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Asmodeus, The Lord of Lust

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Asmodeus, The Lord of Lust Empty Asmodeus, The Lord of Lust

Post by Asmodeus August 25th 2017, 12:38 am

"Remember; Our blood may be thicker than water, but it's not as sweet as wine. Ciao Bella."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Lord Asmodeus
Alias: Giovega Maximillian Pentighast
Renegade/Villain Name: The Hellhound
Title: "Crown Prince"(Formerly), "Lord Protector" (Formerly), "Lord of the Legions" (Formerly), "The Lord of Lust", "Little Nicki", "The Eldest", "The Lost Crown", "Prince of Hell"
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: Older than dirt.
Gender: Male
Race: Demon Prince, German Shepherd.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Auburn, Red
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250lbs.
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks

  Asmodeus appears in a few forms. The most common being his German Shepherd form, then he can be noticed as a Hellhound, and also under a human guise, followed by his demonic humanoid form. Asmodeus also has a true demonic form that he has not accessed in several thousand years.
German Shepherd:
Demonic Humanoid:

Alignment Justification

Asmodeus is classified as a True Neutral character due to the duality of his personality. Many people consider Asmodeus evil, and while he does certainly fall under the trope of Affably Evil, though his motivations and his intentions seem to cross into a more selfish territory rather than being openly and outright evil. Part of this comes from the fact that he was born a demon and evil seems to be forced upon him. Being the embodiment of one of the Seven Deadly Sins only helps to cultivate people's perceptions of his evil.

  Asmodeus, however, as a demon stands as a representation of free will, and as the Lord of Lust and pleasure he seems to hold onto a Hedonists, selfish ways more so than walking the path of evil. This is what eventually lead to his Heel-Turn Revelation of Hell and his family, which subsequently resulted in him suffering from Bystander Syndrome where he sees all of existence and it's issues as trivial and someone elses problem. While Asmodeus remains a legendary paragon Destroyer Deity Asmodeus actually takes prize in the few friends he has and is more than willing to provide a Villainous Rescue to those he favors.

The Legacy

  Asmodeus was once viewed as a paragon of his kind, being the perfect little soldier and seemingly ceaselessly loyal to their father, The ruler of the Hellverse. Asmodeus was the perfect soldier, that reveled in duty and obeying the orders and serving his father's will before his father even needed to ask. His loyalty was unquestionable, and through his skill and service he was granted the title "Lord of Lust" an ever growing sin and expansive dominion. Asmodeus took great pride in his siblings and watched over them in his own, callous way. Despite all of this, the years have passed and Asmodeus has changed.

  No longer the perfect soldier, he now exists as only a memory of the perfect Hell-warrior with faithful legions that still practice his regiment and train in accordance with his standard. Asmodeus now seems to have a very Nihilistic view upon the world and every verse connect to it, caring for very little than to experience everything this life has to offer.

  Formidable battlemaster of Hell, the Lord Protector of their father and the fallen eldest son. Asmodeus was born to the same father as Rochelle Takeiro, Nathan DiMartino, Michael Krieger, Malphas and the other Princes of Hell. Asmodeus was the indestructible Lord of Lust, a leader and ruthless child of a ruthless and heartless master. Many looked to Asmodeus and saw a beacon of hope for the future of Hell as he lead their armies and trained their most elite. But then, he vanished, without trace. It was believed by all the princes of Hell and even the most loyal that Asmodeus had met his end the way he would have wanted, the end of a warrior, honoring his title as "Lord Protector" and defending their father's throne until the bitter end, leaving Rochelle the only one who knew the truth of his betrayal.

  In truth, Asmodeus had agreed to help Rochelle take the throne of Hell, and he plotted his own escape and ejection from Hell as he sabotaged his own plan, while still ensuring the success of Rochelle and her ascension to the throne.. Asmodeus knew that so long as he lived, the masses of Hell would never follow him if he were under the banner of any of his siblings. Asmodeus slipped into the human world and donned the disguise of a Hellhound, before then further altering himself into that of a German Shepherd, successfully masking himself from all suspicion as he lived a very happy life, bouncing from owner to owner.

