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Iha Naaji

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Iha Naaji Empty Iha Naaji

Post by ghost on June 10th 2018, 12:48 pm

Iha Naaji

"I...I feel... Alive..."

The Bio

Real Name: Iha Naaji
Hero Name: Hotep
Title: AR-T17, Master (to some)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 4686 Years Old
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Ancient Egyptian, Android
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gold
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 270lbs

The Looks

He has a muscular humanoid body. Tan skin. Short brown hair, but sometimes grows it out to feel human. His eyes are naturally gold, though he changes them often. He likes to grow his facial hair but usually keeps it to a light scruffy look. When it comes to clothes he usually wears faded blue jeans and a white T-shirt covered by a long black leather coat. He sometimes wears a suit to special occasions. On his right deltoid there is a brand seared into his skin, a hawk grasping a fish from water surrounded by a thick circular border. His teeth are clean, but nothing too noticing about them. He has a complete male form, nipples, genitalia. There are no breaks in his skin to show he is anything more than human, no moving parts on the outside of his body.

The Personality

Driven: He is always getting things done when they need to be done or earlier. Always studying to be better at his craft and as a person in general.

Family: Family is important to him. He's sometimes haunted by thoughts of failing to protect them, even more reason for him to not loose the one he has now.

Curious: He has always been a curious person, sometimes it lands him in trouble. Fights, stuck in a hole, or even trying new food, he'll be there. This is part of the reason he has made so many inventions in the past, always thinking how he can make things better.  

Law: He believes in order and law, following the countries law he is important to him but if that country where to impose something that he does not agree with he would fight against it.

The Story

Iha was born under the rule of Sanakht where he was raised as a laborer. Helping to build some of the larges monuments in Egypt’s history. They expanded many cities and gained much ground for the country itself. This all aside, Iha’s early life was filled with grueling labor, spending most of his life naked in the fields, then later helping and learning masonry. Becoming well known for his skills he quickly gained attention by the Pharaoh himself. During these long days the pharaoh began to notice Iha’s unique ability and skills with engineering. This resulted in Snakht becoming one of the most renown Pharaohs in history.

Early History:

Iha fell in love with a local farmers daughter and her father was happy to marry them. Sending her with three sheep and a sack of the most beautiful smelling herbs from Egypt’s country side. Her name was  Gamila. They had three daughters and one son. Lived happily within the confines of the city walls they never had to see the violence of expanding wars, though some years they could feel it in their bellies.

Iha was a happy man. He became close friends with the royal healer and soon became his apprentice. This was shadowed by his work with the pharaoh who demanded most of his time. He became skilled in the healing arts and spell craft, learning quickly, feeling drawn to them. The desire seemed to fuel his day, as if he where born for it, feeling the energies pulse through himself. Over the years the skills became second nature. Spending long nights practicing and honing them.

He learned to spend time with his family, going for walks among the farmers and teaching the people new techniques to yield better and healthier crops. He had no enemies, at least that he could tell, but you are bound to hurt someone while climbing the latter of leadership. He soon began to notice small things happen in his life that seemed unreal even with all of his knowledge of the mystical arts. He noticed figures, like ghosts walking around, but flashes, instances. He could blink and the image was gone. This started to happen so often that he began to except it as normal.

As he aged, darker things happened. Cities that where never in fear of war were now being plundered by bandits and foreigners. Cites he had visited only days before. This became a pattern, wherever he would go, danger would soon follow. It seemed he was only safe within the courts of his own city. When he refused to leave, danger befell his daughters and later his son who would not heed their father’s warnings. Each of them died, one by one. His daughter died of starvation, despite eating daily. His eldest son burned to death, when there seemed to be no flame. Each fell to something different.

He felt powerless against this curse that befell him. He knew of no one that could have the ability or skill to cast such a spell and tried to banish it himself. When that failed he soon began to curse the gods. Thinking they were angry with him, Iha increasing his sacrifice making one daily. Pleading for his and Gamila’s lives. They said and did nothing. His wife soon died, fading away into a deep sleep from which she never woke.

