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Hitting the Streets (Sam)

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Hitting the Streets (Sam)

Post by Elaine on July 28th 2018, 12:48 am

”Really? That’s the fifth darn complaint this month! What does that boy think she’s doin’? What in tarnation is goin’ through his thick skull?”

When Elaine was upset, her accent shone through; it wasn’t something she could help, even after thirty years of talking. And boy, was her accent shining through now! She realized this, but was flustered to stop cursing under her breath. They go easy on heroes, you know, when they commit smaller crimes. What’s a few loitering complaints compared to them saving the world? Sure, it technically wasn’t ethical, but it was worth it in the long run. The general public would understand when these guys stopped them from being mugged or killed by this cities ridiculous amount of supervillains. So yeah, they’re given a little leeway, laws be damned, because they can’t save anyone in handcuffs!

But there is a line! There’s only so much goodwill for a certain person, and when they have a whole freaking stack of complaints against this one guy … she had to step in. Obviously, it was time. It wasn’t her choice, of course. If it was up to her, the complaints could fuck right off and let the guy live his peace. He’s living in a dumpster for Adlay’s sake, why the hell would you call the cops on him?! But unfortunately, it wasn’t up to her, this order came from way up top. Apparently, the mayor himself saw him there and thought it gave the city a bad name to have people living in dumpsters. Yeah, right. More like he realizes he can’t charge rent on trash cans and doesn’t want people living for free in his city. Corrupt bastard.

She didn’t like the mayor.

But he was the mayor, and that means she had to follow orders. And that’s how she found herself here, staring at the dumpster just barely concealed inside an alley. And the fact that it was actually off the beaten track only irritated her more. She was going to have a few choice words with the mayor when she done with this. She loved being a cop, but it was dirty tasks like this for crooked politicians that had her shaking her head at the establishment. If she didn’t require food, and water, and like, the ability to pay for rent, she’d quit and fight crime full time. Alas, she wasn’t quite ready to bunk with this guy in the dumpster, and so she raised her fist. She had to be careful (both because she didn’t want to dent this dudes home and also because trash slime, ew) and pounded on the side of the green-tinted bin.

”This is Officer Sayomi, climb on out of there, honey.”

By all accounts, this … Sam was a good guy, so hopefully he was commendable to going with her. If he wasn’t … well, that’s what the handcuffs on her belt and the gun in her hand was for.

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Re: Hitting the Streets (Sam)

Post by Nate6595 on August 1st 2018, 8:21 am

It wasn't the events of the day that had Sam tired, wasn't stopping those three burly men in the alleyway from mugging that woman, it wasn't helping that man get out of his burning car after the man crashed it, and it most certainly was not from taking down that large mutant meta who was causing havoc in the park. No...Sam was drained from that danged kid who had stolen his wallet and had made him run around the city trying to get it back. Somehow the kid had been particularly agile and had managed to avoid and dodge all of Sam's attempts to get it back. By the end of it, it had been three hour chase and was only ended when Sam had managed to chase the kid down to a dead end. It had taken up most of his energy for the day and forced him to head back home early to get some rest. He could've still done some hero work, he had some energy left, but he didn't want to push himself today. He just need a short break from it all.

It was definitely a takeout night. It was food he tried to avoid, he much rather use his small battery powered oven to cook a cheap meal, but after the events of today he just didn't have the energy for it. It was always an odd thing to order food to a dumpster, most found it to be counter productive, but the Chinese food delivery guy had learned to accept it after the seventh order. The first two times the delivery guy had refused to give Sam the food, but on the third trip he had nearly gotten mugged, but Sam came in at the last moment to save him. They managed to form a friendship following that and Sam was always sure to tip him well for the food, better than the other delivery guys. After a brief talk with the delivery guy Sam ducked back into his dumpster and leaned against the cloth covered walls.

He was half-way through the first container of food when he started to get even sleepier. He let out a soft yawn and rubbed one of his eyes, trying to get the sleep out of it. Slowly he closed his eyes, letting the sleep take him. He didn't even care that the food container was still resting in his lap. Sleep just felt so good right now and he didn't want anything to interrupt it. He just needed this time to-

Bang bang bang!

Someone was knocking on the door. It was probably some pranksters. Ding dong ditchers or the flaming poo bag trick. There was a small temptation to go and address them, but Sam was too tired to be bothered with that. He shifted slightly in the dumpster, patting the ground to try and find his pillow, but couldn't. Instead he just closed his eyes tighter as he waited for the obvious prankers to leave. It was a slow process for him to realize that he was not in a house nor the fact that pranksters would prank a dumpster or even know there was someone in here. In fact, only a few people knew he lived in this dumpster or rather...only few people who actually cared to visit.

Letting out a heavy breath he looked at the lid of the dumpster and slowly stood up, pressing the lid open and looking out to see a cop standing there. He still had some rice on his cheek and his hair was mess, but he didn't mind too much. He just looked at her with a tired expression and then yawned. "Oh...hold on one moment." Before she could reply he'd sink back down into the bin and grab two items before coming back up. He held outstretched in his hands a soda and a fortune cookie. "Do you want something to eat? Welcome to my home." He let out another yawn, smiling sleepily at the cop woman. He was pretty sure this is what people did when strangers arrived at their house. Fed them and then helped them out or something? He wasn't sure, he didn't have guests often enough to know. While Sam did know a few cops he didn't think he had met this one. She did look familiar, but beyond that he had no idea who she was. He tilted his head at her. "Can I help you with something?"

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Re: Hitting the Streets (Sam)

Post by Elaine on August 17th 2018, 4:43 am

”Oh, honey.”

God, he was still just a kid. Her anger instantly mounted against the stupid mayor. Why the hell do you call the cops on a kid like that? Seriously, the hell is his problem. And now- god, he was so nice, and sweet. Elaine couldn’t bear to put him in handcuffs, he was offering to share his food for christs sake! This kid was just a sweetheart. Still, Elaine had a job to do- and she was going to do it as gently as possible, though it went against every ethic she had. He was just a kid trying to get by, she wasn’t going to punish or berate him for that. Shit, if she was in his situation she probably wouldn’t be doing as well. She liked her creature comforts.

”Nah, honey, I’m afraid I can’t. Tell you what, step outta there nice ‘n easy and I’ll take you out to dinner myself.”

She failed to mention the not-so-brief pit stop they'd be forced to make downtown as she booked, processed, warned, and released him. She had no intention of doing so either. Telling a possible criminal they were going to a police station was rule number 1 of what not do in a situation such as this. She didn’t think Sam would do something like that, but she didn’t Jamie the Ass would either. It wasn’t his official nickname, but ever since he slipped through Elaine’s fingers and shot her in the chest she’s been calling him that, purely in the privacy of her head, though. Her superiors tended to frown on derogatory nicknames. She sighed again. Sam wasn’t Jamie the Ass, he deserved the truth.

”Truth is, darlin’, I’ve received a few complaints. About you, and your livin’ situations. People sayin’ it ain’ right, and well, honey, I’ve got a job. You’d be really helpin’ a girl out if you’d come with me downtown. What do you say sweety?”

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