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Isaiah Fell [WIP]

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Isaiah Fell [WIP]

Post by Isaiah Fell on April 5th 2018, 4:43 am

Isaiah Fell

"The Clockwork Prince"

The Bio

Real Name: Azazel, the Consumed One; to whom all sin aspires; the Infernal Blacksmith; the Chained One
Renegade Name: Isaiah Fell
Title: Hunter; Club-Owner; Inventor
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: Uncounted Millennia; 387 spent out of imprisonment.
Gender: Male
Race: Hybrid of Angel and Demon (Abomination)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark brown, nearing the fringes of black.
Height: 6' 4''
Weight: 210lbs
Blood type: Ichor, silver in color.

The Looks

The Personality

The Story

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Demonic Immortality: Due the nature of his otherworldly body, Azazel is immune to most common human and non-human aliments and diseases that plagues the realms. As well this demonic strain within him bolsters an impressive regeneration factor that not only allows him to retain his youthful appearance but allows for rapid regeneration of most wounds cause by mortal means. While he able to regrow limbs and whole missing sections of body-parts, this requires a much more significant amount of time and is not at all feasible in combat.

Demonic Athletics: His body, being that of demonic and seraphic unity, holds considerable fitness aptitude- being well over the borderline of superhuman. Azazel's speed and agility far exceeds that of Olympic champion or muttering breed of were or average vampire. Even his endurance surpasses super-human standards. His raw physical strength, while far exceeds any normal human comparison, pales in light of the male's dexterity and swiftness.

Demonic Senses/Mental Acuity: Azazel's reaction time and quick of wit is that of legend and is without equal. While his body has natural heightened senses, being able to see, smell, taste and hear on whole other spectrum; its his mind's processing speed that folds all those sensory edges into one lethal blade. The man is smart, he is clever beyond clever. His reaction time puts him at least ten steps ahead of where his adversary would be only figuring they are two steps behind. Before he was corrupted by the Profane Flame, the male already boasted a considerable wit and edge. After his ascension, his mind only sharpened as he watched the world above him through fire and brimstone- taking all the world in.

Manifestation of Wings: Since his ascension, the Profaned Flame drew on his innate desire for wings- wings that were sheered violently from his back as he was imprisoned, and gave him a very, very unique pair. Azazel's wings, when called on, take the form of massive darkened, oil-rubbed bronze metal furls, up to six massive wings as reminder of his position among the seraphim. The living metal utterly weightless and extremely strong- as anything crafted from his Profaned Forge. However, instead of metal feathers, intricately crafted female hands make up the hafts of the wings. Each hand and fingers slim, nimble and highly effeminate; an exact copy of the woman that sacrificed her hands and her life for his. A set of six wings made from the hands of the woman he loved. These wings of his allow him to fly unfettered up to nearly hundred and fifty kilometers an hour. But more importantly, as does most angel's wings, allows him to shift and teleport through dimension: this shifting is what allows him to appear to "teleport" to different locations. In reality he is stepping out of the realm through the "in-between" and back into the realm at another location.

Tongue of the Realm: A newly minted power for Azazel after his corruption with the Profaned Flame and demon essence, which grants him minor compulsion powers over general humans and non-meta-gene beings. However mostly weak and ineffective at this particular moment against more strong willed and powerful being, at this very moment. The most he can manage with this is compelling generic humans, which he vehemently refuses to do so due to his notion of free will being so important to the humans he so dutifully watched for so long.

Ritualistic Infernal Sigil: (referred commonly as black magic) With new found demonic fire in his blood, Azazel is able to perform acts of black magic- arts of invoking sigils of infernal origin.  His grasp of this is shaky at best, as he doesn't whole-hardheartedly rely on this art. The breath of his power with the infernal arts only extends rather meekly compared to humans and beings studying their whole life. Azazel is currently only able to handle the arts of binding and seals, moderate offensive magic of lightning and defense of against hexes of varying degrees (such as mind control, blight etc)

Ritualistic Seraphic Divination: (referred commonly as miracles or miracle healing) This was Azazel's second love, his desire to heal. While the higher tiers of offensive divination was lost to him as the demonic blood melded with his own; the male kept his affinity with seraphic healing and warding. While he was no walking messiah, Azazel was well known to be a very talented healer and herbalist while he was an angel. It is safe to say even now, roaming the earth, he has kept his outstanding ability to heal. The hybrid isn't able to bring back the dead or those with a foot and a half past death's door, no matter how much he wish he could.