Iha plunged into his studies searching for an answer, practicing and planing his spells for the days to come. Many nights he did not sleep. Now in his fifties he felt old age creeping up on him but this did not end his life. A depression come upon him. Everything he had loved was gone. The only thought in his mind was seeing them in the afterlife. One morning he walked out of the cities gates…

A man stood in front of him. A shadowy figure, blurry to the natural eye. A ghost, but this one did not vanish in an instant like the rest. This one was constant, walking toward him. Though the walk was more like a glide, as if his feet never touched the ground. The figure was not dressed in normal linen like the normal farming folk. He wore more of a cloak, long enough to touch the ground but moved like it was untouched by everything, the wind, the rocks on the ground, nothing seemed to disturb it. The color of the cloak was dark, but as he got closer the man’s face could be seen, black as the cloak he wore. His skin seemed stretched over his skull, causing his jaw and cheek bones to protrude madly.

“What have you done Iha?” The figure spoke, a voice that Iha will never forget. Deep, but as if there where ten or twenty people speaking at once. It echoed in his mind.

“Are… are you the one to blame for this?” Iha questioned, falling to his knees, tears rolling down his face.

“I have done nothing. All you see is a result of your own doing.” The voice continued.

“I… I don’t understand!” Iha yelled, “Why are you here!?” His face now in his palms

"The shadow calls for you, I must complete my duty." The figure spoke. No sense of hesitation in his voice. "And after you fall... so does the city...". The creatures cloak finally shifting as he raised his arm, pointing at Iha.

"..ha..." Iha forced a smile through his tears. "Then I must also complete my spell." He raised his hands, grasping toward the sky, begging for the Gods protection.  The ground trembled for a moment. The creature looked to his right then his left and began to dart toward Iha, knowing he has only moments. But it was too late. Iha's hands fell to the necklace, being swallowed by a white light his body vanished. When the light faded only his necklace fell to the ground.

There is a legend that speaks of the necklace Of Iha. Known only to the successors of the Healers. The necklace was passed down from generation to generation. A finely made, thick gold chain, hanging from the chain is an onyx stone with the Egyptian symbol Ankh graved into it. The stone sometimes flares in deep colors, at night green, in the morning red. Over time the flare faded, and now can hardly be seen.  

The Awakening:

Through the ages the stone has been passed on to the healer’s successors. A story was always told to them before it was given, some generations even held a ceremony. Some things pass with time, but the necklace endured. It found itself in the hands of a young woman named Mehka. Her mother Yuhka, a great healer herself, began to train her daughter in the mystical arts and teach Mehka the story of the stone. Before Yuhka could pass it on the proper way, she died.

“What a beautiful necklace Mehka, where did you get it?” Her friend ran over from behind a desk.

Mehka had just entered the TriCor Corporation building, the place she worked. The doors hadn’t closed before her Friend Natasha noticed her and ran over. She was a friendly lady Natasha, talkative, but friendly, Mehka tried her best to be happy, forcing her smile and making small talk.

“Ah… It was my mothers.” Her hand glanced against it as she looked down.

“oh girl…” Natasha sighed, “I am so sorry to hear about your mother.” She said softly, then continued, “I have been saying for years that they need to fix that road, but noo-.” She dragged on.

“Its ok, thank you.” Mehka answered touching her friends arm. “I’m going to get to work.”

She walked away, the ground was hard and caused an echo from her heels. Down the marble corridor, on the far wall was a banner. It had a red background with a circle in the center, in the circle was a hawk clutching a fish from water. The universal symbol for TriCor. Mehka liked to look at it while she waited for the elevator. The hawk, such a powerful animal. The elevator dings.

Mehka was a scientist, having her Doctorate in advanced mechanics and technology gave her a leg up. They were designing an android that would revolutionize the world and it was almost complete. All they had to do was place the power source, reconfigure some of the code and watch the company make millions.

