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Smokey streets of LA

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INV ONLY Smokey streets of LA

Post by Samael Christensen December 12th 2020, 8:20 pm

Work in the supernatural world long enough and you intersect with the mundane. Detectives dealing with murders beyond their years of experience coming to you, skeptical but willing to hear out what you had to say about the matter. Samael found himself going through these things  a lot lately, especially with the emergence of the ancient vampire Isis. Leading those of her kind to drink their fill of humans and leading to humans growing more on edge with these mysterious killings. Osiris was also not happy with what was happening. That was what lead him to looking at the woman across from him, painclothesed compared to what he imagined they usually wore.

Like all the others she was wearing that same skeptical look.  ”So what’s the problem detective?” He questioned, leaning forward with eyes hidden behind thick sunglasses, lips pressed into a serious line. People with badges and guns always felt like trouble for him. Could do whatever they wanted if they thought there was something going on. Cleaning the mess up was always too much trouble.

“Partner told me you were good when dealing with…weird happenings,”

”Weird happenings? What kinda weird happenings?” He questioned, now slightly more curious about what she was planning to bring him.

She produced a small folder and let it slide across the slightly scuffed up desk. “This will tell you everything,” There was a certain edge to her voice. As if this were something she never saw before within her life.

”Well this will be interesting, ” He stated, opening the manilla folder and looking through the various notes and crime scene pictures portrayed. Various injuries and the like which were not something that a human could do. Not with their current physical abilities.

A few looked like a vampire’s attack, holds within their neck and some had their throats torn out. Some of them were disemboweled, and others ripped apart in a way that would have made a normal person vomit. He’d gotten rid of that reflex so long ago.

“What can you make of it?”

”Vampires, werewolves and…maybe a wendigo. Haven’t deal with the last one before but I’ve read enough about them to know what they do,”

“Vampires and werewolves? Really?”

He looked at her with a glare. ”Really? You come to me and want to question the existence of these things? People I swear,” He shook his head in disappointment and then sighed,. ”well, I guess metahumans are easier to believe than vampires right?”

“So can you do something about it?”

”Well if your friend is who I think they are, well they can pay for things. I’ll look into it.”

“You sure?”

”I’ve worked with the LAPD before, they know me,” Putting the folder down, he huffed. ”now give me some space,” With a motion he told her to go away and with a glare she stalked out of the room and he began his own research.


”Pretty freaky if you ask me,” He said speaking into the phone squashed against his ear, other hand occupied with a large slice of grease dripping pizza. Self-proclaimed vigilante he was, Pat occasionally liked to frequent supernatural forums and from time to time he met people who even called themselves occult specialists. So far they didn’t show him any kind of magic that could have been seen as legit, aside from taking credit for bad things happening to people as them casting curses. Annoying really when he thought about it.

Lately he had worked with a few people to look into a spree of murders that were apparently hitting the city, something he felt like he should have been doing something about. That empathetic feeling about not wanting people to suffer was always enough to force him into action. Hanging up the phone he then called his other friend, Luke because Matt was always busy these days.

”Hey Luke, I got this super cool lead. Wanted to work it over with you so come to my apartment when you have the time,” hanging up the phone and began working on his personal taser to make sure it was working to specifications while he waited.

The immortal with not enough patience for this- Adam Johnson (Vampire boi)
The Ravens Son- Samael Christensen
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