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Jason Montgomery

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Jason Montgomery Empty Jason Montgomery

Post by MissingAxis September 24th 2018, 2:08 am


The Mad Maskmaker

The Bio

Real Name: Jason Montgomery
Villain Name: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Evil (Lawful)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Caucasian
Hair: Copper, short-medium cut with a left-hand part
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 150lbs

The Looks

Jason Montgomery carries himself like the most defeated man in the world. His short stature is reduced even further by a distinct slouch and forward-drawn shoulders, which in turn couples with his beady eyes to evoke a sense of cowardice. His style of dress is plain and unfashionable, pairing dark jeans with a dull t-shirt and even more dull button-up -- the latter of which is always left buttoned-down. At a glance, it might seem the only part of his appearance he attempts to take care of is his hair, always trimmed and carefully parted. However, his hands are actually where he focuses his grooming efforts the most: nails manicured weekly and carefully examined each night, skin always moisturized, and calluses non-existent.

The Personality

Jason was always a private man, but it seems something broke in him after New York. His eyes have sunk deeper into their sockets, and he cuts his already brief sentences even shorter. Quiet but friendly has given way to wariness, skepticism, and paranoia. Occasionally, the old Jason seems to break through, with his characteristic melancholy smile and empathetic gaze resurfacing and once again facing the world. Unfortunately, no one who loved him is around to see it.

The Story

For most of the last decade, Jason has worked as a humble IT specialist at a variety of companies. To his family and friends, it seemed only natural that the quiet, bookish young man stick with what he knew, having grown up in a financially modest but secure household as home computers were just beginning to take off. For Jason, however, it was simply convenient. He would be left to himself, for the most part, surrounded by the hum of server racks and computers except when called up to the cubicle floor. He never pushed himself to learn more than he would immediately need, often relying on customer support from whichever software company’s product was causing the latest issues that week.

Against all odds, the recluse found love in the form of young librarian Charlotte. They moved in together after a mere six months, with his comfortable salary and frugal accounting largely supporting the pair while Charlotte worked through college.

In a move so bold it even shocked himself, Jason asked for Charlotte’s hand in marriage and the two went on a road trip from Massachusetts to New York to celebrate the engagement. It was an ill-timed affair, as their trip coincided with the destruction of New York.

Jason survived, but Charlotte was not so fortunate. Something broke in him that day. Something else took its place. And the Fey reached out and took his hand, promising to make everything better again.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Feytouched - Jason has the ability to see and communicate with wayward inhabitants of the Fey lands, beings that have partially bled into our world through misfortune or perseverance.

Binding - With the assistance of his Feytouched nature, Jason is able to persuade or force Fey to tether themselves to a physical object, imbuing it with their essence and therefore their strengths and vulnerabilities. The reverse process of releasing the tether is a simpler matter, requiring only that the Fey be granted permission to depart the physical vessel.

(OOC: In other words, Jason is able to craft magic/superpowered masks that obey the NPC ratio of 1:2 powers to weaknesses. Due to the nature of his Feytouched power, he tends toward seeing the mask wearer as the Fey inhabiting the mask rather than the person they actually are. This essentially turns any NPC he gives a mask into a disposable asset to him, and NPCs used in this fashion may be entirely different people from week-to-week or day-to-day.)

The Weaknesses

Unworldly Perception - The nature of Fey beings makes understanding them difficult and maddening. Keeping track of all the Fey in an area causes great mental strain, as often their movements defy the norms of our world. Additionally, communicating with them is an exercise in unconventional thinking, with conversations potentially occurring in reverse, laterally, perhaps vertically. Feytouched individuals tend to become unhinged, as expected of anyone who is constantly hallucinating the existence of unworldly creatures.

Cross-Planar Presence - Being not wholly within their own realm or ours, Fey can exercise limited physical power over Feytouched individuals. Though generally accepting of conversation or company in one form or another, angered or otherwise excited Fey may inflict physical harm upon the Feytouched while remaining entirely untouchable themselves.