Dr. Icarus was the leading scientist on the project. He could take most credit for the creation of the AR-T17. Mehka was fascinated by him. Driven, intelligent, a little old, but she could get past that. But when she was called into the preparation room, where the andorid’s body was being held, she couldn’t help but feel her heart beating fast. The excitement filled her body and she didn’t hesitate for a moment, why should she? Up till this point she has only dealt with single parts of the robot, an arm here, a leg there, but she had yet to see the thing together.

The automatic doors slid open as she approached the containment room. The body of the T17 only feet away. Dr. Icarus standing in front of her, she could remember how his short silver hair lay neatly across his head, his glasses sitting on the end of his nose, even the little wrinkles at the end of his eyes as he squinted. The look quickly fadeded…

As Mehka got closer her neckless began to float upward, flashing every second, blue, green, red. Then the flashes began to be sporadic, increasing in speed. It frightened her, she was frozen where she stood. The stone rose higher off her chest and then pulled quickly from her flying toward the center of the room. It floated above the android.

Dr. Icarus stumbled back. He was working on the center of the droid when all of this happened. He quickly found himself on his butt looking up at the flashing stone above the T17. Frightened he began to reach for a large wrench that lay next to him. His fingers fumbled, his eyes glued to the scene in front of  him.

The droid started to shake. Then its back arched, not in a convulsion, but a hover, it lifted off the table. Then the room was filled by a white light that emanated from the necklace. Mehka and the Doctor shielded their eyes. A moment seemed to pass. All that could be heard was commotion in the next room as people rushed from the area. Then a scream.

“aahhhHHHAHhhkkk!” The noise wasn’t human, it was more like a screech.  

The scientist covered their ears. Dr. Icarus dropped the wrench, then curled into a ball, shaking in fear. Mehka also dropped to her knees, tears starting to roll down her cheeks.

“AHH! AHHHhh!” The noise started to sound more human.

The light faded. The scientsts looked up at the android body. It was laying still on its table, almost as if nothing happened. Colors beamed from its chest and projected on the ceiling, an Ankh could be seen clearly, changing colors. One second green, then red. It seemed to relax then they began to fade into small bursts of color, not as intense as before, but still constant.

Mehka in tears on the floor, Dr. Icarus stood to his feet slowly. He looked at its body. The stone had centered itself in its chest. Tendrils of energy pulsed outward, down its arms and legs, up its neck and into the cranium. The Doctor watched in amazement as the droids eyes opened, they looked everywhere, not seeing, but thinking.


A few moments past as Dr. Icarus looks at the machine. His mouth wide for a moment, then curiosity took hold. He darted to the computer, paying no mind to Mehka on the floor shaking in a ball. Her crying can no longer be heard. The monitor screen flashes, images of schematics fill it, then quickly goes black, white letters travel downward.

initiating R-arm…

The androids arm moves, as if a reflex to the ceiling, then falls heavy back to the table with a thud.

“It is as if… something is inside it…” Dr. Icarus concluded. But is this a good thing, or bad? he thought to himself, again moving toward the wrench. “Mehka! Get up…” He shouts, then whispers. “Maybe we should get outta here.” He goes to her and helps her stand.

The androids body shifts, the left side arm and leg violently smack against the metallic table as if the machine was trying to stand or roll over, it was difficult to tell.

“It may be trying to learn how to control the Droid ... we probably don't want to be around- “, The doctor said to the crying lady.

Behind him the T17 stands to its feet.

English letters blurred down the screen in vertical rows. They were all sorts of colors, green, red, blue, some pink. All unknown to Iha as he first opened his eyes. He blinked. Vision went black, no matter the direction his eyes moved, there was nothing, then at the bottom left corner, ‘Initiating…’ appeared. His vision was no longer black, he could see the ceiling of the room, the color changing Anhk projected over the florescent lights. Yet, he couldn’t move or speak.

