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Manuel Martinez (El Dios Del Trueno)

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Manuel Martinez (El Dios Del Trueno) Empty Manuel Martinez (El Dios Del Trueno)

Post by Olympus on July 10th 2019, 4:43 am




"Muy bien, carino, but you must try harder!"

The Bio

Real Name: Manuel Martinez
Hero Name: El Dios Del Trueno/The Thunder God
Title: General of the Praetorian Guard
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 52
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Hispanic
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’4
Weight: 450 lbs
Blood type:

The Looks

Manuel is an older gentleman of Hispanic descent, the harshness of life etched into his face. His early fifties certainly have been kind to him, however, with a full head of hair and a magnificent beard and a spring in his step. Quite handsome, too, for an older man, though he humbly denies it. He is tall, easily taller than most of his kinsmen, with an impeccable sense of style. Always sharply dressed in a suit and tie, no matter the situation, hair impeccably styled backwards (almost resembling a lions mane, though he’ll never admit this was on purpose.) Shoes shined to an inch of their life, gold cufflinks, silk tie, and a single golden tooth that seems to gleam everytime he throws a cute young thing one of his traditional smirks.

The Personality

Many people have tried, and failed, to put a dot on Manuel, and more have failed than have succeeded. He is quite a complicated fellow. A luchador and spanish movie star, yes, but also a war veteran, firefighter, and husband, Manuel has many different people pulling him many different ways. This results in him seemingly being a different person every time somebody meets him. And this may be true, in a way. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and he cares, deeply, about the lives of those around him; some call him nosy, but it's entirely altruistic. He wishes to help them with all their problems. When he can’t, he gets visibly upset and even angry; with all his power, he has a hard time feeling limited.

He has a deep capacity for love, and likes to spread it to everyone. From telling jokes to alleviate tension to cooking dinner for the less fortunate, Manuel can get along with literally anyone, no matter their constitution or personality. Despite this, he can be serious if he needs to, typically on the field of battle, putting his booming voice and larger-than-life personality to good use.

The Story

Born in Mexico City in the late forties to early fifties, Manuel has always been a good-hearted boy. Constantly getting into fights with bullies and protecting the “nerds” of his school, he would have been popular were it not for his tendency to tattle on even the smallest wrongdoing, a trait that followed him well into adulthood. Despite this, he was relatively well-liked, though he certainly brought home his fair share of bruises. Once he graduated high school, he joined the Mexican Army, as his father did before him, and his grandfather.

The training he received from the army hammered out his more rough edges, and left a hardened, better man, his love of people tempered with a practicality that couldn’t be matched. As a young man, he opened a private security business, through which he met his wife, a beautiful woman from his hometown named Selandra. It wasn’t long before they were married and had two beautiful kids; Maria and David. His business grew, and they lived happily ever after.

He was thirty when reality crashed in. A robber, likely from a gang, broke into his house and took his wife hostage while his companions searched the house for any goods. As they grew more desperate, they struck his wife; doing so sent him into a rage and he rushed the attacker, where they put three bullets in his chest. Instead of dying, however, he found himself in a vast purple realm, crackling with power, telling him he was worthy to receive their power. Before he could say anything, he was back, his wounds healed, and lightning crackling around his body. The robbers fled, and he took on the new name El Dios Del Trueno, the Thunder God.

During this time, he had a successful career as a Luchador and soap opera star, in conjunction with running his security service. It was through this that he was tracked down, twenty years after he received his powers. Somebody had put together the dots, and he found in his room one day a mysterious young woman, offering him and his family one hell of a lifetime; help her with this organization of hers to ensure world peace. What she was saying was absurd, but … he bought it. She was convinced of it, and so he moved his family to England, to Olympus, and began his new life as the General of the Praetorian Guard.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Reaction

The Powers

Superhuman Physiology: Whenever Manual engages “Cambio de Trueno”, he gains unrivaled abilities. His strength multiplies incredibly, allowing him to lift oil tankers over his head, and his durability increases in kind. He can control this strength and durability, to limit it to any level lower than his maximum. A nice aesthetic effect is that purple lightning surrounds his body directly relative to the level of strength he’s using.

Tactile Telekinesis: His lightning-based abilities allow him to lift heavy things without them breaking apart in his hands, and also catch things at high speeds with the same effect. This includes catching falling humans and it powerful enough to catch eggs and other fragile objects at terminal velocity without breaking them. When this happens, his purple lightning crackles around the object.

Flight: Cambio de Trueno also gives Manuel the ability to fly at high speeds. His top speed clocked so during flight is 700 MPH. However, these speeds can only be accomplished over open or in the atmosphere; otherwise, it could injure people, something his powers won’t allow. While he’s flying purple lightning surrounds his body, relative to his speed.