(OOC: In short, Jason becomes more stressed and delusional as time goes on. Additionally, while he is slowly losing his ability to interact with people normally, he faces a very real risk of being maimed by any given Fey he happens to offend or misunderstand that day. Because only Feytouched are able to see the monsters in question, and are unable to actually defend themselves against said monsters, Jason is helpless and bystanders only see a man being unexplainably thrown through the air and slashed. Plenty of good fun all around.)

The Items

The Traveller:

Jason Montgomery Traveller The Traveller was the first Fey entity bound by Jason Montgomery, at the being’s request. This mask was created whilst Jason was in a fugue state, and is of incredibly high quality compared to later masks he has created. The main body of the mask is carved from wood, with carefully selected and painted twigs embedded in the upper portion. Several deep cuts scar the wood where the mouth of its wearer would be. The mask seems to petrified by unknown means, and the main body as well as the base of the twigs appears to be sun-bleached. A triangle of marble, partially wrapped with a decorative ribbon, is mounted to the forehead. Ten beads of various colors silently hover in front of the mask, in place of eyes.

Personal Pocket Dimension - The Traveller is able to instantly shunt its wearer into a private pocket dimension, the contents of which are filled in by elements of the wearer’s subconscious mind. Because of this, the pocket dimension appears dream-like and oddly intimate. Location within the pocket dimension also corresponds geographically with location in the real world, though the connection is very relative and using this as a means of travelling through the real world does require some familiarity with the real world destination in order to be a successful endeavor. Finally, the Traveller is able to instantly shunt its wearer back out of the pocket dimension and into the real world.Inner Turmoil - Due to the real, physical nature of the pocket dimension despite its subconscious origins, injury and even death are possible within the pocket dimension. Mental illness, esteem issues, or even plain morbid imagination can populate the pocket dimension with a variety of unfriendly characters capable of causing real physical harm to the visitor. Meanwhile, those same monsters are not bound by real world limitations.
Dual Nature - Despite being apparently formed of sturdy petrified wood in the real world, the Traveller becomes mundane and unpetrified in any pocket dimension it creates. Additionally, if the Traveller is destroyed, it vanishes from the pocket dimension and reappears in the real world at exactly the point it was situated when it created the pocket dimension originally. This causes the former wearer to become stranded in the pocket dimension, which is itself a reflection of their subconscious. In other words, the dream slowly becomes a nightmare as insanity sets in. And the nightmare never ends.

The Changer:

Jason Montgomery Changer The Changer was forcefully bound by Jason after forcing particularly traumatic imagery upon him, but it regrets nothing. This mask can barely be considered one, being composed entirely of wax candles melted together. When worn, the wax becomes warm and breathable, constantly dripping wax in its wake.

Facelift - The Changer allows its wearer to change their appearance to that of any person they desire, but will only change features that have been seen in person, by photograph, or described in great detail. In the process of changing, the Changer's wax form fully covers the wearer, adding mass or compressing the wearer's body where needed. The resulting body is as accurate as whatever source imagery or descriptions have been used in its creation.Altered Identity - As the wearer uses the Changer to impersonate others, they may find that they don't quite look right when they remove the mask. Certain details change, or are forgotten altogether. After enough usage, the wearer may find they've forgotten what they were supposed to look like originally, left with a dull appearance that only vaguely resembles the person they once were. Cue identity crisis.
Heat Treatment - The Changer and the identity they shroud their wearer in are formed of wax that, while unusually resistant in general, is still ultimately vulnerable to sources of heat. While it may not melt quite as quickly as typical wax candles, the stolen identity is still quicker to melt than your average person is to burn. As such, the mask itself is not difficult to destroy, though the person beneath it may take a little more time to roast.


Jason Montgomery Aubrey2 Aubrey was a dangerous Fey being of gluttony that Montgomery bound only so he could maintain some control over it. This mask was once leather decorated with moss and twigs, but it is now composed of real and yet undecaying flesh. Several mushrooms and snails inhabit the surface of the mask, and Aubrey's eyes occasionally blink when no one is looking directly at it. When the mask is worn, it gradually attaches itself to the wearer and replaces the face beneath the mask. This process occurs even quicker when using the mask's ability.

