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Marigold "Kitty" Russel (NPC)

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Marigold "Kitty" Russel (NPC) Empty Marigold "Kitty" Russel (NPC)

Post by Katrina A. Russel July 5th 2019, 5:54 am


"Come closer, darling, and cry for me. I was feeling a little down."

The Bio

Real Name: Marigold Russell
Villain Name: Anubis, Miss Plague (in her own dimension)
Nickname: Kitty
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'4
Weight: 110 lbs
Blood type: Weird thing to ask.

The Looks

Marigold, better known as Kitty, is quite a striking girl. Somewhere between beautiful and cute, this look is belied somewhat by the maniacal grin and, more often than thought, viciousness in her gaze. Only a few people in this world can calm her, and among them is Jack, the Man-Who-Would-Tame-Her. Well, not quite man … but still. A Jack-O-Lantern tattoo is on the small of her back, and with it comes the word “Jack” written on her forearm. Scars across her breasts and stomach speak of some sort of torture or damage she’s suffered, but she’ll never talk about it. Speaking of talking, full lips hide somewhat sharp teeth, as if someone had the idea to file them to a point but stopped halfway. This gives her a unique, sideways smirk, but still one that’s slightly unhinged. Black hair frames her face when she wants it to, though most times her hair cascades over her body.

The Personality

Kitty is … not okay. That is to say, she is in no way sane, hasn’t been since she was a child. A genetic quirk, or there was something in the water, they never found out. Diagnosed narcissistic, bipolar, borderline ADHD and with psychopathic tendencies, her already severe mental disorders only worsened at the neglect of her parents and the abuse at the hands of the military school she was shunted off too. Kitty, to sum up an incredibly complex bundle of issues, craves attention, and believes she always deserves the limelight, even going so far as to grow jealous and murderous if anyone tries to steal it from her; at the same time, an exception is made for those she deems fit for it, like her lover Jack. For these individuals, if they aren’t given the respect she feels they deserve, she has a similar, but more muted, violent outburst.

Kitty is a victim, in a way, the failure of a society similar to ours, but fundamentally different. Due to the war constantly looming, weakness is rarely tolerated, and no amount of brilliance in the scientific fields could make up for the fact that she was unfit to serve. As a result, she despises organized military and most authority figures in general; the exception being, again, those she deems actually fit to serve. Though she often touts a higher goal, don’t be fooled; Kitty’s only goal is to sow destruction and chaos so people will pay attention to her, or her patron.

Kitty in no way views humanity the same way as a sane person; she is, for every intent and purpose, a psychopath. Despite this classification, however, she displays both psychopathic and sociopathic traits; a complete and total lack of empathy, severe dishonesty and manipulativeness, and a superficial charm that can’t be denied; on the other hand, she is quite capable of forming emotional attachments and displays the sort of physical aggressiveness found in sociopaths. Kitty does what she does because wants to, and any attempt to convince her to do otherwise will result in a tantrum, physical injury, or worse. She is quite smart, undoubtedly so; emotionally, however, she has only matured to that of an early teen, displaying frequent outbursts of emotion uncommon in adults her age and a lack of foresight that is, quite frankly, disturbing. She has no concern for the safety of herself or others, living “moment to moment”, as she is quite fond of saying.

In an attempt to distance herself from her past, she has taken on the moniker “Kitty”, even introducing herself as such. This psychosis runs deep, allowing her to fool even the most advanced lie-detector tests. Should one confront her with her actual name, she will grow irate and lash out, not stopping until the one that said her name can no longer speak.

The Story

The Earth of 1263W is similar to ours, up to a certain point. For the greater portion of the twentieth century, things ran parallel to Earth-Prime; same people, same technology. One defining moment, however, split it from its path. Or rather, a series of defining moments. These moments, acts of political and social dissidence that split from the norm, coalesced into a tangled weave aimed and fired from the cannon of superstition and hate, aimed right at the foundation of relative peace and harmony the world had enjoyed for so many years. The house of cards fell, igniting the fires of war. Heralded by missiles and fire, this new age was one of world war, of strife, where every individual was forced to serve in any way imaginable. It was a dark, grueling world, a brand new age.