  Eventually, Asmodeus was brought back into the action when he learned that an individual had given one of his siblings a very difficult time, even wounding them in irreparable ways. Asmodeus personally sought to deal with this individual, however in the end he found himself in a new alliance with a new set of "friends" as he lived out a very pleasurable life as their canine companion.

The Powers

Miasma: Asmodeus has the ability to emit a black smoke that fills the air around him. Breathing in this smoke causes one to feel as though their lungs were placed in a blender and set on fire, or the smell can be pleasant or even feel downright great depending upon Asmodeus' relationship with that individual. The fog can also be seen or possibly completely transparent.
Miasma Responses:

Hellfire Immunity: Asmodeus as a prince of Hell is used to the fire and the flames of almost all varieties . As such, Asmodeus is immune to fire of all kinds, even the unholy types in every form that he appears.

Enhanced Senses: Asmodeus can smell, hear and even taste changes in the area around him, as well as utilizing his perfect vision to see in darkness as if it were day.

Asmodeus' Humanoid Form

The Weaknesses

Flammable: While Asmodeus is immune to all types of hellfire, it is a little known fact that while in the mortal world his miasma is flammable, and the magical essence within it allows the fire to damage him worse than it would damage a normal individual.

Family Business: Despite being a demon, his younger sibling's wellbeing is the only reason that Asmodeus secretly assisted with Chelle's undertaking. While he may have not always been the softest, or kindest, it was never a question that he would do everything in his power for his family. After all, it was a family business.

The Wolf and The Raven: Due to a pact made long ago with Malphas. Just as in nature, Malphas of the Ravens and Asmodeus of the Wolves honor the natural order by existing in a symbiotic relationship. That being said, they may make no action against one and other with the intention of harming the other. Likewise, if they are in danger or there is a threat, they are obligated to communicate and warn one and other or assist each other when help is requested in a matter of survival or security. Further more he is also bound to amicably deal with members of demonic lineage rather than defaulting to combat.

Beware the Green-Eyed Monster: People with hearts of jealousy or whom covet something that Asmodeus has deal more harm to him than any other. This is because the desire and coveting of what others have is in opposition to beings whom hedonistically enjoy what they have.

Salt: Asmodeus in his Hellhound form is forced to abide by the same rules as Hellhounds. That being said, it is impossible for Asmoedus to pass a line of salt. If he ingests salt, he enters a state of incredible pain.

The Goddamn Mailman: Asmodeus cannot help himself but to chase the mailman whenever the option is available. He can't resist, he isn't sure why.

Holy Ground: Asmodeus as a Demon Prince is not affected by traditional demonic weaknesses, but while he is shifted into his Hellhound state, he is incredibly forced to reveal himself as a Hellhound when on holy ground, and is unable to access his demonic abilities. He also takes roughly 75% additional damage to him from absolutely anything that happens to him.

Collars: Whenever Asmodeus has a collar or a restraint put on him, he is bound and unable to free himself from the restraint.  

Asmodeus' Humanoid Form
Vices: If Asmodeus refuses to partake in a vice, it causes him physical pain and will actually physically create wounds that only he can see.

Darkborn: Born in darkness, Asmodeus' eyes are sensitive to lights (one moreso than the other especially in his humanoid form. Without protection or without care, Asmodeus could easily fall victim to a splitting migraine and be stunned by a simple flashlight.

Salt: In his form, Asmodeus no longer has to fear passing salt, however he needs to worry about salt touching his armor, as salt eats through his armor as if it were acid, making it impossible for his durability to be effective.

BloodLUST: Asmodeus has an insatiable bloodlust. Every time he kills someone, or cuts someone he has a 35% chance that he will initiate a bloodbath, draining and killing anything he can that is nearby. While in his frenzy, he becomes incapable of advanced cognitive thought. After his frenzy, he enters a state known as Remission, in which Asmodeus cannot even touch a weapon without it causing phantom pains from those he has slain, and personally experiencing these wounds.

