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Helping In Any Way We Can. (Truth) (Alert)

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Helping In Any Way We Can. (Truth) (Alert) Empty Helping In Any Way We Can. (Truth) (Alert)

Post by Duo July 7th 2019, 7:22 pm

Zooming down 7th Avenue was a Ducatti motorbike which was slipping through both cars and hordes of citizens. Ever since the attack from the Meta started, the city that never sleeps was thrown into chaos. Normally situations like this were good for the Swagman. Other Metas would pop up in order to try saving the day, including the ones that weren’t nearly strong enough to. These ones were fresh pickings, sheep which walked directly into the jaws of the wolf. They would make enough of a scene to attract the Swagman, and BAM. For most guys, it doesn’t matter if they can shoot fire or pick up things with their minds or tak to animals. A bullet to the head was still a bullet to the head.

Today, the mercenary had to resist himself. He had to drive around the candy store, seeing tempting want-to-be heroes making themselves vulnerable, and pass them by. He had a specific target, known only as ‘Truth’. Apparently there was an incident with a higher-up of the Family which led to more heat being put on a drug ring which earned a fair amount of money. In order to make sure that this “Truth” wasn’t being intentionally used against the Gangatinos, the Swagman was put on him, sent to bring him back dead or alive.

The trail was an… interesting one. The clues circled, sending him to locations he already investigated. It was hard finding people to talk to, and when they did talk, they never knew that much information about this ‘Truth’ apart from a physical description. Eventually, Swagman stumbled upon a man that was down on his luck, and for a twenty in his cup he was more than willing to share his ‘experience’. He found out that at the nearest shelter there was a man who went by that moniker. “The Truth” could apparently make anybody talk about whatever he wanted to. It had to be some form of mind control, which could be valuable to the Family, or extremely dangerous otherwise.

The Swagman dealt with a mind controller before. He went by the name of the Puppeteer, and he could control the motions of anyone who was asleep. It was an entire deal at the time, but when it was over, it taught the hitman one important lesson: mind controllers don’t work as well without a head.

Ahead, he saw the shelter the Truth was apparently last at. Now that this chaos was happening, it was going to be a bit harder to track him down, but this was at least a start. If he didn’t dash in the bolt of trouble, Swagman would have been surprised. He slowed down, and stopped the bike a few feet away from the crowd that had formed outside of it. Most buildings were busy, but there was something odd about the crowd here. They had seemed at least slightly calmer than the others hordes which had formed around buildings.

The mercenary for the Gangatinos pulled his bike into an alley beside the shelter, and stepped off of it and towards the group. He was out of place when compared to the worn clothing of those in need, but he could easily pass as a businessman, running away from the carnage.

Except Johnny Goodman wasn’t running. He was walking forward confidently. One of his hands stayed inside his jacket, gripping a pistol just in case this ‘Truth’ was here after all.


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