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Lord Argonath, The Blackblade

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Lord Argonath, The Blackblade Empty Lord Argonath, The Blackblade

Post by Argonath Belzenlock August 6th 2018, 11:37 am

Lord Argonath

"Pain is what makes us strong. And all the gods are dead,There is no god but Argonath. So kneel now or later. Because, In the end, you will kneel."

The Bio

Real Name: Argonath Belzenlock
Villain Name: The Blackblade
Title: Lord Agnortah, Lord Belzenlock, The Blackblade, Steelheart, The Forgotten One, Arbiter of the Damned, Dis Pater, God of Fire, God of Destruction, God of War.
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: Appears late 30s, 10,000+
Gender: Male
Race: God
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Black, or Red
Height: 6’7”, 10’, 90 feet Long (120 ft wingspan)
Weight: 300lbs, 500lbs, 165,000lbs
Blood type: Golden Ichor

The Looks

Normal Form
Lord Argonath, The Blackblade A8c0ec744861078a0c31e0d715117170
Draconic Form
Lord Argonath, The Blackblade 160305-Avarice-Dragonfinal
Original Appearance
Lord Argonath, The Blackblade Apollo_Stormwatch
The Personality

Argonath practices great emotional restraint, always maintaining a calm and disciplined composure despite the furious rage that often boils within him. Additionally, he seems to have his own twisted code of honor that he follows. As he was once a protector god (possibly even a god of Gienus version of Knights) he always tries to make any fight he comes across as fair as it can be. Choosing to not do things that would give him too much of an advantage over his foes even at times if it would be tactically sound to do so. He does this as a way to fight with his own twisted sense of honor and to prove that even at their best they do not measure up to his greatness. That said if the individual is in the way of his goals, or has attempted to disrupt his plans more than once he will not extend this honor to them (unless he is actually impressed with them for some reason) and will crush them as swiftly and soundly as possible.

As a God of War, Argonath is a tactical genius. Able to formulate battle strategies, counterstrategies, strategic defensive measures, political maneuvers that would astound long running politicians and ideas that would confound even generals. He is a patient God. Able to sit on his heels and wait in the shadows as long as is need be before striking. But when he does act, woe is anyone who gets in his way or feels his wrath. An unrelenting tide of fire and brimstone. The Arbiter of the Damned has been wronged one too many times and when his ire is unleashed it is hard to bottle back up again.

The entirety of his being is based in destroying what others have built, tearing them down and building them back up in some other form. His original mission, which has been lost even to him, was to help the people of his world break down their walls and build them back up better than before. To protect them from all that would seek to bring them harm, even if that meant themselves. Now though? Now he wants to conquer them. The entirety of his home dimension is not worthy to lick the dirt off his boots and he proved that when he ruled them with an iron fist. After his banishment he seeks to take those in this world home with him. To rule not one but two worlds.

The Story

The story of Argonath Belzenlock takes place in a universe like our own save for a few key differences. For instance, the things you read about in fantasy books do indeed exist there. Things such as dwarves, elves, monsters, magic, and Gods. When The First breathed life into this universe they sculpted the planet Gienus with care, placing their first children there to watch over their creations when they were gone. These original children would become the Gods of Gienus, powerful beings with the ability to shape the elements and magics of the world to their desire. Using the power, they were gifted and gained to better serve their intended domains. Some were caretakers, gardeners, protectors, wrathful storms. Yet, despite all their differences they all had one thing in common. They needed the people of Gienus to live just as much as the races of Gienus needed them to live. Except for One.

Argonath Belzenlock was created to be a protector God. He was meant to take away the things that made the world bad, to undo mistakes of the people he watched over, to show them the use of fire to cook the food they hunted, to protect them during times of trouble and guide them with strength and intelligence during times of war. For a time, he did just that. He was good at his job too, and the people of Gienus appreciated his strength and power. As time went however he started to notice that they needed him less and less. As they became smarter, and more in tune with the natural magics of their world they no longer needed his flame to cook their food, as they had their own, or no longer needed his powers to undo mistakes. They could simply sweep it away with their own might. And war? Well, it was due to the blessings of another God that they no longer needed War.

