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Legion Empty Legion

Post by Morpheus Complex September 27th 2017, 7:56 pm


Direct Control:
"I Am Legion. For I Am Many"

The Bio

Real Name: Victor Kane White
Villain Name: Legion
Title: The Many
Alignment: CE
Age: 26
Gender: Varies
Race: Varies
Hair: Varies
Eyes: Varies
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Blood type: Varies

The Looks

Legion's appearance is Varied.

The Personality

Legion is a sinister entity. It is violent, sadistic, manipulative, homicidal, and unpredictable. It has no value for human life, and relishes in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual suffering of others. Legion believes that morals are cages that hold what a human really is. To Legion, everyone is just as ugly and sinister on the inside as it is. Its main goal is to tear away the personas of mankind, the “masks” and let its destructive, sinful side run free into the world as it was meant to.

Legion's over all demeanor, and feel is deathly serious. Yet, most times, what it says can be comical, making it feel dark and imposing. It has a twisted sense of humor, especially when it kills one person or a very small group of people. Most of Legion’s violent acts are on a whim, but it is no stranger to grand scale destruction and madness. Its what makes Legion unpredictable in its quest to cause mass chaos and commit crimes against humanity.  

The Story

Before Legion occupied many bodies, it was just one. A human male by the name of Victor Kane White. He was born from a program that wanted to raise metahumans soldiers by offering large sums of money for metahuman males that offered them their sperm and metahuman females that offered their eggs. It was an illegal project that was conducted by a private military firm on a privately owned island. Victor was manipulative among the children, often getting them into trouble, and leading them into doing mischievous things.

Victor was unaware to what type of metahuman mutation he had until he was 18. The officers almost thought Victor didn't have powers at all. When the cadets don't demonstrate that they have powers, they are killed. During nighttime in his sleeping quarters, Victor did some testing to see if he had some form of telekinesis. He focused on one of the cadets. It led to him adding the young one to his new Hive Mind. And then another. Days later, after assimilating some of the most strongest metahuman cadets he could, he had them all kill the officers, and eventually, each other, all for his amusement, including his original body. Three Cadets were left alive as his vessels. From then he Victor forsaken his former identity as he did with his body. Now it is an entity known as Legion.

From there, Legion had spread its bodies across the globe, assimilating multiple people, using themto learn different subjects across the globe. As he did so, he plotted. He plotted to hit the world harder than it has ever been hit, to plunge the whole world into a Hellish Chaos. For fun. And now, that seven years has passed, Legion has decided to break out of the shadows, and proceed with his goals...

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

  • Hive Mind- Legion has the ability to telepathically suppress individual's conscious and subconscious minds, and placing in his own, as long as they are alive, and have a nervous system of some sort. This is done by first telepathically linking with an individual that one of its vessel's can see and focus on them. The subjects won't notice, but the subconscious will begin to start rejecting the link. If Legion succeeds, it will began to dominate their mind, causing it to go into a coma for as long as it is in control, and become a vessel to the Hive Mind. (Player Permission; up to 5 Meta humans,up to 30 normal humans at once time)

The Weaknesses

  • Legion's telepathic control on others is highly sensitive to electricity. If one of the vessels are hit with a powerful, yet non lethal or crippling surge of electricity, it will disrupt Legion's telepathic connection, freeing them from the Hive Mind for 48 hours. Legion will have almost no control over them. The only thing it is able to do is prevent the vessel from committing suicide.
  • Any mental or telepathic attack on the Legion will affect all of the Hive Mind, being that it is a shared mind between vessels. This also includes if a vessel is drugged by anything that affects the mind, such as alcohol, hallucinogens,ect.
  • If Legion is permanently cut off from all of its vessels down to the very last one, it's consciousness will disperse, killing it.
  • Adding a vessel takes a large amount of concentration and mental effort. All vessels must stop what they are doing, pause and fully concentrate. All vessels will be unaware of their surroundings while in this process, leaving them open for attack.
  • If Legion is telepathically breached, the one who has done so will be able to locate all of the locations of its vessels if on the same plane of existence.

The Minions

The Legion
The Fluff

  • After spreading its vessels, Legion has become a Polymath mastering studies in Advanced Psychology, Sociology, Computer Science, Advanced Engineering, Biology, Zoology, Business, Anatomy, Medical Studies, Demonology, Theology, Politics, and Acting.
  • Can speak fluently over a hundred different languages.
  • Legion has a well above average intellect.

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Morpheus Complex
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Legion Empty Re: Legion

Post by Chellizard September 28th 2017, 5:35 pm

The only thing I ask you add is that it is permission based on PC's and NPC's that do not belong to you.

Oh, and... I am limiting you to 5 NPC's with meta-abilities that are a part of your hive mind. However, you can have up to 20-30 normal humans to control at any given time.

Otherwise? This checks out.

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Legion Empty Re: Legion

Post by Asmodeus October 6th 2017, 12:30 am

You're good to go. Be fair about it blah-blah-blah. Just don't be a jerk. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Approved until stated otherwise.

Legion Asmode10
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Legion Empty Re: Legion

Post by Sponsored content

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