annoyed at being ignored the man grabs Cebra's face and stares him down. "Hey what are you going on about?! Ah whatever, you're as good as scrap anyways." He whistles to one of the big cyborgs to come over.

Cebra looks unconcerned as it approaches. "So then you really are useless, but to let a loud mouthed baffoon like you come for me... What was Orion thinking? Probably that you're good canon fodder. Bet they never thought you'd feed me information."

The man having taken great insult to that grabs an aluminum bat with what looks to be some kind of small battery attached, the battery clearly charging the bat with energy. "You gonna shut your mouth now!" As he goes for a swing.

Cebra sighs as the binding chains melt off of him like water and he dodges the swinging bat as he ducks low. He gets back up quick after his dodge and snatches the bat from the Asian gangsters hands and headbutts him with a nice loud thwack to his face. The man gushes blood from his nose and screams as Cebra wipes blood from his mouth and faces the other cyborgs, now ready to attack. It's not much of a fight, though the scene is brutal. Two come in on Cebra's right flank with their makeshift weapons while three others point their integrated hand guns. Bullets fly at Cebra but his Saxon energy shield stops them dead an inch before impact frozen in place. When the two big boys start to swing at Cebra his eyes flash then glow red, he begins dodging and weaving through attacks with a robotic precision, at their full cybernetically enhanced speed they still cant lay a hit on the already beaten Cebra. Cebra wields the bat like he has proficiency with it, he flourishes with the bat before laying two critical hard blows on one cyborgs ribs and skull.

Cebra can take a lot of pain, being whacked a few times by some rusty tin cans wasn't fun but all in all worth it. He also had plenty of strength left to deal with these arguably mid level gangsters. He made quick and merciless work of the cyborgs leaving crumbled heaps of human, metal and circuitry. Now it was time to deal with... And he was gone, the asian man that led these cyborgs bailed during the fight like a smart prick. Cebra gave chase through the building which was eventually revealed to actually be a steel mill. Cebra managed to eventually catch up and spot the slimy bastard hop into a blue sports car and hit the gas hard peeling out. Determined not to lose him Cebra spots the only nearby vehicle, a rather old and yet sturdy looking pick up truck. He ripped the door off and easily hotwired the vehicle and began to give chase.

The asian man clumsily weaved through traffic on the highway, nearly having a head on collision twice as Cebra stayed close behind. Cars on the road had no warning as the two dangerously played cat and mouse. It wasn't long before the police were in persuit and this whole thing just exploded on the news.
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