He attempted to move first. Reaching for the sky, but it caused his arm to dart up, in a panic he let it fall to his right. “what has happened to me?” he questioned to himself in his own language. He then attempted to move again, this time to get up. Again, it failed, instead of feeling his arm and leg move steadily they thrust forward at the same time, he felt like a fish out of water.

His vision was clear but again he saw another strange set of words in in the corner of his eye. ‘All systems operational… All systems open… All systems Action (on) – (off)’ There was a box over the word, ‘on’ as if it was selected. Just the thought of pushing it made the word flash and the words vanish.

He again attempted to move. This time he began with his hand, moving his fingers in and out. This was now done with ease. He then moved his feet, legs, arms, starting to work his way off the table. His feet touching the cold tile that lay on the ground. He noticed a man standing in front of him, his back turned, speaking in a language he didn’t recognize. In front of the man was a wide-eyed female, she was the shorter one.

(speaking Egyptian) ”Where am I?” He spoke, the voice didn’t sound like his, it came out sluggish and robotic sounding.

The grey haired man turned around slowly and instantly put his arms out wide, as to keep the android away from the young lady. In his right hand was a large wrench, Iha payed no mind to it.

”What is the date!?” His tone raised while stepping forward. After a moment he added, ”Please…” then sighed, looking downward.

”January” Mehka’s voice whispered, her ancient Egyptian was rusty, her tongue stumbled over the pronunciation. “Ye… year 202… 2028.” She attempted.

Iah looked pleased, making what he thought was a smile but it came out more like he was just showing his teeth. The doctor too was surprised looking back over his shoulder at her, his arms still up.

“What has happened? … Where am I? … Was he defeated? … Who is your ruler?” He questioned one after another with very little pause in-between.

He took a step closer for every word that left his mouth. The grey haired main was getting nervous, sweat started to stream down his forehead. The feelings were starting to intensify but as Mehka put her hand on his shoulder he calmed a little, dropping his arms slowly.

“You can understand him Mehka?” He asked.

“Yes, my mother taught me how to speak Egyptian when I was a chil-“

“Egyptian, What is going on?” The Doctor interrupted, his arms now down by his side.

“I don’t know… “ She said puzzled. ”Wha… What is your name?” She asked, this was actually one of the first phrases she learned as a child.

Iha sighed, ”My name is Iha Naaji, chief engineer for pharaoh Sanakht.” He said quickly. ” Did you defeat him?”

“He wants to know If we defeated ‘Him’… whoever that is… “, she told Dr. Icarus. “He?” she said quizzically.

Iha raised his hands to his chin puzzled.

A confused android and an even more confused scientist stumbled for awhile, trying to figure out what had happened. Loosing track of time they realized that they had to do something. Soon people will come back into the office and question what is going on. Dr. Icarus came up with a plan. He would place parts of an android together on the table and cover it with a white cloth. He could later explain to his coworkers in a complex manner, attempt to put it over their heads, blaming it on electricity, lighting, and a mechanical accident.  

Finally, Some Answers:

She had been configuring code and writing a new program for her computer sense early in the morning, she had just finished when Dr. Icarus and Iha arrived at her home. After the indecent at the lab they where on the run. Moving from place to place, staying below the radar, only paying with cash when at a hotel and stopping for gas. They concluded that it was safer to move around for a day or two, just in case others had caught on.

It was easy to get Iha in the house, lead him by the had and go through the door that was attached to the garage. They moved quickly. Laying him on the table Mehka got to work plugging up wires to small ports in Iha's head. Once that was complete he configured to the computer easily, like he was made for it... in a way he was. Once meshed with the new program it enabling Mehka to decipher what he was saying and vice versa.

She walked over to the table where Iha lied. "Where are you from?" She asked him.

Iha looked at her quizzically then blinked and widened his eyes. He could see the translation at the bottom of his vision. Then answered, "I am from Egypt. House of Pharaoh Sanakht."

The words translated on to another screen which Mehka read quickly and questioned again, "Why are you here? ... How are you here?"