Lorasil, God of Peace, Prosperity, and Forgiveness. Once the people of Gienus had taken what they needed from Argonath they turned to Lorasil. They had conquered, they had pillaged, and wared for generations. Dwarves against humans, humans against elves, elves against dwarves, monsters and monstrous races against all and everything in between. Lorasil showed them a different way of doing things. A way that didn’t involve violence, a path to civilization without strife or hunger. The people and even the other Gods saw this path and thought it was good. They all started to work together, to help each other reach this peace. In their haste to work together, to come together as one and live in harmony though they neglected Argonath.

The prayers to him became lessened, those seeking his guidance slowed, and eventually they became almost nonexistent. The valiant protector became confused. For so long he had protected these people, and even his own brothers and sisters when it called for it, but now they tossed him aside? He did not believe it at first and even went to his brothers and sisters to see how he could assist, what they needed him to do and he was laughed out of the Aethereal Plane. What use was a God of Destruction in rebuilding? What use was a God of Fire when things needed to grow? What use was a God of War in times of peace? They say that the arrogance of Man is something to behold, that it has no equal but the arrogance of Gods? It isn’t even on the same playing field. So, what happens when one of them is knocked off their high horse?

They change. It was subtle at first, as for Gods time is something they have a lot of. It isn’t a problem for them. They do not age or ever truly die. For hundreds of years the Steelheart wandered the planet of Gienus. Visiting the different planes of existence within the universe breathed into life by his progenitor The First. He learned in these travels that he was not the only one whom had been tossed aside, that others had even been locked away when they chose not to agree with Lorasil and his plans for peace. He learned things that had been forbidden or lost to time. He bided his time and grew in power and numbers. Using the arrogance of man and gods alike to let them believe that their perfect peaceful world was just that; and then he struck.

His body now cracked and deformed, molded by the fires of Trehara and the Burning Planes to take on a visage that better fits the demonic and draconic overlords that had been forced to call it home. With an army at his beck and call the Forgotten One stormed the planes of Gienus and for a thousand years they brought war back to the peaceful dimension. He had nearly conquered all of the known planes and the planet of Gienus was under his rule for a couple hundred years when Lorasil, the last of his old brothers and sisters, and his new champions reared their heads.  None had expected them to walk into Argonath’s throne room. They had prepared for ever scenario, or so they had assumed. The foolish God of Peace and his usurpers walked up to Argonath when he was talking to his war council and banished the Blackblade after a decisive fight. Something Lorasil hated and Argonath reveled in, that he had turned his old enemy into a mockery of his old self.

Despite that he still had enough power, with his last remaining champion, to banish Argonath from their dimension. Sending him far away, with Argonath promising to return and finish what he started. The Forgotten One would float through the nothingness between dimensions for an unknown amount of time before ending up in our world. A strange new world with technology and ‘magics’ of ‘science’ he had never seen before, but also machines of War that the people of Gienus would never dream of. He aims to take this new world under his thumb and then take them back to his dimension. He would not just be the God of one world, but two. For all will fall to Argonath Belzenlock.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Reaction

The Powers

1. Three-In-One: Agnorath has three forms he is able to change between. Each one offering different strengths and weaknesses. Switching between the three forms takes time but can heal him of his previous forms wounds. However if he decides to revert back to the previous form any wounds he has obtained will still be there, and he cannot change into another form right after. (Takes an entire post to change forms and takes five posts before he can change again)


Agnorath takes on a human like form of a middle aged man with deep black eyes wearing black-steel armor and wielding a black-steel blade. In this form he is slightly stronger than the average human. He sacrifices his raw godly strength and flight for the innate ability to cast magical spells. As he is a god in his universe he is a very high level spell caster.
Spells known:
1. Destruction Magic:

-Fireball: An orangish-red basketball sized ball of flames shoots out from his unarmed hand exploding upon contact, sending out a storm of fire in a ten foot radius.

