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The Host

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Contest The Host

Post by Nate6595 November 1st 2019, 12:47 am

T̴̡̡̧̢̫̦̲̖͕̻̦͔̫̠͖̜̩̘̱̏̉͊̓̆̈́̀̉̊̀͜͝h̷̢͇̣͔͔̩̥͎̙̖͇̤̻̺̲̝͋͒̆̄͌͋̔̀̔̊́̅͂͂̑̌̂̑̅̑͋͒̋̏̋̐̕͘͘͜͠ͅẹ̶̦̮͈̻͓̭͈̬̟́̄́̽͑̉̚͘͝ͅͅ ̵̛̻͔͙̯̺͍̤̹̭̗̤̝̖̤̻̺̺̻̮̟̯͉̼͇̲̩̝͙̽́̈́͐̃͋̋̐̉͘̕͜H̵̨̧̪̼̝̭̖̻̲̼̾̆̐͋͌̿́͂̐̇̃͂͆̍̀̿̇̅͑̃͊͘̕̕͝o̶̡͔͈͙̜͇̯͚̦͍̺̰̫̙͖̼͋́̇̽̽̈́̾͑̀̌͒͋̊̆͗́̓̌͆̀͗̏͐̐͐̓̄̄͘̕̕ͅs̶̡͉̯͚̟̜͇͙̩̉̅̓̎̍̑̄̆̇͛̏͂̊̔̚͘̕t̷̝̱͎̱̥̬̑̀͛̋̊́͑͒̚͠

"Good evening, listeners!"

The Bio

Assumed Name: Simon Petricroft
Villain Name: The Host
Title: The Broadcasting Nightmare
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 7’0
Weight: 130lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

The Host is a rather uncanny looking entity. While parts of him appear to be very “human” there is something off about him. He is abnormally tall, standing above most others, though his body seems to be able to contort and bend in order to fit into small places. His arms, while normally appearing to be of average length (in comparison to the rest of his body) can extend to upwards of about twenty feet. His hands have been reported to have strange amounts of digits, seeming to interchange from case to case. In some reports he has five while in others there have been reports of upwards of twenty digits or as few as three. In some sightings there have been claims that he is able to produce additional arms of equal length, going up to four additional arms for a total of six.

His skin is pale white, unnaturally so, it lacks any pigment of skin color in itself. There isn’t much skin showing outside of his hands, neck, and face. The lower section of his face is blocked by a mask, similar to that of a doctor’s facemask, but with a sinister smile composed of jagged teeth drawn upon it. The mask and the smile stretch to far ends of his cheeks. As a note on the hat, people who have heard the Host talk have claimed that his mouth doesn’t appear to move when he speaks. The sclera and pupils of his eyes are both black, though the pupils are a shade ever so lighter so they can only barely be made out. His hair is black in color and combed back, though there is something about the color that seems off, as if it is just a bit alive.

When coming to attire, besides his mask, he wears an old fashioned woolen suit jacket, brown in color though it seems old. Old to the point of being torn in a few places, faded in color, and as if it has been stained with something, but that exact substance is unknown. He also wears a pair of grey dress pants and has occasionally been seen to wear an old newsboy’s hat, but that is only on rare occasions. In terms of his attire, especially around the chest region there have been claims of something…moving beneath, pulsing and slithering on the other side, though no one has been able to actually see what it is.

The Personality

The Host is…strange, at least that is the general opinion of him. There is no doubt that he is a sadist and one who takes the pleasure in causing fear in his victims, but his general attitude and demeanor has been described as relaxed, charismatic, and polite. He always wears his mask and those is always claimed to be smiling, though no one really knows what his real expression is. Of course, what would an old radio host be if he was not a little manipulative? Regardless, many same there is an eerie charm about him.