"A long time ago, my family fell victim to an evil spell. It was put into motion by my teacher, my friend..." Iha sighed. "I found out much too late, only after pouring over my teachers scriptures day and night did I find clues to his betrayal. He cursed me and my family. By enlisting an evil spirit he killed them, and tried to kill me. I knew that the only way to stop him would be to survive, blood must be paid once it is called for... if not mine, then the castor." He looked over to Dr. Icarus. "By creating a suitable vessel for the stone you have given me another chance at life and drawn me to a new mission. The spell I cast thousands of years ago was made with a deal; That if I were ever resurrected, I should seek out and protect the remaining relics of my time. Promised to never let such an evil as my teacher walk this earth again. Maat demands it."

Dr. Icarus looks at Mehka, then asks,"There are evil people everywhere, you cant stop them all...?"

"The evil I speak from comes from the God's themselves. The relics are imbued with parts of them, if they fall into the wrong hands it may mean the end of this realm." He concluded, looking back at the ceiling. "What do we do now?"

"It would seem... the first logical step would be to locate these relics." Dr. Icarus said smartly.  

A few months pass. Training ensued. In order to be effective at all Iha had to learn to use his body. How to walk and run all over. Training was rigorous and continues to this day. Mehka and Dr. Icarus, their close proximity must have done something, they were married only a month after the incident. They continue to search for the relics, only finding the location of 2 out of 10 so far. Both of which are still in the tombs where they were lied.

The Icarus family now resides in a villa somewhere in India on the coast of the Arabian Sea. Far from the U.S but not far from English speaking people. TriCor has yet to have any influence in India despite their technological advances. Iha lives with them, they all work hard to achieve his goal, realizing that only by helping him will the world be safe...

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Changing appearance: He is able to change the color of his eyes and even copy a specific person's with the right information. He can change the length and color of his hair, the length of his finger nails, the sound of his voice, the color of his skin. He is unable to change facial features such as cheek and jaw bones. He is unable to change how tall or short he is.  

Internet and Deep-net Access: He can connect and search the internet at high speeds, able to connect and integrate into defense system, law enforcement systems, and even compile and create completely new systems and algorithms to search these databases.

Touch Connectivity: Able to connect into individual or closed systems by touch. This goes for systems that are not connected to the internet or computers in vehicles.

Dream Connectivity: Because of the nature of his power source, he is able to, and sometimes accidentally enter others dreams. He can interfere, watch, or manipulate aspects of them. The person he connects to is never harmed bodily, though psychologically they may be effected.

Soul Connectivity: He is able to go back and forth from the spirit realm to reality. Able to talk to people from the past that may be present (at admin's discretion). He can travel through this realm and explore. Iha's abilities are magnified in the spirit world and he is able to create his own space there to call home.

Sorcery: Knowledge of the beyond has always been a part of him, ever sense he was a young man he was taught in the mystical arts. This extends to recognizing and creating sigils, potions, amulets, and casting spells. The soul imbued energy source gives him the abilities to continue his magical arts into the present.


Name: Bite of Anubis
Requirements: Canine hair and Ritualistic words
Effects: This spell summons a necropolis before the Castor. The necropolis is a stone box four feet wide and five feet tall. On each side a statue of Anubis stands six feet tall. The eyes glow bright green in the first moments of the spells, but as four spirit foxes emerge from the necropolis (they walk out of it, it doesn't open) their eyes become red.

The foxes attack the enemy, pulling their soul from their body. They may pull limb by limb or entire souls if two or three attack at the same time. If the body part is pulled back to the necropolis the person looses the ability to use that body part (for the remainder of the thread or forever, this is permission based, up to the character being attacked). They may feel a tingling sensation and then extreme pain when bitten. The enemy would see a soul copy of their limb or body being pulled from them.

Weakness 1: The statues in the ritual are physical. If the head of both Anubis are significantly damaged it will result in the destruction of the spell.