An Age of Fire.

It was to this world that Marigold was born, parents of an old-world English family, able to trace their lineage as far back as needed to impress their friends. Her parents were as traditional as it was possible to get; her father a professional schmoozer, her mother a full-time boozer. Typical occupations in this world at war, particularly when your family have majority holdings in three separate weapon companies on both sides of the conflict. Their manor house was located in the heart of London, kept safe and secure by advanced energy-projection kit and a small army of personal security. It was in this world Marigold was born; small, fragile, to parents that barely seemed to care she was there.

Her violent streak started young, with a knife in the shin of a nanny who dared to tell her no. And from there, it only escalated; fires started in the lunchroom, explosive temper-tantrums during naptime, and finally, in the third grade, nearly killing a boy who proclaimed his like for her (that one earned her some time in juvenile.) Her parents, of course, were at their wit’s end; and what highbrow couple wouldn’t be?! In this world, what you do for your country was all your worth, and a girl like her would get nowhere, though not for lack of trying. They shunted her most of the way across the world, from boarding school to recreational institution to, briefly, a mental hospital. Nothing stuck … until St. Agnes’ School for Wayward Girls.

Oh, it was a military school, no doubt, at least in the treatment of its students. The Holy Mother, or as all the students called her, “Warden”, was a right pillar of a woman; steadfast, inflexible, and quick with a switch. Warden did not hesitate to punish girls who went bad; sometimes through spanking, sometimes with extra classes, and sometimes by spending on evening with the notoriously creepy janitor, Mr. Cremoile. It was a last-ditch effort for the Russel parents; their daughter needed reform, she needed discipline and structure, things sorely lacking in the Russel household, mostly out of laziness.

St. Agnes didn’t work, of course, the infamous Russell Stubbornness a trademark. No, what it did do, however, is teach Kitty how to hide it, to mask the insanity behind a facade of demure kindness and sweetness, to be a sweet little girl to be wed and wooed. She spent two years there, two excruciating years of loneliness, ignorance, and religion shoved down her throat before she left, leaving a nasty little surprise; e. Choli, slowly cultured over months, released in the school. The subsequent investigation got the school shut down; it turns out, its illegal to use corporal punishment on children. Who knew?

Her journey did not stop there. She was an adult now, free from the shackles of her childhood, free from the tyranny of those that would abuse what little power they’ve managed to claw from the clutches of this cruel world. And with this freedom, she went back to school. You see, the one good thing St. Agnes had done for her was cultivate a love for science; she had thrown herself at it as an escape, and an act of rebellion. The sisters of St. Agnes were against anyone trying to better themselves without the approval of them (and God of course). That little act of rebellion led her to her life’s passion, and Boise State, in their Chemistry program (with a minor in Microbiology).

She graduated top of her class, of course, with dual doctorates in Chemistry and Biology, and with a newfound grip on life that could not be extinguished. While moving to work for the American military on top-secret, chemical weapons for use against the South American Confederacy, she found she enjoyed the more carnal pleasures; bars, drinking, sex and love. It thrilled her to her core, an intimate pleasure at life. So perhaps its a bit ironic of her recommended job, her weapons, both chemical and biological, went on to kill hundreds and thousands of people. She, of course, loved the carnage, quite famously saying their screams brought her joy.

It was this life she lived until one fateful day she was enveloped by a bright flash of light and brought, kicking and screaming, to this world, as a mere reflection; a ghost, really, and no railing at the world would fix this. She sunk into a deep depression, dragged the impenetrable wall of magic that kept them close to Katrina. God, how she despised her. She was like her mother; self-righteous, boring, completely convinced she was right and just and incorruptible. It drove her insane, but there was nothing she could do. She was stuck, living a half-life, stuck in a loop and doing what she could to prevent from going mad with boredom.

