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Spidress/Scarlet Web's Advancements

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Spidress/Scarlet Web's Advancements Empty Spidress/Scarlet Web's Advancements

Post by Spidress September 30th 2017, 1:26 am

Item/Character Advancement Name: Ti Nura

Item/Character Advancement Description:

Spidress/Scarlet Web's Advancements Spidre10

Item/Character Advancement Power(s): Ti Nura is the name of an extraterrestrial arachnid that burrowed its way into Victoria Hoover's flesh, making a home out of the insides of her body. In doing so, it granted her the abilities of a spider. However, in becoming aware of its existence and presence within her body, Victoria has come to explore a wider arsenal of powers. Beyond this, all of Victoria's previous powers have been augmented through the cooperation of Ti Nura, who is the original source of her strength. Ti Nura draws power from the sun, converting solar energy into fuel for Victoria to function within the suit and utilize its capabilities.

Intelligence: Ti Nura is an extraterrestrial entity that has existed for a number of centuries. During its lifetime, it traveled countless planets through many galaxies, extracting information over many different alien species. It has the ability to communicate with Victoria telepathically in a vast multitude of languages, as well as exert its influence over her in times of dire need. Its scanning capabilities enable Ti Nura to distinguish specimens by a signature, specified aura.

Armor: Victoria has replaced her costume with Ti Nura's symbiotic flesh. This suit of armor is lighter and more durable than adamantium, yet also far more malleable in the sense that it can be reshaped depending on the presiding circumstance. While suited, Victoria can survive within the vacuum of space and is resistant to harsh weather conditions such as intense heat and cold.

Regeneration: So long as Ti Nura is constantly supplied by the rays of the sun, it will have a near infinite source of energy at its disposal. This means that Victoria can essentially fight without tiring nor having to worry about exerting herself in the slightest. Under these conditions, Ti Nura can also heal Victoria's wounds at a rapid rate and eliminate any foreign invaders within its home. This regenerative factor is not capable of recovering whole limbs, however.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):

Magic: Ti Nura is not fond of magic. It is unable process spells and decrees of this categorization and is largely susceptible to attacks of this variation.

Merciless: Ti Nura harbors little no care for any means of life. It will do what it must in order to survive; for this reason, it does not hold back its powers under any circumstances, no matter who might be caught up in the crossfire or what may be destroyed in the process.

Power Shortage: Being powered and fueled by the sun, in the absence of sunlight, Ti Nura will not be able to function infinitely and will instead have a much shorter period of time in which it can operate. Should its energy in this state be maximized, the armor around Victoria would be recalled, leaving her identity exposed to the rest of the world as well as leaving her to fend for herself as Ti Nura quite literally shuts off within her.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 5 EXP

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Quote : Does whatever a spider can.

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Spidress/Scarlet Web's Advancements Empty Re: Spidress/Scarlet Web's Advancements

Post by Bliss September 30th 2017, 3:48 am



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