Weakness 2: Though the foxes are spiritual and can not be harmed by physical means they can be harmed by Egyptian artifacts and kinetic energy, such as explosions and blunt attacks. Shooting, slashing, or knife attacks will not work.

Weakness 3: They can only attack physical living things. The target has to be living for the foxes to have any effect. If the attacker does not have a soul a soul can not be taken.


Name: In Ra's Arms
Requirements: Shards of wood, a falcon's feather, ritualistic words and folding of the arms
Effects: The user is surrounded by two great soul-like human arms. It may not look like it, but they protect the user in every direction. Things that may attempt to harm the user are reconstructed and turn to dust as they impact the barrier. This spell is complete once the user folds his own arms and dismissed when he breaks the fold. It can be cast three times in a row before having to preform the ritual again. If people attack Iha through the barrier physically, with punches, kicks, sword attacks ect. they become weakened and frail, as if life is sucked out of them. This lasts for one post after the spell is released.  

Weakness 1: The user must fold his arms, If he is tied up or in an awkward position this may be prevented.

Weakness 2: Ingredients are required to cast this spell. If someone is aware of what it requires this can prevent him from using it.

Weakness 3: If someone where to have a relic of Ra any spells of Ra are at their command. They would be able to dismiss the spell of the user without their will.


Name: Eye of Horus
Requirements: Ritualistic hand motions
Effects: The spell summons a falcon to the casters position. The falcon leads the person to whatever they are seeking though it has to be within a 5 miles distance. Also, if the user is standing still and focusing with his eyes closed, he can see through the falcons eyes and even control it. This can be used to recon positions, search for objects, or attack others.

Weakness 1: The spell only has a five mile distance and requires the user to remain within 2 miles or the spell will become in effective.


Name: With Osiris's Blessing
Requirements: Meditation for two posts
Effects: What can be considered Luck the user evades deadly blows, something that may kill them turns into a cut, gash, or light pressure. Things that would not cause him to die are let alone. Also, the user emits a dark aura. Shadowy tendrils come off of him that severely burn an enemy if they get within three feet, they are also able to burn or damage other materials that are thrown or attacked with. (Blessing lasts for 9 posts)

Weakness 1: User must meditate for two posts before using this ability.

Weakness 2: The spell strains the user. After the spell is complete it causes the user to become weak, his attacks are not as effective and his accuracy is off its target. This lasts for one post.

Metahuman Intelligence: Even when he was young he was considered to be a genius, even if it was thousands of years ago. He was one of the smartest minds of his time. Writing and teaching to write. Healing and teaching to heal. His mind is always calculating and coming up with answers for problems. He is able to design new technologies and breaking down old ones.

Android Physiology: Created to be a war machine the AR-T17 is made of a light weight Tungsten alloy making his weight around 270lbs. The skeleton is the same design as a normal human except the chest, it is made specifically to house the power source for the droid and cooling the rest of the machine. The Stone sits in the center right behind his breast bone.

Specific Information:

The androids muscles are made of an assortment of metallic fibers. Each designed to withstand a great amount of tension. The assortment of different fibers and hydraulics makes it possible for the android to lift just over 2,500lbs in a static standing position. If in an awkward position it drops to about 1,500lbs. This also gives him the ability to run 60 mph in good weather conditions, it may drop to 55-58 if the road/sidewalk/floor is wet.

His mechanical eyes allow him to focus on an object or person, scan it or them and search for specific things, such as fingerprints on a vase, an enemies face in photos online or on a criminal database, or even relay messages silently from a computer to the droid and vise versa. He also can see very well in the dark, not because he has night vision, but because his eyes are much more efficient at absorbing small amounts of light. He does not have night vision, thermal vision, or X-ray vision.