And then one day, everything changed. An invitation came in the shape of a portal to Hell (or rather, Hell-adjacent) and she perked up; finally, things were looking up, things were shaping to be interesting, for once. Kitty jumped up, ran to look the portal, and- suddenly, she was physical again, she could feel things, hear her heartbeat pounding in her ears. Tears sprung to her eyes, quickly dashed away by the heat of the portal in front of her. She had a job to do, and she leaped through to the other side.

It proved to be the best choice she’s ever made.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Enhanced Strength: Part natural athleticism, part something else, Kitty has always displayed strength far above the average for her size, able to strike even or outmatch much larger men. While in now way superhuman, it is far beyond what a girl her size should be able to do.

Enhanced Agility: Kitty is incredibly agile, capable of performing contortionist and acrobatic maneuvers even Olympic-level athletes may find difficult. Flips, cartwheels, and other simple maneuvers are easy for her, and combined with the magic she can use, this makes her one of the quickest and most slippery enemies someone can face.

Golden Crown: Manifesting as a series of tattoo-like magical inscriptions across her neck and hands, the Golden Crown allows her to maneuver across any surface with ease. This is accomplished via magic, of course. A circular rune, resembling a crown surrounded by three concentric circles, appears where she decides to use this power. The magic of this affects the way gravity works on her for movement purposes; gravity-altering powers will still affect her properly. However, this means when hanging upside down, she isn’t going to be dropping weapons or her wallet or anything important. The magic is very precise and doesn’t affect anything she used it on, allowing her to balance on the edge of a blade or walk across incredibly fragile surfaces, such as eggshells.

Ruby Ring: Manifesting as a series of rings around her neck, wrists, and ankles, the Ruby Ring amplifies her attack by fifteen times while protecting the weapon, or her fist, against the repercussions of the attack. This spell can apply to any weapon or item she is holding, and even affects thrown or ranged projectiles, so long as they have a variable component, such as bows or spear; this does not affect guns.

Emerald Earring: Manifesting as a series of green, ribbon-like tattoos cascading down her arms and back, this spell lets her turn any physical material to sand. The effect is not instantaneous for most materials; things like paper and wood can be turned instantly, while harder materials take time, with the hardest taking up to a minute. The green flames this spell lets her manipulate converts the materials for the most part; however, she can also channel the magic directly through an object, greatly increasing the time in which it is capable of transmuting.

Onyx Mask: A spell brought to its full usefulness by the bio-chemist that is Kitty, it manifests as a cloak and mask made of black energy resembling a plague doctors outfit. This spell allows Kitty to manipulate the microscopic diseases of the earth; viruses, bacteria, prions, parasites, etceterea. This spell does three things: through magic, it can generate any diseases the user has come into contact with; through the careful application of magic and knowledge, it can change the very nature of any disease, altering some basic functionality of it, be it virility, lethality, or resistance; and it can generate clouds of inoculating gas through magic, rendering anyone who breathes in the gas to be immune to the selected disease. While cloaked, Kitty has immunity to all non-magical diseases, and heightened resistance to all forms of poisons and diseases, magical or not.

The Weaknesses

Human: Kitty is still very much human. While not typically a weakness in and of itself, with how she composes herself around far superior foes, and with the foes she keeps, combined with her genuine violent nature, it very much can leave to her injury or demise.

Marigold Flowers: A reminder of the name she hates so much, and by extension her past, just the mere mention of them will drive her into a mindless rage she isn’t likely to recover from until the source of it is destroyed. This will lead her to attacking her friends and allies indiscriminately, if necessary, and will always result in her weeping on the ground, leaving her prone and vulnerable.

Life as a Shadow: Like all Reflections, Marigold is not a proper person most of the time. Invisible, intangible, with barely enough presence to interact with inanimate objects, and never with enough force to harm people, they are essentially ghosts. They can only claim the body in certain occasions or if the current host agrees to give up control. For Kitty, these stipulations are: If Jack is present; and if they are in a violent situation.