Swell - Aubrey allows its wearer to quickly grow in size, with incredibly large and dense muscles accompanied by bone growth. The result is a hulking mass of flesh and bone vaguely resembling an anthropomorphic boar. Hair is replaced with moss-like growths, and the head is covered in unrealistically sturdy branches sprouting from the skull. This form has increased strength and resilience. Inside, a reproduction of the wearer's original body gestates and grows around the brain, which has relocated to the chest. When the gestation completes, the wearer may opt to shed the monstrous meatsuit they are sheltered in.Hunger - While in Aubrey's swollen form, the wearer experiences insatiable hunger and massively increased metabolism. To maintain the growth, the wearer must seek sources of nutrition such as people, trash, and pets. The wearer will prioritize edible targets over machines or armored individuals, and this hunger may keep the wearer from pursuing objectives that do not involve consumption.
Unruly - Aubrey restricts their wearer's self-control and executive function. Whatever intent the wearer had when pulling the mask on, they gradually lose sight of it as the mask replaces their face. As such, long-term use of the mask is dangerous, not only for the wearer but for their master and any bystanders. Rules of engagement slowly give way to pure consumption, objectives are replaced by hunger, and eventually the wearer loses all agency and ability to deactivate the mask.


Jason Montgomery Graham Graham is a Fey that was bound accidentally by Montgomery, taking the place of another Fey being. The mask is made from paper mache, fabric, and faux fur. However, it remains highly durable despite that. The ears can occasionally be caught twitching of their own accord.

Enhanced Agility - Graham grants its wearer superhuman agility, allowing them to run quickly, jump higher and further, and overall stay nimble on their feet. Restless - A side effect of Graham's mechanism of action is that its wearer must be constantly moving in some capacity, with more extreme usage of the power requiring more movement. At low levels, this manifests as fidgeting and twitchiness, while at higher levels it can escalate into frantic pacing, bouncing from one leg to another, or simply running and jumping back and forth like a rabbit on meth. Should the wearer attempt to resist the urge to move around, they find themselves becoming incredibly anxious and may suffer a mild mental break.
Divergence - Graham's second ability allows its wearer to create ethereal copies of themselves, subconsciously directed in their movements. At will, the wearer can take the place of one such 'ghost', dissipating all others in the process. These clones can not pass through people or objects, but provide no resistance when they themselves are being moved through.Frantic Decisions - In order for Graham's wearer to produce the ethereal clones, they must consider multiple courses of action that they could take. The clones will only move to pursue that course of action, and may make their own decisions as they progress through that plan. As a result, the wearer can not direct the clones once they are created, and an inability to think of multiple options manifests as an inability to create the clones.
Blur - Because of the hyperactivity induced in the wearer by Graham, they can only focus on a limited amount of information in their surroundings at any given time. This leads to the wearer operating on surface level details and addressing immediate issues, potentially missing small details and the big picture of the situation.
Abundance of Energy - Graham can only be removed by the wearer after they completely exhaust themselves to the point of nearly passing out.


Jason Montgomery Richard2 Richard is one of the earliest minor Fey to be bound by Jason, and was among the most eager. This mask is made primarily from leather and feathers, with some structural paper mache. The feathers are self-cleaning by some unknown mechanism, but the process is gradual.

Gamecock - Richard grants its wearer increased stamina and strength, allowing them to fight at a level above that of any humans lacking powers or augments. This ability does not, however, come with any added durability or speed.Bloodlust - Richard almost completely shuts down its wearer's empathy, giving them no remorse for their actions while they wear the mask. Additionally, the mask promotes bloodlust and sadism, making the wearer mostly incapable of diplomacy or conversation, as the instinct to cause harm is overwhelming.
Self-Harm - With enhanced strength comes an increased chance of injuring oneself in combat. Because Richard provides no increased durability, it is much easier for the wearer to break the bones in their hands and limbs if attacking without proper protection. While the increased stamina provided by Richard may allow the wearer to push through the pain for a short time, shattered fingers are difficult to ignore when repeatedly smashed into skulls.

The RP Sample

Nicolas surveyed the carnage through his binoculars, looking for a new target. Something had destroyed his original prey, gutting it and tearing through the side of its hull. It was impossibly fast, falling from the sky and tearing away in a blur as it met the earth.