Some reports claim that has actually just had long talks with those he visits and has been known to tell quick jokes and clever quips. Others share reports being able to strike deals with him in exchange for him sparing their lives. However, he rarely leaves somewhere without having caused damage to someone. That always seems to be his end all goal, to see someone suffers in some way, though no one really knows why.

The Story

On the internet there have been many claims as to the true origins to the Host. Some say it was the product of satanic radio show who performed some ritual to summon a demon on their show. Other reports say that the Host is a man who got trapped in radio waves and is only trying to get out. Some people just say that the Host has always been and will always continue to persist. And, of course, there are those who say there is no such thing as the Host and it is just another urban legend like the Slenderman or is just some ARG (alternate reality game).

However, of all the stories the one that seems the most widely followed is the one Simon Petricroft. Simon Petricroft was an English radio show host in the late 30s, early 40s who had a large following despite only airing late a night, between 2am and 7am. He was known for his charisma and the way he could regale fascinating stories. He told stories of every genre and could captivate hundreds to thousands of listeners.

Further, he was known as a charitable man. He loved the youths of his nation and donated a good portion of money to the education system and private schools. He often hosted fundraisers and charity events for schools, trying to get them better funding. He was even known to come into a few schools and teach a thing or two about broadcaster. He wanted to invest in the future.

He was a radio host that was beloved by many, though his story would have a far from lovely ending.

There is much debate on the exact year in which happened, but it is known that it was just at the start of fall. He was regaling his audience with a horrific tale of a terrible monster, something quite fitting for the season, when he was stopped by a sudden rumbling. The radio station he operated from was on a small mountain side and some force caused a landslide, burying the station and knocking over the tower.

The locals of course tried to dig him out, but by the time they reached the station he was nowhere to be found. Many claim he probably tried fleeing and was buried alive, most likely dead, but those claims were soon replaced by rumors. People claimed that when they tuned in at his normal time that they could hear his broadcast, and that he was still hosting late at night. It wasn’t a widely claimed rumor and not everyone could tune in, but eventually some people started to claim that they saw him when listening to his show.

After a few years the rumors all but stopped, but because he was such a beloved host and gave so much to the community his younger brother worked to open the Petricroft School of Broadcasting and Entertainment. It was a private college to help youths get into the profession that Simon loved so much. However, it wasn’t to be.

The school had a short lifespan. In the early years it had been quite popular, but after a few years several students were reported to be missing. Others reported seeing a strange figure stalk the halls at night, leaving them with terrible nightmares of this ghoulish figure. Screams could be heard from some rooms late at night and when checked upon they found only terrified students. Early in these days the students of the school claimed that it was Simon, back from the grave and was tormenting them, sacrificing them, eating them. The dean of the school tried to stop these rumors from spreading but to no avail.

The school was shut down after only five years…

The stories of Simon would not end there though. People would claim they managed to tune into his station and listen to his show, that he was still broadcasting from somewhere. Further, there were claims that when listening to the show that he would come to them, stalk and hunt them down, dragging them back to wherever it is he went. People from other towns, counties, and eventually countries and event continents began to be able to tune into his broadcast and would claim that they too saw him.

Overtime, people claimed that his form had changed and that he was no longer Simon. Some people claimed it never was him. These days mainly people think he is just another creepy pasta or clickbait. It’s not as widely followed anymore, not like those early days, but who really knows if he exists or not. Some people claim that those who tune in never tune back out.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Strength
3. Agility
4. Endurance

The Powers

Tuning In: The Host can only be summoned to places where people have tuned into his radio broadcast. To be tuned into his broadcast go to station 96.6, then turn it off and on six times, after that you should be tuned in, given that he is broadcasting (broadcasts can only be heard from 3am to 7am).

While he is summoned to a specific location he can teleport anywhere that the vibrations of the local source of the broadcast hit. When he teleports, it appears as though he is rippling through the air itself.

The Frequency: The Host emits a low frequency which, at first, cannot be heard by unaided ears. Being fully exposed to the sound can causes several levels of damage depending on how long you are exposed to it and how close you are to the source of it (The source being the Host himself).

