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Specter  Empty Specter

Post by Puglife43vr March 30th 2019, 11:22 am


"Whoever pays the most is the only one getting out of here alive."

The Bio

Real Name: Res Cept
Renegade Name: Specter
Title: Elemental Mad Man
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human Gunmage
Hair: Black
Eyes: Changing depending on the element in use.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 lbs

The Looks

The Personality

Specter is both a gun for hire and raider, stealing and killing to make money. He doesn't give a damn about anything but his paycheck. He doesn't do it for fun or for helping the general public.
The Story

The Story:
You may be wondering 'who in the world would name their child Res?' Well, the thing is, nobody knows Specter's real name. After all, he's a specter. What we do know, is that he uses several fake IDs with Specter mixed about as the first and surname. Res Cept is the most used one. We don't have too much info, however, what we do have is somewhat important. So this is how his early life went. Nobody really knows who he is, but some people have managed to get that he had a troubled child life, potentially abused. His first kill was probably the one that abused him. What we do know is that he was in the military for a great length of time, deployed in Afghanistan. He went missing while overseas and was though to have been either killed or captured.

He turned up in [REDACTED] and was arrested for stealing a certain gem. With all the metahuman cooks up there, it was no surprise that the gem had some sort of power. When he was arrested, they noticed the gem was embedded in his arm. They threw him in the slammer but as soon as their backs were turned, he blasted a hole in a wall and jumped out. He popped up again in California. He planted a bomb on a bridge and detonated it, killing dozens. HIs main objective was to retrieve something from a vehicle. What it was, we didn't know until now. It was a high tech prosthetic appendage. Created for potential military use, but now it's in his hands. Get it? Because it's a robot arm and- Nevermind. We believe he's trying to replace the arm he lost in New Mexico where he stole high tech firearms from a government facility.

Essentially, this 'Specter' character has to be brought to justice. Dead or alive, some hero or villain needs to bring this scumbag in.
The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Combat Skill:
With training in the military along with experience in the field, this renegade is able to use his weapons effectively. Also, his hand to hand combat skills aren't bad.

The Weaknesses

Because of the magic crystal embedded in his bionic arm, he is easily detected by other magic users. Also, those that can interfere or have some type of magic inhibitor are able to neutralize the arm's capabilities.

The Items

The Elemental Appendage:

The high strength bionic arm designed to encase a powerful elemental gem. Using a port within the palm, Specter can propel elemental projectiles at high speeds like a firearm. These elements are Fire, Earth, Ice, and Air. Air knocks enemies back a great deal. Ice freezes and slows enemies. Earth is a hard, durable projectile acting like a cannonball. Fire is a ball of fire, reaching high temperatures and exploding on contact with surfaces.
The Arm is constructed out of a Titanium and Tungsten alloy and is able to resist High temperatures as well as take a great deal of damage before being dented. It has a great deal of grip strength as well as punching power. The wrist and up can be propelled off the rest of the forearm and be used as a grappling hook. There are also hidden compartments and blades within the arm.

The arm's reaction time is slightly off by less than half a second, however, a speedster can still take advantage of this. The crystal within the arm is extremely fragile. If the alloy is broken, the crystal is exposed and can be shattered with the flick of a wrist. If this is done, all of Specter's abilities are lost. Also, the arm's wrist and connection to his elbow area are weak points because they have to have some movement and flexibility.

Specter  I7P6PvP

The Auto-RIfle:
This firearm has a high rate of fire at 800 rpm, and with a 40 round side loaded magazine. Each round can be set as a different element by the bionic appendage.

The Auto Rifle can jam if he uses the earthen mode too often. If he uses heat too often, the barrel can be heated and cause severe damage to the firearm. Ice can freeze the barrel and make it brittle. Wind doesn't do too much.

Hell Handgun: This is a high caliber handgun able to punch holes in armor like... a hole puncher. Combined with Earth, this thing will reduce your house to a BOX OF SCRAPS. It has a 10 round magazine.

The Hell Handgun has the same weaknesses as the auto Rifle due to the elements.

Tactical Knife:
The blade is able to take on the element in the arm like the other weapons. The usual.

Mundane Firearms:
Specter has a great deal of firearms stored in the mobile armory. Everything from SMGs to Shotguns to Handguns.

Small multi pointed objects that are perfect for puncturing people's shoes and giving them tetanus. They're laced with poison.

Specter Clothing:
Specter wears a durable bulletproof bodysuit covered by jeans and his signature red flannel.

Mobile Armory:
He has to store all those guns somewhere! This Van is loaded with more mundane firearms. The van itself is armored with bullet-resistant windows and shoes. It also has reinforced plating. It has 800 horsepower and is all-wheel drive for quick getaways and to counteract the weight of the armor.

The van is susceptible to heavy arms fire and is also quite heavy. Because of the weight, the vehicle can be slidy while being driven. The vehicle could cause itself damage if it's going too fast and slides into a structure.

The Minions

The Fluff

Specter constantly has a target on his back with several countries wanting him dead or alive. Bring him in and you might get a prize.

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Specter  Empty Re: Specter

Post by Chellizard April 7th 2019, 1:12 pm

Your items need weaknesses. But otherwise a solid app.

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Specter  Empty Re: Specter

Post by MissingAxis April 16th 2019, 7:37 pm

Hey Puglife43vr.

Specter's Elemental Appendage appears to have seven or eight powers and only three very limited weaknesses.

The powers I see:
-Air's knockback effect
-Ice's freeze and slow effect
-Earth overall
-Fire overall
-The Appendage's durability
-The Appendage's strength
-The Appendage's grappling hook
-And possibly the Appendage's hidden compartments and blades

The weaknesses I see:
-The Appendage's reaction time (somewhat iffy, given that you have implied by omission that only speedsters can really exploit this)
-The crystal's fragility (somewhat nullified by the Appendage's durability, essentially stating overall that if you can destroy the arm, you can destroy the arm)
-The Appendage's unarmored/weak joints (acceptable)

You'll need to find a way to balance out the power/weakness ratio before I would be willing to accept this. While you're at it, please provide some more clarification on the effects of each element, the range of the grappling hook, the strength of the arm, the arm's rate of fire/range, etc. You've provided very little to judge the power of the Elemental Appendage on. Also, please spend some time on the formatting while you're at it, as it's currently very difficult to parse.

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