Behind him, the gun crew was waiting, Harold and Dave with another shell propped up on the ammunition crate, Greg and Jeff at the breech.

He found his mark, invader armor further back in the mass. It wouldn’t be long before it spotted them and burned their position. Glancing back at the gun, he estimated the new target’s relative position to their emplacement.

“Sixty degrees left, distance two hundred.”

Nicolas glanced back again. Greg and Jeff had already re-oriented the barrel.

“Sighting, Cap’n. Aim set, ready.”



“Reloading! Set!”

“Aim set, ready!”



The process continued, round after round of explosive ammunition fleeing from the fires of the breech and screeching toward the enemy armor. Soon, it was invisible through the smoke. Nicolas ordered another shell fired, just to be sure.

Down the line, Nicolas heard a jet of flame, followed by screams. Once again, the invaders had slipped through. Before he could fill his lungs to sound the retreat, one of the bladed monsters lunged up the slope he crouched up, gouging his leg. He cried out in pain before managing to roll back, sidearm drawn.

A faint buzz emitted from somewhere behind him, instantly followed by supersonic pops and the screeching of tearing metal. The invader was obliterated.

A massive figure bounded over his gun emplacement, landing in front of Nicolas and spraying death ahead. Nicolas struggled to his feet as the giant turned to him, with a massive shield in one hand and a strange weapon in the other two.

“How effective is your cannon?” The voice was garbled but intelligible.

“Sustained fire can disable their armor. We’ve got enough shot for that tactic.”

“Stay, then. I will guard this point. Kill them all.”

The gods had not abandoned his people after all. Nicolas climbed back up to his spotting point, looking to his terrified crew at the same time.

“Reload! Shrapnel shot, clear the hillside eighty degrees right!”

The boy named Jeff stared at the Beyonder named Widogast.

At least, the eight-armed blob said it was Widogast. Jeff found it hard to believe that the star-folk could just install their brains into such alien forms. Widogast tried to assure him it was perfectly normal, but it was a lot to wrap one’s head around.

The eight-legged blob named Widogast was working quickly, shuffling around doodads and setting doo-hickeys into slots. It was too much for Jeff to keep track of.

Earlier, when they first arrived on Widogast’s spacecraft, the alien (it seemed more fitting than “the god” to Jeff) had situated him in a relatively bare room with some food, and told him to wait. It had taken a while for Widogast to return, perhaps a day, though it was difficult to say for certain. The blob wriggled into the room unceremoniously, flailing its tentacles around as it spoke.


Jeff clapped his hands over his ears as Widogast adjusted the speaker attached to his body. Needless to say, it was a shocking reveal.

Some time thereafter, Widogast managed to convince Jeff to climb into another spacecraft, and the two of them set off back toward Bligh. Jeff didn’t have a clue why until Widogast started getting pretty excited and yelling into the radio. There was a large amount of noise coming from below the cloudline, piped into the cabin from laser microphones. Widogast paused a moment to say he was fighting a war and that Jeff should probably pay attention.

Try as he might, Jeff couldn’t decipher any of what was going on except through the visual and audio feeds. A few dozen Widogasts were tearing through the invader’s horde, tearing apart many more of the invaders before they themselves fell. Widogast assured him the deaths were acceptable, because they ’weren’t real people anyway.’ Jeff was horrified.

That brought Jeff and Widogast to their present situation. Widogast had been excitedly telling Jeff about some kind of brain surgery Jeff was going to need done soon, and was basically forcing Jeff into a battery of tests to configure the equipment for the brain surgery. Jeff was less than pleased by the idea of his brain being poked and prodded and cut, but the straps holding him down and the sedatives flooding his veins didn’t really give him much of a choice but to cooperate.

A few days later, the boy named Jeff woke up with a major migraine. And about twenty different computers in his cranium. The Beyonder named Widogast welcomed him to ‘the club.’ Whatever that was supposed to mean.

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Jason Montgomery Empty Re: Jason Montgomery

Post by Chellizard September 26th 2018, 6:13 pm

Approved and moved.

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