Exposure after 1 to 3 minutes: victims experience mild nausea and very slight light headedness.

Exposure after 4 to 9 minutes: victims will start to feel dizzy and have their vision occasionally be blurred.

Exposure after 10 to 15 minutes: victims will start to feel sick, as if they will puke. Victims may hear ghost sounds, items shifting or footsteps that aren’t actually present. Victims at this point will start to
hear the frequency which seems to be old timey music being played at a far distance.

Exposure after 16 to 25 minutes: victims will suffer intense dizziness, lose of balance, and may start to feel their muscles start to weaken. The sound of music is still far off.

Exposure after 26 to 35 minutes: victims will start to feel increased nausea, potentially throwing up, increased weakened muscles, and the sound of music will be closer. Ghost sounds will have increased.

Exposure after 36 to 45 minutes: victims will suffer extreme dizziness, muscles will be greatly weakened and experience pain (similar to how a normal person would feel when experiencing extreme fevers), and music will be very close.

Exposure after an hour: victims may start to cough up blood, and have trouble traversing areas without falling due to dizziness and pain.

(All of the exposures are based off unhindered exposure to the frequency ((no closed doors, few walls, no ear protection)) while the Host is within a hundred and twenty feet of the victim(s). Having the frequency hindered will increase the time needed for exposure effects depending on the type of hinderance.)
Alternatively, in a pinch, Host can halt the frequency and instead send out a sonic wave of force to damage victims, though he rarely does this because it is easy, and boring. The force of the sonic wave can, at its strongest, knock over cars and tear into people.

What’s Under the Jacket: Underneath the jacket and dress shirt of the Host there is a large split reaching from the base of his chest to right below his neck. This split can open up wide, to about seven or so feet, and reveal a gaping maw, filled with razor sharp teeth, exceptionally good at tearing through both flesh and hard woods. Metals take a bit more effort, he is unable to pierce steel with his teeth. One of three things can occur when consumed (all of which require player permission). Either the soul is drained from the target, the victim is just digested, or the victim is teleported to the Host’s station.

In addition to his large maw the Host is able to produce up to four additional arms from his sides. Between the combined strength of all six arms the Host would be able to pick up a van and toss it a good few feet. These arms can stretch up to forty feet and can bend in strange ways. Further, his entire body seems to follow that principle. His body can twist bend and snap into a smaller form. The smallest he can twist is body is roughly the shape of a cube, 4 by 4 feet in both width and height.

The Station: The station is essentially the Host’s den. He can return here upon taking serious damage or when is automatically booted to this location when the proper conditions are met (see weaknesses: Tuning Out). Here the Host can exist without his station’s broadcast playing. It is also here he can emit the highest frequencies (Frequency’s exposure times are cut in half). He can also teleport anywhere within the station. The station is a small, two story building (main floor and basement), with about nine rooms, plus an additional six in the basement. The station also appears to be completely underground in an undisclosed location.

Hard to Kill, Hard to Capture: The Host seems to be hard to kill, at least permanently. Mainly have reported assaulting him with guns, blades, and even some…extra means (super powers), and while it appears he can be damaged he has never died, even when his vitals have been hit. Further, in weeks after severe damage has been dealt he seems completely unhindered and any damage that was done is no longer present. In terms of his ability to resist damage, he seems to hold about the same resistances as a normal person, rather his pain threshold is absurdly high. Provided he does take enough damage he will eventually be sent back to his station.

Additionally, he is an entity that is hard to capture, both physically and digitally. His form is not one that appears on cameras or even in photographs. Physically capturing him has proven useless as he has been seen to teleport and evade most forms of cages.

