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The Legion

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The Legion Empty The Legion

Post by The Legion March 22nd 2019, 2:58 am

The Legion

”You are but a man, but I am Legion. We are many.”


Real Name: Varies
Renegade Name: Legion
Title: “The Children of Psyche”, “The Legion of Yamm”, “The King’s Guard”, “The Harbingers of Judgement”, “The Final Boss”,“The Blue Oyster Cult”
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Left Eye Color: Unknown
Right Eye Color: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood type: Unknown


   Legion consists of multiple people, and ultimately means that each person has their own unique appearance. Legion is known as a single person, however by their iconic outfit of being a set of paramilitary equipment underneath what looks to be everyday clothing that almost anyone could be seen wearing. Their trademark easy to create masks are also an identifying feature. Though Legion is actually a group and all members dress the same, the most prominent “figure-heads” to dress up and act are listed below.

Isaiah (Pinstripe):
Lloyd (Radiation):
Max (Legion):

Alignment Rationale

   The only true reason that Legion is considered to be True Neutral is due to the fact that it’s incorporated ideals are upon every aspect of the spectrum. Some of its members are Lawful, following the tenants, and then there are others that take to heart “Chaos is the one True Order” and make themselves overly chaotic. The intentions of the group are in service to their Master, and thereby the vast variation makes them more of a Wild Card, while also believing entirely in the balance of all things which drives their goals.

The Legacy


  Legion has a ton of colorful personalities. The embodiment of the personalities is subjective to the individual, however when there is anyone dressed for the role of Legion, they all act very calm, very deliberate and very composed. There are only three individuals within the organization who never operate dressed as Legion. Methodical, well trained and seemingly normal in every way, save for their massive serial killing streak, and unwavering loyalty and conviction to their master, and The Hand.

    The Legion has a history from many years ago. The group was founded by a group of cultists that were given revelations from an outside being from beyond the multiverse, a being that worked in the realms of nothingness and chaos. This being seared into their minds the infinite power that this being held, and how it had but one desire. To see it’s beloved appeased, and the only way to appease them was to create balance. The many men separated throughout the world and did many different things with their lives. One founded The Agents of Azrael, another started a ministry, another took upon the name Void and started an army of “The Forsaken”, while another began a cult to worship this being by another name, and finally there was one whom was awoken just recently. Only recently was he given a glimpse into the Master’s heart. A calling.

   Isaiah was saved by his master’s vessel, and through their friendship he watched and cultivated a respect for the vessel, coming to accept him as a best friend, a brother he never had. This respect and the truth given to him, caused him to rally all those whom were inspired by Humanity, the human being who defied the odds and defeated the strongest, protected the weak and spreading terror to those whom would use their powers with negligence of humans in mind. He took these people and he purged in fire and blood, annihilating the ministry, destroying the cult and rallying all whom would join him under the single banner. Single identity, Single face. Many hands, Many voices.

   Legion was broken into two separate hierarchies of power. There is the Inner Hand, a strictly human group of five individuals that were all tested and proven faithful to Psyche. Then there is the Outer Hand, which is depicted as a glowing power that seems to lace it’s fingers between the inner hand’s. This is a metahuman only group, each metahuman received it’s power, or an advancement in power from their devotion to their master. The Outer Hand is responsible for protecting and teaching the Inner Hand on the ways and perceptions of metahumans, making them essential for integration.

   The Pantheon spoke of Archon, Sin,  Enigma, The Presence, Shub’Niggurath, Gaia, Samhain, The Mad God, The Dark One, Yamm, Baal, Marduke, The Young One and Casmaudius. This pantheon was struck down, overwhelmed as it’s followers betrayed them from the inside, painting the halls with blood, tearing down statues and proclaiming the death of the gods. There was no order, the religion was a sham, a way to keep them contained and ignorant to the truth. Isaiah told them the truth. All things came from One. To One, all will return. Yamm was Psyche, The Young One was Eros and Archon was very real. The Mad God was but a fragment of Psyche, and The Presence a fragment of Archon. Sin an unholy amalgamation of Archon’s ire and Psyche’s actions. These false gods were not gods at all, they were pieces to the puzzle. There was only Eros, Psyche and Archon….and the being that was all three and yet altogether different. This truth had given them knowledge, power and even the most mundane individual was granted freedom from the revelation. They were able to unite, as one. An amalgamation of unworthy beings of all different walks of life, and all differing alignments.