White Magic- Healing: White Magic with the intention to heal Asmodeus will actually banish the area of his armor around his arms and will cause his own Miasma to harm him as if he were his own Enemy.

The Mechanics

Myriad of Many Shapes: Asmodeus has the ability to take many shapes. These shapes include a Hellhound, his Humanoid Form, his armored humanoid form and his True Form; which is currently locked away.

Asmodian Dogma: Once a prince of Hell, and the most trusted general, Asmodeus has strong ties to the Hellverse, just as his family does. Asmodeus is a respected prince that many gladly served. To this day, his teachings have crafted Hell's finest.

The Eye of Asmodeus: Asmodeus has one eye that is particularly more sensitive than the other while he is in his human guise. That being said, when he is under his human guise, he is required to wear an eyepatch.

The Arsenal




The Minions

The Asmodian Zealots: Those that still hold allegiance to Asmodeus for all he has done, even in death.

Physical Priority
1 : Reaction : 1
2 : Endurance : 2
3 : Agility : 3
4 : Strength : 4

RP Sample

   The dog waltzed up to the table and looked up to it, it's tongue lulling out before giving a little groan, attempting to get the attention of the one who sat at the table. The dog was pleasantly surprised when it heard the clatter of bacon to the ground, and a wide smile on the face of the young man he had came to know as his fr-food source. It was a source of good food and nothing more. The dog happily took of the bacon and enjoyed the feeling of it's arteries stiffening and the looming threat of a myocardial infarction ever growing. This was the life that he loved to live.

   Though once he was finished with his food he gave a little growl and started to push his snout into the young man's leg. He smelled like a gym, though that's probably because that's where he had just come from. His blue basketball shorts had a sharp shine cross them form the window, piercing into the dog's eyes and causing a sharp irritation. The boy did nothing but chuckle at him and run his hand down between the dog's ears.

  That wasn't what he wanted. The dog growled again and bore it's teeth as it began to chew at the boy's shoe. The leathery texture of the Under Armour brand was sublime, perfect for abuse and hiding while the family was away. The boy's smile and laugh turned to protests.

 "N-no h-hey no that's my shoe buddy! Stop!" He said, but the dog wouldn't listen. The boy stood and gimp through the house, the dog holding on with his jaws clenched as the boy literally drug the canine across the ground. The boy suddenly found himself kicking the dog as it viciously refused to let go. The dog had no care in the world, only growling and biting down harder and harder as it's fangs flashed. Eventually the boy reached down and kicked his shoe off, running into his room and shutting his door. The dog had noticed the boy's escape but his eyes narrowed as he started to pant and charged off after him. It was too late though. The boy locked his door and had dove onto his bed, a slightly panicked look on his face as he wondered what had gotten into the dog.

  The boy waited a moment and sighed with relief as he wiped his forehead, smearing the sweat that had started to bead. In the next moment he heard a loud banging noise, and looked up to see his door rattling and quaking with powerful blows against it. The boy started to panic again but then heard the loud crashing once more as his lock had been completely blasted through the wall and the door swung open, and there it was...sitting with it's tongue flopping about as it panted.

 "I-I don't know what you want! J-just tell me what you want!" He shouted as he backed himself into the corner of his bed, back against the wall as the dog charged the bed, hopping up and still looking at the boy, panting.

  "Rub mah belleh mortal!" the voice came through the boy's mind as the dog fell onto his side and let out a rumble as the boy reached out and rubbed the dog's stomach for him, shocked and traumatized by the odd German Shepherd's little playful tantrum.

  It wasn't the life of a Demon Prince, but it was certainly the life for him...

Asmodeus, The Lord of Lust Asmode10
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Asmodeus, The Lord of Lust Empty Re: Asmodeus, The Lord of Lust

Post by Arcana August 25th 2017, 3:33 pm

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