Lightning Manipulation: The main power of El Dios, the Thunder God manipulates a unique brand of purple lightning. While it lacks the heat of yellow lightning, it does possess unmatched kinetic properties. The Violet Lightning has adaptive force; that is to say, the power of the kinetic energy it outputs is exactly enough to achieve the effect he wants. The limit is exceedingly so high; so far, he has shown the capacity to blast trucks hundreds of feet, shatter all the windows in a house without hurting anything inside, and trap enemies in cages made of lightning. These typically manifest as bolts, moving approximately 500 MPH. Relatively slow for lightning.

The Techniques

Kinetic Cage: A technique in his arsenal, the Kinetic Cage forms a dome around one or more targets, up to a range of thirty feet in diameter. The natural kinetic abilities of the lightning are its maximum here, rendering it completely immune to physical attacks. Only lasts two posts. Is highly vulnerable to magical attacks and can be absorbed by any proper, energy-absorbing power or tech.

Kinetic Net: A lesser version of Kinetic Cage, this forms a net-like structure, which can be strung between two points to trap enemies or use to surround a single target. Can only be used once per post and never at the same time as Kinetic Cage.

Velocity Blade: By compressing the violet lightning to an infinitesimal point, he can create a powerful blade that can cut through steel like butter. It can be shaped to a point, or a blade-like attach up to ten feet in length. Can only be used once every two posts, and only four times overall in a 24 hour period.

Tactile Bolt: A more utilitarian technique, the Tactile Bolt surrounds an object at range with violet electricity, granting them a measure of resistance against physical attacks. Though nowhere near his own, it allows them to take small-arms fire and unenhanced attacks easily. It also has the same effects of his Tactile Telekinesis powers.

Lightning Storm: He can fill the area with a blast of lightning, a bolt striking every solid object within a range of a fifty foot diameter within his field of vision. He can make this selective, so he doesn't hurt allies and innocents. Can only be used twice per thread, and once every three posts.

The Weaknesses

Only Human: While he is not transformed, El Dios is simply a human. Should one prevent him from saying “Cambio de Trueno!”, his catchphrase, or force him to say it while transformed, he will be vulnerable again. Additionally, if he says the phrase and someone moves him out of the way of the bolt of lightning that strikes him, he will not gain the powers of the Thunder God.

Like Fine Wine: Even while transformed, Manuel is still on the older side. This affects his stamina greatly, which puts a dent in his ability to use techniques. Rapid-fire attacks, using multiple techniques, or using his full flight speed or strength will drain him rapidly, leaving him vulnerable to attack.

Metallic Allergy: Due to his lightning based powers, conductive metals have an easier time of piercing his skin, at about 1.5x the normal. Additionally, should a sufficiently powerful spell or piece of technology drain the lightning from his body in some way or another, he will find himself back in mortal form.

Arrogance is not a virtue: His age and skill has not been kind to him in the confidence department; he is arrogant in his abilities, leading him to often not even bothering to defend himself.

Unmasking: Should anyone pull off his mask, he will immediately revert to his mortal form and cannot return to his Thunder God form for 24 hours.

Honor of a Luchador: Should another masked hero or villain challenge him to a battle, he is obligated to accept. Should he lose, his own powers will leave him, and he will not be able to reclaim them for 24 hours.

Flight Jockey: His speed is limited purely to flight; should someone take that advantage from him, he is no quicker than a normal human.

Magic: He, nor his lightning, have any particular defense against magic.

Innocents in danger: A hero through-and-through, should an innocent’s life be put in danger, he will be forced to surrender. Should he be directly responsible for taking their life, or if he thinks he is, his power will not return to him until he seeks, and achieves, forgiveness.

The Items

Guardia del Trueno: At will, Manuel can invoke “Cambio de Trueno” and turn into “El Dios del Trueno”, the Thunder God; lighting strikes from the sky, covering him and replacing his current outfit with Guardia del Trueno. Leather, dyed a dark yellow, covers his body, thicker on the shoulders and groin than elsewhere, metal studs visible through the various plates. Thick combat adorn his feet, the leather covering the lacings. The most important piece, a mask covers his face, light yellow with violet thunderbolts crossing the eyes and meeting at the chin. The same thunderbolt is emblazoned on his chest. Guardia del Trueno is his ‘hero uniform’, and is only around when he transforms to his godly form. Its defensive qualities are on par with his own, and thus aren’t damaged by anything he wouldn’t be..

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Manuel Martinez (El Dios Del Trueno) Empty Re: Manuel Martinez (El Dios Del Trueno)

Post by Silus on July 11th 2019, 12:05 am

Approved until stated otherwise!

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