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The Owl's Nest

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The Owl's Nest Empty The Owl's Nest

Post by Puglife43vr on June 12th 2018, 10:19 am

Base Name: The Nest

Purpose: Hideout and armory for the Owl Man

Location: Chicago, IL. United States in North America

Apperance: A vast room located on the 30th floor of Jay Osprey's Penthouse. On the outside, there is one way glass to prevent peeking. People would think it's just a secret room for Jay to hang out in and party. On the inside, it's a room with a series of computer monitors, a cool chair, display case for the Owl Suit, weapon racks holding what Owl Man needs for combat and detective work, and an elevator leading down to a garage.

History: The Penthouse was built in the earlier 21st century just for Raymond Osprey to hang out in and show off his wealth. The building was also used for gang meetings and arms dealing with foreign groups. After Raymond's death and Jay took the persona of the Owl Man, he repurposed the room into his base of operations. At first, he kept some old desktops and his hat and coat in it. But as time went on, and he defeated more baddies, he gained more tools and weapons, like Owl Rangs, grappling hooks, explosives, etc.

The secret garage was where Raymond stored all his fancy cars. It had a secret exit from an underground tunnel leading out into the city. Now that Jay has control of it, and dealt with all the rats, he used the garage to hide his state of the art Owl Mobile and Owl Submersible. The Owl Jet is being hid in a private hangar at the "O'Hare International Airport".

Wealth: After investing in several arms and tech companies, Jay great his father's wealth to 810 million dollars.

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