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Marigold "Mari" Marquette

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Marigold "Mari" Marquette Empty Marigold "Mari" Marquette

Post by Cerek November 3rd 2021, 5:27 pm


Marigold "Mari" Marquette

"Don't worry about bein a good man, people will say what they want. It's about always trying to be good that counts."

The Bio

Real Name:Marigold Marquette (currently Mrs. Branfirth)
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name: None
Title: Restaurant owner,
Alignment: Lawful good
Age: 57
Gender: female
Race: Human
Hair:Frizzy red hair in a bun
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'2"
Blood type: b+

The Looks

The Personality

The Story

Born the third child of a Catholic family Mari experienced an early life involving a lot of discipline and church going. Her father Daniel Marigold worked at a lumber mill while her mother Beatrice was a home maker and prominent member of the community. She had a closer relationship with her mother than her father. her two brothers, Miles and Kyle, tended to get the most of her fathers attention. Her youngest brother Miles died at the young age of 14 in a car accident, a lost cow from a near by ranch had wandered onto the road and caused Daniel to suddenly jerk the wheel and hit a boulder in a ditch. Miles was killed as he was ejected from the seat out the window while not wearing a belt.

Her father was out of work with chronic back pain and she was hospitalized along with her older brother for a month with a long recovery. Her mother was sent into a depression that eventually took her life as well with a lethal dose of sedatives. The family was hurt heavily in a way that would never fully heal,her father did his best despite his cripling injuries to provide a life for his remaining children. Mari had grown more defiant and rebellious as oppose to her brother who had become stern and more orderly. She started out with small things like drinking to which her father did punish her, pushing her further down her path. She chaneged her looks falling in with the punk rock crowd. Daniel was a man who cared for his family but also a devout Catholic, her ways had become known around town to his embarassment and finally it came to a head.

The confrontation with her father was ugly, the two couldn't understand what the other was going through and there were no cool heads around. Mari ended up pushing her father over in his wheel chair before freaking out and running away. Daniel was hurt but not severly and was helped by Kyle, Mari at the young age of 17 was in a full panic after having attacked her father and the terribe things they said to each other. She ended up taking what little money she had and fleeing to the city, she knew some friends there and would just crash with them for a while. Her father by that time had called the police and a search was underway, the issue was Daniel couldn't provide any details about her friends. It took a lot of time to track down some of the crowd she was hanging with on account of most being out of towners, no address and otherwise uncooperative individuals.

By the next day there was a news report put out for a missing girl, Mari by this time had calmed down and wondered about the effects of what she'd done and if her father was alright. It wasn't long before one of her friends showed her the news and she panicked again, thinking what a response she had caused. What really broke her down though was watching her father roll up to the mic and cry his heart out begging Mari to come home and how sorry he was. When a pair of officers see some little girl with tears streaming down her face waving them down you can bet they got her home right quick. The reunion on camera was very nice and showy for the news, one of those feel good stories. Not that it was entirely different at home as Daniel made sure Mari knew how sorry he was.

It seems in that short time Daniel had a revalation about what was more important in his life, the church it seems wasn't the highest. Or rather over time he would abandon one faith for another , the more lenient protestant. Mari began spending more time with her father and brother as they made an effort to get involved with each other more and have family time. She never did fully abandon her lifestyle as she liked a lot of her individuality. But she did change her group of friends understanding that her current friends might lead her back to drinking and other stuff. Her mother left a book full of various recipes that specificaaly call for ingredients from areas around the community, ingredients that always gave her dishes a unique taste. From barbecue, to finer cuisine and everything in between, Mari put a lot of her focus into trying to master these as a tribute to her mother Beatrice who had always intended to give it to her.

She made the decision not to leave town and go to college, choosing instead to buy an old diner along with her brother and father. The business didn't fair to well, a variety of problems including the lack of any good advertising.  She had heard about a man around town that was known for being able to lend a hand in many situations. The man had a farm near the edge of town for a few decades, he kept to himself save for a few select towns folk that were awful secretive about his life. The young crowd just treated him like the weird old dude down the road, the adults however would always tell the kids around to pay some respect. She was surprised how normal the man was when she met him, not overly sweet and kind opposing the rumors but not mean spirited at all. He agreed to help her but only after tasting the food that they had to offer.

Somehow this man attracted outsiders and folks around town to the diner, he never asked for anything but was a regular from that point on. He made sure there were never any issues in getting supplies even going out of his way to deliver needed ingredients himself. The Diners name changed to Overdale's, Beatrice maiden name. Mari eventually got married to a Brewery worker and settled down in town. She had one daughter that moved away when she was finished with high school, she still visits frequently. Presently Mari is still working her diner with a minimal staff these days, age is slowing her somewhat. There's also another secret she's been holding onto that could devastate everything in her life.
The Powers

The Weaknesses

Repeated health issues with her feet from long days of work with low staff.
The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

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