-Cone of Cold: Blasting forth from his hands he lets loose a storm of snowy-cold energy that flash freezes anything within a sixty foot cone.

-Wall of Fire: Lifting his hands into the air he summons a ten foot by ten foot wall of fire in an area of his choosing.

-Meteor Swarm- One of the most devastating spells he knows, ten meteors rain down from above slamming into the ground dealing massive damage to one or multiple targets.
2. Illusion Magic:

-Invisibility: With but a wave of his hand or a blink of an eye the Blackblade disappears from sight.

- Disguise Self: With a wave of his hand the form of The Blackblade changes from his normal sight to that of something different. He can appear shorter, taller, an or even the opposite sex.

- Silence: A twenty foot radius centered on a point that Angorath can see becomes completely and utterly silent. No noise can be made from within it, additionally those inside of it can’t hear anything going on outside of it.

3. Conjuration/Enchantment

- Arms of Angorath: From a location that Angorath can see black tendril like arms spring forth from the abyss and latch onto whatever is in the area. They attack indiscriminately and go after anything within their ten foot reach.

- Hold Person: Reaching our With his free hand, The Blackblade is able to magically hold up to five people in place. For the duration (two posts) or until he is attacked and loses concentration the individuals cannot move or speak.

-Summon Demon: From the pits of the Abyss of his home dimension the Blackblade is able to summon a demonic entity that assist him in his goals. They are loyal to him and follow his commands, or if none are given attack the closest thing other than him.

-Forcecage: An immobile, invisible, cube-­shaped prison composed of magical force springs into existence around an area that Angorath chooses within eyesight. The prison can be a cage or a solid box. It can get as big as 20 feet on every side, creating a solid barrier that prevents any matter from passing through it and blocking any spells cast into or out from the area. The cage reacts to kinetic energy taking in any damage it is dealt and dishing it right back at the source, trapped inside it. Anyone that is completely inside the cage’s area is trapped, while those only partially within the area, or those too large to fit inside the area, are pushed away from the center of the cage until they are completely outside of it.

4. Necromancy

- Vampiric Touch: Upon casting this spell the next attack made by Agnorath (with his sword or his fist) shines an luminescent red glow and strikes with a necrotic touch, draining the target of their life force and transferring it to the Blackblade.

- Blight: A grayish line shoots forth from the tip of his sword or finger tip and strikes his intended target.  Dehydrating then from the inside out, and slowly draining their life force. (Plants and plant based creatures take extra damage from this attack)

-Finger of Death: A sickly green ray shoots out of Agnorath’s finger, hitting an opponents very essence and burning them up from the inside. Upon being struck by this ray, if it kills the individual their body disintegrates into ashes.

-Power Word Kill: Like the name implies, with but a word the Blackblade can bring a man to their deathbed. (Permission based, on nonessential NPC’s works automatically, one per thread though.)

In Agnorath’s natural form the easiest way to describe him is that he is a ten foot tall winged demon. In his natural form he possesses the following abilities:

1. Godly Strength: Angorath has innate physical strength that far surpasses anything humans could hope to achieve. In his home dimension he is one of the strongest, if not the, strongest individual alive even surpassing the other gods of his domain. He is capable of lifting godly, excuse the pun, amounts and the force in which he punches can’t be measured by human machines.

2. Godly Durability: His body is capable of shrugging off things like ballistae , and as noticed here, bullets with barely a sensation, withstanding up to freezing temperatures and boiling temperatures without any major damage and he's able to shrug off a tank shell and things of that nature with at the most a nasty bruise to minor lacerations. He can fall from high places without taking any fatal damage, which goes well with his ability to leap high. This also transfers over to his endurance, allowing him to function at his peak for up to 24 hours before needing to slow down.

