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The Host

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The Host Empty The Host

Post by VexterDex September 4th 2016, 2:48 pm

The Host
Your bodies are perfect for my children

Basic Biography

Real Name: Elijah
Villain Name: The Host
Title: Lord of the Swarm
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Alien Hybrid
Hair: Black
Eyes: Neon Green Iris
Height: 5'10
Weight: 120lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Either include pictures in Spoilers, a smaller picture/s for the profile, or a very detailed description of your characters physical appearance and costume.

The Legacy



The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

The Swarm: What he calls his children, The Swarm are in fact the remnants of the alien species that infected Elijah as a child. While inside his body, they are near microscopic in size, but grow to about the size of a fist when unleashed. The Swarm, as a species, have the ability to possess other species by infecting their heart, though metahumans and other "empowered" are more resilient to them. It takes a week for the infected to lose their personality entirely, and up to that point, they are mindless beings that listen only to their pervious Host. The infected gain physical ability, usually about double of what they could do before.

The Host: As the Host of the Swarm, Elijah gets an enhanced condition far greater than any other infected. He has the strength to throw around eighteen wheelers, can dodge bullets if he knows they're coming, has a far more durable body, and other such gifts.

Adaptable Biology Elijah's original power, which allowed his body to adapt to illness and conditions, taking what only improves him and eliminating the rest. This power is what allows him to Host the Swarm, but is taken up with it, and now merely provides him with a near unbeatable immune system.


Link to the Swarm: As the Host, Elijah is intimately linked to the Swarm, and feels everything they do, be it good or bad. This means that if a member of the Swarm is hurt or killed, he feels it like a phantom pain wherever they were injured. While alone, this may not affect him too much, as more and more of the Swarm are wounded in succession, he is further weakened.

Only Human: While stronger then the average person, Elijah's body is still only human, and can be wounded. Likewise, he is limited by what his human body can do in terms of reaction, endurance and flexibility, though they have been enhanced.

Sonic Disruption The Swarm are greatly debilitated by sonic based attacks, and so is Elijah. This can range from being nauseous, to vomiting up The Swarm, and finishing in unconsciousness.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):


Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility: 3
Endurance: 2
Reaction: 4
Strength: 1

Status :

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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