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Elduin, the Equinox King

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Elduin, the Equinox King Empty Elduin, the Equinox King

Post by Zonkes May 2nd 2019, 4:38 pm

The Bio

Real Name: Elduin Xilwraek
Villain Name: The Equinox King
Title: The Forsaken King of the Elves
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 1043 y/o
Gender: Male
Race: Elven
Hair: Half Blonde, Half black with purple streaks
Eyes: One bright blue, one dark purple
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 145
Blood type: Pseudo-Ichor (Silvery, almost like mercury) tainted with black specks

The Looks

Holding the regality and grace of an elven warlord, Elduin has silvery blonde hair, an oval-shaped crystal blue eye, and skin as white as the moon.

Monstrous and despicable, skin dark as the night sky; dark purple oval shaped eye, and black hair seemingly cracked by purple energy.

The two sides mesh together as well as oil mixes with water, one side showing the facade; the other showing the ugliness inside.  

The Personality

Vain, malicious, cruel. Words used to describe his reign. These words could be used to describe the man himself, but I will go further. Attempting to hide his nature from prying eyes, he will act without malice in public and stab you in the back when you least expect it. These days, however, Elduin is more focused on vengeance than ruling. He is purposefully seeking out those that sought to depose him and dismissing them from existence.

The Story

Once a glorious and well loved king. Elduin was raised a proper elf. Trained in all the ways of blade and bow, magic and mysticism. The first couple hundred years of his life were spent preparing for his ascension to the right hand of Queen Titania. However, his father died at this most crucial time in his life, and Elduin, hardly ready for the crown, had to ascend before his time.

Once a glorious and well-loved king, Elduin slowly went mad with the power and prestige of the position, breaking his courts tie to the Seelie fae was the first true step towards his eventual downfall. For over 300 years, the elven kingdoms were united through struggle and strife as their king continued to punish them for trivial things. The draconian rule came to a head when he had a mortal woman killed for using elven magic, despite his teaching it to her. She cursed him to show the ugliness that had tormented his soul on his body. His left side, a ruined mess; and his right a reflection of his vanity.

It didn’t take long for the races of elf and man to come together to slay the corrupt king. He fought for many days, using his knights against them; but eventually, they overcame his defenses and slew the once great king.

Six hundred years later and Elduin awoke from his great “slumber,” ready to bring his mythic might back to the world of man and magic alike.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

“Speed and Grace” - Elduin can run far faster than any man, at a top speed of 80 MPH with the grace and agility of a cat.

The Left Side

“My touch is poison.” - On the left side of his body, Elduins hand can suck the life force from his opponent. This can lead to many effects — premature aging, fatigue, or straight up death.

This is a progressive power.

One post in - Elduin grabs the person around the neck and begins to pull life force into him. They will start to become slower and fatigued.

Two posts in - Elduin continues his onslaught, digging his claws into the flesh of the person. The fatigue they feel will become worse than before. Gray hairs may start showing up in their hair, and wrinkles may also appear.

Three posts in - Elduin manages to suck enough of their life force that they become pruney and pale, with pure white hair. This is the final stage before…

Four posts in - Elduin sucks in the last of their life force, leaving nothing but an empty husk behind.

This can change for characters with more or less natural life force. This is the effect on the majority of healthy people. [Permission Based]

“Defenseless to my onslaught” - The claws on his left hand can pierce almost any type of defense one might be able to throw up against him but is mostly used for tearing armor into shreds; allowing his sword to flow through.

The Right Side

“Beautiful Monster” - Despite his monstrous side, many would consider his right side truly beautiful. Using this to his advantage, he can pour influence into this aura of beauty to target nearly anyone’s sense of beauty and attractiveness, no matter their inherent sexuality and gender. Using this, Elduin can use it to exert influence over others; causing them to want to follow his commands, no matter how drastic. [Permission Based]

“Blade and Bow” - A master of both blade and bow, Elduin can use either weapon with proficiency far exceeding any mortal man.

The Spells

“It’s black magic, baby.” - Elduin was a master of magic. Capable of utilizing a multitude of spells that put him on par with the Fae kings and queens. However, these days, his magic is trapped behind a barrier of memory loss following his death.. The following are all that he currently has access to.

~Hand of Glory: A simple spell that allows Elduin to convert magic into light by the use of a small crystal.
~Eye of Truth: Opening the third eye, Elduin can see through any illusion, and see things for what they are.
~Healing Touch: Through the use of this spell, Elduin can heal cuts and wounds of medium size or smaller.
~Shadow Blast: Through the use of his magic, Elduin can form a solid ball of shadows and use it as an offensive weapon. The strength of which could be considered equal to being hit by a small car going 50 MPH.
~Invocation of the Shield of Pyregich: A shielding spell, capable of blocking many different magical and physical effects. It can take up to 3 hits from a hit equaling 200 tons of force, or one hit of anything higher. In addition, it can block any magical  effect that would cause direct physical harm to the user.
~The Ancestral Sigil of the Greater Archmagi: A sign that temporarily increases the users physical strength and grants glowing wings made of mana. The longer this spell is active, the less mana the user has in his body.
~Shadows of Nyx: A spell that allows for the summoning of shades.
~Spell Storage: Using this runic spell, Elduin can store any of his spells for later use and whip them out like an item.
~Dark Ascent: Through the use of shadows, Elduin can levitate. When sitting, his body is almost entirely shrouded, and when walking; shadows appear underneath his feet.

The Weaknesses

Iron: As a fae, Elduin is weak to pure iron. Touching it will cause him great distress and burn him. Being stabbed with it, will cause his body to begin to disintegrate.

Iron 2: In addition to this weakness to iron physically, he is weak to iron when it comes to magic as well. Pure iron dispels the magical energies surrounding fae worked magic.

Removing either of Elduin’s hands will cause the power associated with that side to be disabled until a replacement can be procured, or the hand reattached.

Those of pure heart are unaffected by Elduins corrupting nature, and therefore immune to his powers from both sides.

As an undead, Necromancy can overtake Elduin without much issue. (In terms of gameplay, this means that Necromancy will effect Elduin without needing permission.)

Holy or Light magic will hurt Elduin worse than normal, as his corrupt heart and undead nature makes it more effective upon him.

If someone is to spill grains of salt, rice, wheat, seeds, etc. Elduin is forced to count every single grain and put it back. Fae psychology is a fickle thing.

As an elf, Elduin is far more susceptible to outright physical damage than he is to mystical attack. Therefore, it is easier to hurt him using such means.

If Elduin attempts to use his magic on people of pure British bloodline, the effects will be lessened by a great amount.

The Items

Agarwaen Macil: The ancestral blade of Elduins family. The blade glows bright blue when in the presence of magically enhanced beings, and can more effectively damage them.
~Weaknesses: Against non-magical types, the blade is just a normal sword.
~The sword has normal durability and can be bent or broken like any weapon.
Bronze Plate Armor - Normal plate armor.

The Minions


The Fluff

Peak Human Strength, and Endurance - Despite his lithe frame, Elduin is equal to humanities top athletes in strength and stamina.

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Elduin, the Equinox King Empty Re: Elduin, the Equinox King

Post by Arcana May 7th 2019, 5:39 pm

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