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The Russel Crew [pv katrina]

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The Russel Crew [pv katrina] Empty The Russel Crew [pv katrina]

Post by Jean Robert Boisvenu May 2nd 2019, 1:57 am

Under closer examination, it might not have been such a great idea. Sure the execution was flawless, and certainly Jean Robert Boisvenu proved in some way that he wasn't some insignificant no name. How did it all start actually? Oh yes, one article was speaking about the CEO of Osiris Labs, in fact, it was written that absolutely no one could approach her. Attesting this fact was the testimony of some random passerby who accidentally went 50 feet in her vincinity. Six months of surgery and intensive care, almost died twice. What did he expect? He should be glad to still be alive. And the one known as Rotten Apple decided that it would be a funny challenge to pay her a visit.

Only fools rush were angels fear to trade in. But one could be quite amazed by his level of preparation. Because for better of for worse, he did manage to know where the elusive Katrina Russel would be. He did put such efforts into tracking her, using his ability to get infos more and more precise, escalating the hierarchy, one would think that he was litterally trying to attempt at her life. Except that technically he didn't get them. So there was no way to track him.

Then he bought a condominium on the second floor, close to the hotel she would come at, at sixty feet of the hotel door exactely. Then he waited. And sure enough the limo stopped a week later, at exactely 4 pm. At 4 and five second he opened the window, at 4 and 7 sec he fired the beam.

Thus the current conundrum she found herself in.First she  was certainly the daughter of Lady Katrina Russel, not that she had anyway to prove it, but her more reasonable way of thinking and her chastised language befitting of a lady of a noble lineage was one serious evidence of this possibility. Second she was now located in the second floor of a building at someone else residence, this occurence being due to the position of this obnoxious man known as Jean Robert Boisvenue. Third she didn't know by which way fate brought her here. However, her dress didn't have any tears nor wrinkles, her nails perfectly manicured, and she wasn't hurt anywhere. Meaning that she willingly went here. However, the daughter of a noble woman such as Lady Katrina Russel had no business to be in this sort of station. Mother would be so disappointed in seeing her mingle with the commoners. Even worse why did she leave the protection of her bodyguards, why her life could be in great danger even now! But what truly pained her was the fact that there could exist a reality where she could act so.. so... unbefitting of someone of her stature and that she was the one who acted so inconsiderate. No it was this commoner fault! She was just a victim of his rash decision! Desperate as she was, she wasn't allowed to grieve yet.

-At ease Anna! It's true that this rotten apple individual clearly outmanoeuvered me. I will give him that, however you are a Russel, certainly you will find  a refined and elegant way to alleviate mother ire. And most assuredly she will be pleased by your wisdom.

Already the situation seemed brighter, she knew her name was Anna something something Russel. Well even amnesia couldn't deter a Russel!
Jean Robert Boisvenu
Jean Robert Boisvenu

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