Dark Dealings and Contests: Despite being an entity with no income the Host has been known to strike deals and give out prizes. To those who have survived a night with him they have found a prize in the mail or in their driveway. Prizes include, new sports cars, cash prizes up to a million dollars, dream, vacations, and other radio show brand prizes. To his followers or those he strikes deals with he may give out some of those prizes or, rarely, he will give out a favor or perform a deed for them. What these deeds are have been…unreported, so it unknown what exactly he’ll do. (Mainly just kill someone or traumatize them).

The Weaknesses

Tuning Out: The Host can only exist in locations where his broadcast is playing. While he can move between locations where they are playing, if someone were to turn off the source of a broadcast he would cease to be able exist in that location. While he may try and turn on other sources to his show to broaden his broadcast, they can all be turned off or destroyed. Example: If someone tuned a radio into his channel and he was summoned to their location they can turn off the radio and he will be forced out.
(Note, he will not instantly teleport out, it’ll take a few moments due to vibrations continuing for a short time after it is tuned out. Usually that is only a few seconds to a minute)

Surviving the Night: At exactly 7:01am the Host will disappear and cease to exist in a location. That means he can only be active in a specific area for up to four hours (outside of the station that is, he can exist for however long inside his den).

Leaving No Trace: After the host has left a location, provided the victim did not die, any damage that Host has dealt to someone will be undone. This includes scratches, broken bones, illness that may have been concocted, and even loss of limbs. The healing of the damage will only take a minute or so, but it will feel a bit uncomfortable.

Cutting out the Sound: A victim may be able to resist/stave off some of the effects of Frequency if they employ proper ear protection. Damage to muscles will still occur due to that damage being a product of the direct vibrations throughout the body, but dizziness and sickness can be staved off for longer durations with proper ear protection.

Seen not Heard: The Host can only teleport to local locations when he is unseen. If someone has vision on the Host then he is unable to travel where the vibrations are within a location. Note: he can still travel back to his station if he desires or if he is booted.

Canceled: There is one surefire way to permanently kill the Host. If his main station is discovered and broken into, and the main radio where is broadcast is being played from is destroyed then the Host will cease to exist. The main radio is hidden within a safe somewhere within the station, it is as strong as a normal radio is, thus making it rather easy for anyone to break.

Radio Waves: Overall, the movement distance for the Host is limited. He can only move about fifty feet outside of the range of the furthest vibrations of source of his broadcast. If he tries to pass further than that he will take serious damage as whatever is pulled out of that range disappears. He can physically move or carry the source of his broadcast, allowing him to travel further, though that makes destroying the source a bit easier.

Further, when sending out his sonic waves as a direct attack they can only reach a maximum of thirty feet. They are not strong enough to damage steel but can damage weaker metals to some degree (mainly denting).

What Hurts a Monster: In every good mythos and legends monsters always have some sort of weakness or way to damage them. The Host is no difference. The Host seems to have a strange reaction when around Poinsettias. There is something about the smell of Poinsettias which hinder the Host, he will try to avoid them if possible, but if he catches a whiff of them his frequency range will be decreased to about forty feet.

The Items


The Minions

The Host seems to have several followers, similar to that of a cult. While they do not possess any powers, they have been known to set radios to the Host’s station and leave them running inside people’s homes or other public places. Many of his followers are known to hang around the abandoned school Simon Petricroft’s brother started. In cases where the Host is attacked they have been known to try and fight to “protect” him, usually using simple items like bats or clubs or whatever they can find.

The Fluff

The Host is often humming old showtunes to himself.

The Host always dresses to impress.

The Host seems to like to be amused, if you figure out a way to do so then you might just survive the night.

There many articles about him on the web, though many still believe he is not real. There is no listing of his weaknesses, only some assumptions on what some of his powers are (these include teleportation, the difficulty in killing him, and his ability to only appear where his station is tuned into).

The Host seems to like the show of it all and will try and drag things out. He isn’t the sort to just come out and attack someone, he likes to make them suffer in some way.

The Host does seem to be able to turn off his frequency when he wants, though that is only when he is making deals.

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