   For they are Legion, and they are many...


The Powers

 True Faith: All members of Legion are protected by Psyche to some extent. Their minds are all shielded from control, possession and any attempts to read their minds will have no effect. Psyche makes certain that his protection over Legion members of The Hand is amplified when dealing with those that others perceive as “Gods”, protecting them from harm against these beings. Prayers, Divine Magics, Unholy Magics and powers from those worshipped as Gods will have no effect upon them, as long as they maintain their faith in their Master.

Peak Human: The Members of Legion that go forth and fight are trained combatants, athletic free-runners and each have their own set of skills and cross-training. They are no Humanity, but they can hold their own.


The Weakness

Individual Weaknesses: Every person is an individual, despite being part of a collective. Legion is bound to have random weaknesses that appear. It could be trembling hands, it could be fragile bones or it could even be phobias or fears. Mental disorders, or even allergies as well.

Faith’s Fetters: Legion is bound to the code of their master. To disobey the code and stricture is to defy an entity that makes an “all-powerful god” look like a spoiled child playing in the kiddy pool, while this being is an endless ocean. For members not in The Hand….To even THINK of defying the command or strictures of their loyalty will nullify their True-Faith advantage. If they are part of the Hand the only protection they retain is the no-death without PC permission. They can be mind-controlled or telepathically influenced otherwise.

Cult of Personality: Legion has many different people with many different views. While they serve a common being, they all have many different ways of doing so, as well as many different reasons for doing so. Yet each of them embodies something that Psyche has placed within them, and it glorifies them and their purpose towards balance. Though their conflicting personalities continually leads to arguments, a dissonance of communication and a lack of teamwork when multiple members of The Hand disagree. Many times members of Legion have shown up in costume just to foil each other’s schemes.

Identity: Legion is most terrifying because they adopted Humanity’s concept of “I could be anyone”. The identity of Legion is a secret of the utmost importance. Especially the identity of the members of The Hand. Members of Legion have had many identifying markers removed, and at times changed. Individuals being identified are not normally an issue, however. They are sworn to end their own lives in order to protect the secrets of The Hand.  

Underhanded: Legion members are not trained to fight fairly. In a fight with a metahuman, if they are not a member of The Hand, they likely stand absolutely no chance against an opponent with any power beyond human capability. They have to resort to underhanded tactics to make the most of their capabilities, and this will oftentimes be a problem for any member of legion with a sense of pride.


The Mechanics

Obscured: Whenever a member of Legion dies, their essence returns to the void, including their life-force and souls, making them bad targets for vampires. (RP Mech)

One of Many: Members of Legion rarely ever travel alone, though the members of the Hand all seem to have their own sense of space from the others. As each member is essentially the power of an NPC, there cannot be more members of the Hand present than there are PC’s.  For there to be more than that many members of the hand to be present it would require consent from the other participants. (RP Mech)

The Legion’s Crest

   Basic gear: Legion is almost always equip with mundane gear, with occasionally items to help disguise their voice or other basic things that serve no real use other than to help them remain elusive in the context of the story.


The Minions

Legion: Legion consists of an unknown mass of people, and their numbers are growing. Common, mundane people from all walks of life live amongst society. They could be friends, neighbors, they could be a school-teacher, a preacher, or even a store clerk, movie star or homeless man. They are the shadow within the human race that seeks to bring about the most glorious end, waiting for their master’s call to rally. They have the generalized power sets above, as well as the weaknesses. Some have more weaknesses, others have just enough. Some have different skills than others, but the ratio is always 1:2.

Physical Priority

1 : Reaction : 1
2 : Strength : 2
3 : Endurance : 3
4 : Agility : 4


  • Isaiah is the leader and figurehead of Legion, however most people turn to Max as the poster-child and paragon.

  • The Inner Hand represents humans, The Outer hand represents metahumans.

  • The Inner Hand is comprised of: Isaiah (Pinstripe), Max (Legion), Amy (Carmine), Christian and Sandra

  • The Outer Hand consists of: Lloyd (Radiation), Jasmine, Kelly-Ann, Alexander and Harley (Gamer)

  • Each member of The Hand(s) is known by a title of “___ of The Wolf” or “___ of The Dragon”

The Legion
The Legion
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Post Mate

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The Legion Empty Re: The Legion

Post by Arcana March 22nd 2019, 3:03 am

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