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Down with the Sickness (Open)(Alert)

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Alert Down with the Sickness (Open)(Alert)

Post by ShoddyHuman December 20th 2020, 8:19 am

Ian crouched on the edge of a rooftop looking out at rainy New York city with dull uninterested eyes. “I need something to do, this isn't that fun anymore, I don't think I even want to kill you.” The man being held out over the side of the roof by his leg nodded emphatically.“ Yeah fine just go.” Ian grumbled, tossing his would-be victim onto the roof across the ally him. “I'm bored anyway.”

The man only ends up taking two steps before bursting into flames, within thirty or so seconds all that's left is a charred, unrecognizable corpse. “Well I did want some entertainment, but I didn’t expect th-” Before he can finish his thought, black cords wrap themselves around his neck as a large flatscreen TV looms behind him.

On the streets below Bloodrose more people are bursting into flames for seemingly no reason, and no amount of rain will put the fires out. Several different appliances are bursting doors or crashing out of windows and soon toasters, fridges, blenders and other electrical devices are attacking those not already on fire. I think one guy was even being choked by his own smartphone, the thing just jumped down his throat.

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