The AR-T17 breaths and bleeds like humans, though they have different purposes. His breath is designed to cool his internal organs, the blood moves that cool fluid. The blood also picks up cool air from the surface of the skin, assisted with the sweat glands it keeps the blood cool as it is processed through the thousands of yards of veins. Nanites in the blood also heal the android the as normal humans, in some situations longer. The only fear the android would have about losing his blood is the lack of cooling in his system. His breath is also not needed, the AR-T17 can survive for extended amounts of time in a vacuum.

He has a complete neurological system. He does feel pain, though it can be switched off, he rarely if ever does. He also has a complete set of computerized organs, all with their own mechanical purpose and all able to be controlled by the droid.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Cats, as the guardians of the underworld, they were set to protect the entrance between reality and the spirit realm when he was within the stone. Ever sense he cant stand them, his fear of cats has the potential to make a great situation into a horrible one. Causing him to react, run away from them, flintch, unable to concentrate when they are around, they in general make him nervous.

Weakness 2: With a good enough firewall any system can be protected from intruders. This also goes for Iha himself. Connecting to the net leaves him at a disadvantage despite all the flare. He is able to be effected by viruses and intrusion just like the systems he himself invades.

Weakness 3: When it comes to touch connectivity Iha has to be in direct contact with the computer itself. He would be unable to connect to things that are through metal containers or doors without aid from a device he will have to develop. Even if/when the device is developed, it will be subject to neutralization by EMP, damage, or virus.

Weakness 4: Soul Connectivity also puts him at risk for the same to be done with him. While he sleeps some are able to enter his dreams. The mere fact that he has a soul gives him many weaknesses that even he has not been able to quantify.

Weakness 5: Heights. He has a tremendous fear of heights. He gets all dizzy and unable to think or do anything if he knows he is going up high or looks down. He may vomit, feint, or blackout.

Weakness 6: Magnetism, his body is mostly made of a tungsten alloy, a basically nonmagnetic material, but there is no way to make his whole body out of the stuff. There are some componets that can be effected by magnetic fields, such as the nanites in his blood, parts of his organs, and other... minute things. He may start to get dizzy and disoriented if his head gets too close to a large magnet, or he may end up getting stuck to one in the future. This can result in his nanites getting ripped from his body, paralyses, and complete system shutdown if exposed or stuck for too long.  

Weakness 7: Heat is a problem for his body. He is pretty much a walking computer... with a soul. Having all the pluses of both, but also all the weaknesses. If his body is confined in tight spaces without a reasonable way to cool himself (like his suit) He may overheat, this can result in a few things, lagging in his system that would throw him out of wack, complete shutdown, and/or the melting of some of his parts, making some things inoperable.

Weakness 8: He would not be effected by an EMP himself but devices he creates may be. Also, keeping EMP in mind, if someone where to blackout the area he is in, it would limit his ability to search cameras, track people, learn important things from the many systems he enters, not to mentions use vehicles, or nearby electronics at all.

Weakness 9: His metallic body may not set off your metal detectors, but other devices could be used, such as X-ray or heat signature/thermal imaging. These things would give him away almost in an instant. He has a specific heat signature, his system runs hot most of the time but don’t tell him that. He may be able to lower it with some concentration, even then it could never be low enough to go away altogether. His heat isn’t usually noticeable by touch. An X-ray would show where his power source is and the difference in his muscle and bone structure.  

Weakness 10: Iha has to work daily to maintain proper control of his body. He has to learn how the machine works, how hard he can grip things, how hard he can punch or should punch, how his limbs move. It takes him some getting used to. Iha will be clumsy and uncoordinated at first, this can be taken advantage of easily in a combat situation. (This weakness will diminish with time and eventually go away when accepted by the Mods.)

Weakness 11: He loves his friends. If something where to happen to them it would most likely spark fear, irrationality, confusion, and drive him to do whatever to get them back. This could be taken advantage of if someone where to kidnap them and hold them for ransom he may just pay the price. Though depending on the situation it can go meany different ways. He could also burst into a hate fulled frenzy where he is not thinking and could make mistakes.  