The Profaned Flame: (referred to as the black flame or devouring flame) This is the power that defines Azazel, the one he is feared most for using to those whom are close to him.  These flames are unlike any other fire, the core of the fire isn't superheated gas at all. Instead the fire consists of super-heated, burning flakes of previous things it has consumed- microscopic burning pieces of ash, bone, stone and metal. All things the fire has burned and consumed throughout its existence, thus the term given as the devouring flame. Azazel is able to freely control these black flames from firing a blast of the hellfire to raining it down upon his foes from the sky. This fire takes the appearance of a starry, night's sky; dark, obscuring flames flecked with white and amber sparks within the darkness. However how beautiful the flame might be, it is a force of legend and destruction.

The Profaned Forging: (referred to as the art of harnessing the properties of the devouring flame) Due to Azazel's long standing profession as a blacksmith/weaponsmith, the love

The Weaknesses

Purity of Silver: Pure silver, when use properly and runed, is able to harm even a being n of a caliber such as Azazel due to his mixed blood of angel and demon. Silver is innate bounded by what is referred to him as "liminal magic", the force able to halt his innate regeneration and puncture his flesh. While he is able, with some effort, handle silver in the raw and even weapons made from silver without any visible recourse- silver on his skin will naturally weaken him. This is demonstrated in Azazel's sentencing and imprisonment in Antarctica; chained with three thousand three hundred and thirty-three links of runed silver- each link blessed and infused with the blood of a Angel of the Cherubim divination class.

Rowan Wood: Similar to the regard of silver with its natural affinity to contain liminal magic, able to harm Azazel. As well rowan wood when cut and blessed properly is much more potent than its silver counterpart; partly due to rowan naturally inclination into spiritual cleansing and warding. Azazel is even pained touching blessed rowan wood, making stakes and spears out of the wood very effective.

Hallowed ground: Or more commonly referred to as consecrated ground, is a brand or imprint left upon the earth by true-faith believers in their place of worship. Only full-faith believers can cast this imprint; a selfless soul giving heart, mind and body to their benevolent ideal. These imprints are few and far between given the corruption of religion and faith twisting to greed and serving naught but Mammon; however true hallowed ground is still able to be found. Azazel is able to pass within these boundaries  due to his seraphic powers however does so at considerable risk. While on hallowed earth, his powers and stamina are dropped considerably- it is even rumored the more powerful people of faith, true faith, can make hallowed ground that will drop his influence ten-fold! His regeneration and natural immortality will even falter if he is within the borders of a particular powerful imprint for no longer and  a few hours- even going as far as he will visibly age.

Herb of the Cross: Or as it is commonly known as, Vervain, is a very powerful herb to fight infernal entities- and Azazel is no exception even with his seraphic powers. While a poison or tonic made from the extracted oils of the herbs will not downright kill Azazel; the herb is still useful and a very powerful sedative and regeneration hindrance (being able to hold liminal magic). As well, he is unable to use the Tongue against someone whom has ingested/or wearing vervain, or he himself is under the influence of vervain.

Solomonistic Rituals: Known more as "Kabbalah", or the ritualistic magic rumored to belong to King Solomon as detailed in the Lesser Key of Solomon and "Goteia"; is able to cast confining divination that work extensively with brass constructs and sigils that combat infernal and seraphic powers. While Azazel is too powerful to be brought down with just this ritualistic magic alone, it will be able to hold him down and hinder him temporarily allowing one with the aforementioned weapons above to gain the upper hand for a brief period of time. It should be noted that virgin women have stronger ties with this type of magic against Azazel.

Seraphic Weaponry: While not the most effective way to bring down the abomination, seraphic blades and steel is laced with enough liminal magic that they can be utilized against him. As with most other creatures and entities, Azazel doesn't have an extraordinary resistances to an angel's blade no more than a mere human would to a simple saber. While most blows against him will result in shallow gashes and cuts, a well placed swing and thrust can hinder him greatly.

Infernal Weaponry: Same as stated above, demonic influenced weaponry (hell-forged steel) is another method of hindering Azazel in battle. This method has about the same efficiency as any heaven-forged steel would against his body.

White Wormood: A subspecies of wormwood, artemisia harba-alba, is another herb able to be used against Azazel in the same fashion as vervain. His powers will be hindered significantly while under the effects of a hefty dose of oil derived from white wormwood. Also, those wearing or under white wormwood effects, will be free from his use of the Tongue.

HIS NAME: This is a bread and butter, the crown jewel- so to speak, of Azazel's weaknesses since his rebirth as a hybrid of demon and angel. Names hold great power, immense power and whats drives the force behind binding magic such as Solomonistic or other contractual magic. Azazel guards his name very, very close to him; only one human to date having known it. Names allow one to command ones essence, force him into binding that he would find otherwise undesirable. This weakness is his first on his list to conqueror, as it stands to be his most exploitable.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Isaiah Fell
Isaiah Fell

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