3. Flight: If you haven’t noticed, Angorath has wings. True, not all things with wings have the ability to fly but that isn’t the case here. He is capable of flight allowing him to lift into the air and fly for a prolonged amount of time.

4. Godly Speed: Whether it be through running, or flight, The Blackblade is able to move at speeds reaching upwards of Mach 3.

5. Insight Rebellion: As the God of War, Agnorath is able to insight feelings of pure hatred in those around him (about a 20 foot radius). While under these effects the individuals are sent in a mindless rage where they attack anything and everything in sight, there is no difference between friend, lover or foe. (Permission Based)

6. I will Destroy What You Have Made: The God of Destruction is capable of not only destroying made made objects with a touch (the bigger the object the longer he must remain in contact with it) but also by sending out a ‘pulse’ of destructive energy in the immediate area around him. (This to is about a 20ft radius) (permission based)

7. God of Fire: His final power in this form is fire manipulation. The Steelheart is able to create and control it himself, swaying the element to his command. He can use the fire to blast, burn, scorch, even ‘mold’ it into weapons such as whips, swords, daggers, arrows, and whatever else his mind can think of. Through this power, he is also able to mentally heat things up having them combust without touching it.

The final form of Lord Angorath Belzenlock, The Blackblade is that of a massive volcanic dragon.

1. Draconic Strength: Imagine the strength that Angorath shows in his normal form, now imagine that strength is multiplied. In this form he is capable of lifting and throwing mountains with ease.

2. Draconic Durability: This is actually an interesting note. Although stronger in his draconic visage, the Steelheart is not as durable. Admittedly he is still a tough nut to crack, and by no means a push over as guns and even certain missiles don’t do much to his scaley hide. However, his underbelly is only as tough as the volcanic rock from which this form is seemingly made from.

3. Flight: Those big wings aren’t just for show. This behemoth is capable of taking to the skies and raining death from above. It is however notably slower than his normal form, only just able to break the sound bearer and that of course only while in flight.

4. Draconic Breath: What good is a dragon that doesn’t reign down Death from above? Thousands of degrees of it? He is capable of shooting hot molten lava like fire from his mouth that fires out in a 60ft cone.

5. When He Walks The Earth Trembles: With but a step due to his large size and raw power he is capable of causing an earthquake. The strongest he is able to produce and thus leaves him exhausted afterwards, is about a 6.0-6.9 on the Richter Scale.

6. Aura of Fear: With an ear shattering roar the Arbiter of the Damned emits an aura of fear in a 20ft radius. Making it so that each creature that can see or hear him becomes frightened of him for a time (about three posts). (Permission Based)
The Weaknesses


1. Time. The "Three-In-One" Forms of Argonath take time to change between, an entire post worth's of time and it takes five posts before he can change again.

2. Range. Specifically for his first three destruction spells. The Fireball has a range of about sixty feet at maximum and he needs a visual on the location he's sending it at, the Cone of Cold is limited to the things within his line of sight in a sixty foot cone and the wall of fire can only be placed in a location he can see within thirty feet of him.

3. The meteors are huge, about the size of a midsized automobile and their fast and strong but they can only be used once per thread. If he misses or you don't get hit by them the most they'll do is property damage.

4.Infrared, heartbeat monitors, even someone with acute or heightened sense of hearing. Any of these things could possibly detect Argonath when invisible.

5. Although a strong illusion it is just that, an illusion. Those of strong mind are able to see through it, additionally if you look at his form for a prolonged period of time you can see when it shimmers. Additionally video cameras and the like show the true form.

6. If you leave the radius of the silence spell, noise works as it normally does.

7. Concentration. Due to the way illusion spells work, he cannot have more than one of them active at a time. Additionally, if he takes enough damage or is made to lose his concentration on the spell it dissipates.

8. Although strong enough to hold most humans the 'arms' do not have any such superhuman strength of their own. If one struggles enough they can very easily escape from the arms. Also, once they are out of the range of the arms they don't need to worry about them as they cannot move from the location they are placed.

