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Hephaestus forges [pv Argonath]

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Hephaestus forges [pv Argonath] Empty Hephaestus forges [pv Argonath]

Post by Jean Robert Boisvenu on May 14th 2019, 12:53 pm

Ok he kind of had to admit it, he was utterly lost. Like woe is me I'll never find the way back lost. But no one ever thought of good equipment for underwater hiking. Like seriously, what would a map and a compass be of use for if immerged he didn't know how many feets under the sea. So he could choose up, down, North,South, East and West. Well up and down was easy! But how was he supposed to know where were the other directions.

It's true he could have gone to the surface and ask someone in a boat. With a bit of luck, this someone could bring him on the good ol' ground. It was a good idea, but no boat in sight, and well, waves, waves, and even more waves were kinda boring. So sometimes he was enjoying the view underwater and sometime he was swimming on the surface. There were places were the current would be throwing him everywhere, others where it was as calm as a bath, in a gigantic bathtub.

One of the best videogame was born because its creator was lost three days in the woods, well what about wandering for a very long time under the sea! In this fame, he would try and give the feelling of being something insignificant in front of such a grandiose world but at the same time to be awed by it. Probably gigantic creatures, and humonguous plants. However the story should still be character centered, like someone trying to find their place in this world, but little by little they understand that their existential crisis might not be as important as they thought it to be. Yeah there was definitely something to work with there...

Unfortunately he was distracted by the feeling of the current getting stronger. Well looks like it was time for another washing machine grand tour. And this time he was shaked like crazy, squeezed, thrown and pushed into a cave, current was getting stronger, water was getting warmer. He couldn't say how much, but his shower cutain toga was melting, so yeah probably quite hot.

He didn't know how long he was carried in the darkest night. But finally he was litterally propulsed in the air. And he was falling, yes, falling, no water to stop him. Until he landed on the ground.Well that was an improvement! Except well he still didn't know where he was. But he could see a red light far away.

So he decided to follow it the air felt warmer, and warmer. In fact it was probably hot. And the ground was sizzling at each step. And there was a bubbling sound. It wasn't long before he finally found the source of this light.

Lava,floor was lava, well that explained why it was so soft. He was in a gigantic cave, with lava as floor. So volcano chamber. And look like he wasn't alone.

-Ah hello there! Sorry to disturb you good sir, but do you know the way to the U.S.A?
Jean Robert Boisvenu
Jean Robert Boisvenu

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