Golden Crown Vulnerabilities: The magic used to sustain the Golden Crown is very fragile and can be destroyed by a powerful physical blow or a well-placed magic spell; energy blasts of sufficient strength are enough to destroy them as well. If destroyed, the Golden Crown cannot be used again for 24 hours afterwards. There a couple of limitations on this spell, as well: due to the nature of the spell, it cannot be used to attack, and must be deactivated to launch a sufficient attack or defense; and it cannot be used on rapidly moving objects, or intangible things, such as the wings of a bird or insect, the spinning rings of a motor, or the air. It can be used on colored smoke and the like, so long as it has sufficient mass.

Ruby Ring Vulnerabilities: The magic of the Ruby Ring can be quite volatile at times. If magical force is applied directly to any point of the spell, or a physical strike 15x more powerful than she is capable of making, the spell will be destroyed, and cannot be used again for 24 hours.

Emerald Earring Vulnerabilities: The magic of the Emerald Earring is somewhat fragile; should a sufficiently powerful magical attack hit the structure of the spell itself, it will be destroyed, and cannot be used again for 24 hours. This spell cannot target any living materials; fur, leather, and bone are fine, however, so long as they are not currently part of the animal. A living tree is immune to this effect. Additionally, the Emerald Flames do not work on magic or magical items.

Onyx Mask Vulnerabilities: This spell is quite fragile; if any attack, be it physical or otherwise, hits the cloak, it will tear, instantly infecting Kitty with the disease she was using within the folds of the cloak. There are quite a few restrictions on the use of this power: only one thing may be changed about a disease, be it lethality, virility, or otherwise, for free, each additional change takes an exponential amount of time, with the second change taking an hour, the third taking two, fourth taking four, etcetera; this spell requires intense know-how of biology and the microscopic world to work, and can only be used by Kitty; to infect more than a single person takes time, up to ten minutes to produce enough to infect a 100-square foot area, and an hour in-character time to produce enough to infect a square-mile. It is exponential from there, it taking two hours to produce two square miles, four for three, etcetera; and using the inoculation ability renders her unable to manipulate that disease ever again.

The Items

The Scythe of Giza: A powerful recurve bow, with a draw strength of 150 pounds. It possesses no magical properties of its own. When not in use, it is stored inside a magical emerald ring on her left hand, it and the quiver summoned to her with a thought.

Spear of Nut: A spear made of whitewood, with a ribbon on one end and a leaf-shaped blade on the other. It is approximately 6-feet long. It possesses the ability to channel her magic through it. When not in use, it is stored inside a magical ruby ring on her left hand, summoned to her with a thought.

Shaded Glory: A buckler made of whitewood, emblazoned with the image of a tree. When not in use, its stored in a magical diamond ring on her right hand.

Eternal Might: A steel-and-gold sword, fashioned in the egyptian style. When not in use, it is stored in an onyx ring on her left hand.

Mask of Illusions: A true magical artifact. It takes the form of a golden piece to place over the eyes, engraved with Egyptian hieroglyphs detailing the rise and fall of the gods. While she is wearing this mask, her image cannot be placed on any material, be it drawing or picture. If the former, the artist will be unable to recall her form; the latter will only see a misformed blob, like static on the TV. This mask is easily damaged, and if so will be rendered useless until fixed by a certified magical artifact repair artist.

The Fluff

Due to an experiment gone wrong (or right), Kitty is ageless.

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Katrina A. Russel
Katrina A. Russel
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Marigold "Kitty" Russel (NPC) Empty Re: Marigold "Kitty" Russel (NPC)

Post by Zonkes July 10th 2019, 1:21 am

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Marigold "Kitty" Russel (NPC) Empty Re: Marigold "Kitty" Russel (NPC)

Post by Silus August 2nd 2019, 9:04 pm

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Marigold "Kitty" Russel (NPC) Empty Re: Marigold "Kitty" Russel (NPC)

Post by Zonkes January 11th 2020, 5:17 pm

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Humor : What’s the difference between a clown and a pancake? Not much after the steamroller incident.
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Marigold "Kitty" Russel (NPC) Empty Re: Marigold "Kitty" Russel (NPC)

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