9. Once again a person of strong will is capable of shrugging off the effects of the Hold Person spell. Additionally if Argonath loses concentration on the spell or attempts to use any other spell that deals with concentration this one falters.

10. Depending on the type of Demon the Blackblade is only capable of summoning one to three of them (more info to come in the Minions section)

11. Too Large for the Cage: Those only partially within the area, or those too large to fit inside the area, are pushed away from the center of the cage until they are completely outside of it.

12. Something's gotta give: The cage is not indestructible, it can take and dish out a beating but everything has a limit. The stronger or longer the attack is sustained the more damage the cage takes and the more likely it is to burst open.

13. A swing and a miss: If the Vampiric Touch misses that's it. It literally only affects his next attack with his sword or his fist. Additionally the healing he receives from this attack can only heal minor wounds, nothing more than a laceration will heal.

14. Non-Natural/non-organic and most man made objects are completely unaffected by the Blight spell.  

15. Undead and non-organic things are unaffected by the Finger of Death spell. Additionally this spell is relatively close to medium range, as it is only able to reach things within fifteen feet of Argonath.

16. One A Day. Each of the spells listed above can only be used once a day (or once per thread) after they have been used he cannot use them again, that's fifteen spells per thread. Once they're all used that's it.

17. Silver burns Argonath on contact, and seeing silver jewelry (or items made from it) has an effect similar to mild headaches and severe migraines. Simply being in the presence of Silver objects causes him to feel disoriented. When used as weapons they are able to pierce his nigh invulnerable skin as if it were butter.

18. Oxygen. He may be able to create and summon the fire on his own but what good is fire without something to burn? If the area he is in has no oxygen, or the fire burned it all up, it can render his ability to use his fire manipulation useless.

19. Although able to make things heat up and combust without touching the object this is of course still limited to what Lord Belzenlock can see and even then only works on things within a sixty yard radius of the God of Fire.

20. Sheer Size. Steelheart's Draconic form his Gargantuan. There is no way around it. However because of that he is that much more of a target. The saying the bigger you are the harder you fall is certainly true. It can be just as big a detriment as it can be a boon.

21. Arrogant. There is no other way to put it. This 'god' is as arrogant as it comes and just as it was his downfall in his home dimension it is sure to be his downfall here, but he will never admit it. He believes that no one in any universe is his equal and has no qualms about proving just how superior he is.

The Items

Item Name: The Blackblade

Item Description: Made of the mysterious Blacksteel and forged on the Burning Planes, this ten pound, 90 inch Double-edged, straight bladed sword was the weapon of choice for Lord Argonath Belzenlock when taking on his human like appearance.
Lord Argonath, The Blackblade 300px-Blackblade

Item Power(s): Due to being made entirely of Blacksteel this weapon is strong enough to cut down gods and the tough scaly hide of dragons and dragonkin. It is magically imbued to never shatter or break, that on top of the high tensile strength of the metal allows it to be one of the sharpest blades ever forged.

Item Weakness(es): Although an impressive and deadly sword it is in fact just that. While magic in nature and forged by the gods, it cannot switch its shape, shoot tiny metal bolts, erupt into flames or anything of the sort. Its only effective in the same way any other sword is.

The Minions

The Fluff

Ageless: Even in this world Argonath retains his godly immortality. He can never truly age, and isn't affected by the passing of time or human (or otherwise) made diseases. As a God of War the only way to kill him is in battle.

Master of War: Argonath is a God of War, he is a master tactician, and innately knows every form of combat from his dimension (Comparatively up to the middle ages/dark ages of our world). Upon coming in contact with a weapon of war he can learn how it is used and he himself becomes skilled in its use.  
The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Argonath Belzenlock
Argonath Belzenlock

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Lord Argonath, The Blackblade Empty Re: Lord Argonath, The Blackblade

Post by Zonkes August 30th 2018, 3:57 pm

This looks fine to me, approved.

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