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Coraline Advancement I

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Coraline Advancement I

Post by Nightshade on September 14th 2018, 3:11 am

Item/Character Advancement Name: The Costume

Item/Character Advancement Description:
The Costume:
Collapsible Staff:

Item Power(s):

  • Goggles respond to light levels, only letting in a comfortable amount of illumination. Can also be turned completely opaque.
  • Fabric portions are fireproof and opaque to light.
  • Armor portions as well as the soles of the boots are extremely shock absorbing.
  • Due to the nanotech used, the costume is stored in a choker. Once activated, it replaces whatever clothes Coraline is currently wearing. Also because of the nanotech, it is self repairing.


  • Completly collapses when not in use. When activated, snaps open.
  • Is hollow, providing another source of darkness to manipulate.
  • Easily found online.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):

  • Can only repair from so much damage before running out of material to repair with.
  • Costume switching and repair can be deactivated with an EMP or strong electric shock.
  • As goggles increase in opacity, visibility decreases. They can also fog up.
  • The fabric portions are basically fireproof blackout curtains. Aka they don't protect against jack or shit.
  • Very conspicious when not in the dark or shadows.
  • Tends to make civilians distrust her or be intimidated since it seems more appropriate for villains. Also the lack of the traditional hero insignia. May even make her be mistaken for a villain.
  • Cape can get caught on things and get in the way.
  • While the gloves do have a texture to help with gripping, they still decrease the intrinsic tactility found in gloveless hands.
  • Can repair over injuries and complicate healing.
  • Mask can muffle the voice, making communication more difficult.


  • Since it's hollow, unless Coraline's reinforcing it with her powers, it's basically useless in an actual fight due to bending and the lightness of the metal used.
  • The mechanism breaks pretty easily.
  • It's just a trick staff you buy online idk. Not exactly super sturdy.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 5

Coraline Li

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Re: Coraline Advancement I

Post by Bliss on September 18th 2018, 5:20 pm

I have approved this


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