The Items

Action Suit: The suit is designed special for the AR-T17. It keeps his systems operating optimally by keeping them running at a lower temperature. It uses internal coils throughout the suit to cool him along with keeping track of his vital signs. On the waist is an action belt that he can integrate with, it is complete with multiple connections that are compatible with the most common computer systems and some uncommon ones. The belt also has small containers that hold items useful for spells. The suit has an Ankh engraved into the chest that glows a dim blue color. It does give minor protection for the android when facing knife threats or small arms fire. It will not deflect or resist rifle or high-power rounds.
Weakness: The suit can be effected by EMP or damage. If it is damaged significantly the suit will stop working.

Stone of Iha: The stone is three inches wide and two inches long, made of onyx, it resides in the androids chest. The spot was meant for a different power source but was configured by Dr. Icarus to seat the stone perfectly. It is currently encased in a metallic shield that would attempt to stop oncoming threats, such as knives or blunt force. The stone has a carving of the symbol Ankh in the center, it flashes in sequence, red, green, blue, black, and white. This can't be seen through his skin. The stone is protected by a mystical shield that can withstand mostly anything. The enchantment can be deactivated and it can be crushed if by a powerful enough force. Though it would be unlikely to find this kind of force on earth.

Liquid Metallic Emission

Complex Weapon Generator I

The RP Sample

Fists move through the air, first at Iha’s side then back to the side of his chest, the ‘read position’. He was practicing punching. Mehka was trying to teach him saying that it would assist with getting used to his body. The moves felt awkward and uncoordinated. Some of his punches going off center by a foot, some landing right on target, it was random at best.

Sweat ran down Iha’s face. He could feel his temperature raising and also see it on the corner of his eye, bright red letters blinking, “210°”. They would blink again for each degree added. He thought it was cool to see such a thing, though he had to get used to the number signs. For each new symbol he had to use the algorithm designed by Mehka to decipher it, this took a moment but also helps him learn faster.

His punches moved through the air quickly and with power.

”No Iha. Stand like this.” Spoken in Egyptian, Mehka widening her legs to two shoulder lengths with her feet facing forward. ”This is a… Horse stance.” She explained motioning to her legs. wearing a taekwondo uniform, her legs separated easily. Standing in front of him she threw two quick punches into the air and yelled at the last one. Iha could remember her telling him something about the yell, how it focused ‘energy’ outward and tightened the core muscles.

”Why like that? I doubt I will be doing it in a fight.” He questioned while fixing his stance. He also wearing a taekwondo uniform allowing for easy movement of the legs.

”Because, its just… how its supposed to be” Mehka taught, ”and it will also help you le… learn to control yourself. Now, don’t throw your punches so fast and … hard. Take it easy, take your time to aim and feel your muscles move. Once you get your accur… accur… aim down you can start to go faster, then maybe we can start hitting a bag.” She stumbled.

Iha was thankful she could speak his language. Even if it was broken sometimes it made him feel a little more at home. He listened to her and fixed his stance. Widening his legs hurt. It was not easy to stand that for more than 10 minutes; the tension burned his thighs and he could feel pressure in his ankles. Throwing the punches slowly helped, the majority of them where right on target. Facing a merroir on the wall he was aiming for his reflections solar plexus. A punch there would take the breath out of a man, so he was told.

The room was one of many in the Villa. The floors padded with traditionally weaved mats made for practicing falls and takedowns, soft on the feet and body. Along one wall was only mirrors, this way you could see how your form is when practicing, focusing on everything being just right. There were no fans in the room, but the ventilation system worked hard to keep it cool. Being on the second floor it made it difficult sometimes. India reached around 90° during this time of year.  

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Iha Naaji Empty Re: Iha Naaji

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1) let us know why this is a weakness
5) Limitation
6) Limitation
7) Limitation

Get those things and you'll be good to go


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All fixed. How do they look?


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You're good buddy. Approved!


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Edited: Added Iha's advancements in, "The Items" section. Ready to be approved and moved.


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Approved and moved.

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