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Needs to be deleted

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Needs to be deleted Empty Needs to be deleted

Post by Legion September 3rd 2017, 12:23 pm

delete this, lol

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Needs to be deleted Empty Re: Needs to be deleted

Post by Jax September 3rd 2017, 12:28 pm

Alright, Tom. Carton of milk, a dozen eggs, two sticks of butter, and some cereal. You can remember that. Milk, eggs, butter, cereal. Easy. Thomas Teller strolled down the street, wishing he'd written this down. Uncle Matt had called him after his classes were over and reminded him that they needed some groceries back home. It was no big deal for Tom to head to the store. It was on his way home after all.

After the grocery store, he'd hop on the 9 train and be home in an hour. Tops.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, Teller. Then just some of that Calc homework for Professor Cruise and you'll be good for the rest of the night. He wondered if he'd have time to head out after that. And what would he tell Uncle Matt? These excuses were getting harder and harder to make up. He could only head over to a "campus study group" so many nights in a week. Piled on top of that, Tom was pretty sure that Matt was starting to resent eating alone all these nights.

He felt bad about it, no doubt, but he couldn't just sit back and enjoy Uncle Matt's World Famous Spaghetti and Meatballs, as a-spicy as they were, when there were people in trouble all over the city. Crime didn't take a break and neither could he. Gah! This is all so frustrating. It would be so much easier if I lived on my own...

Tom had been thinking about moving on to campus. But where was he going to get that kind of money? The blog and online money was nice, but it wasn't that nice. And he couldn't just leave Uncle Matt all alone. No, that sort of thinking would have to wait, he decided.

Now what was it? Eggs, milk, cheese, and-

Suddenly, a flash of red swung through the air.

Wait, was that...?

Oh, holy CRUD IT IS! It's her!

"The Scarlet Spider!" Someone shouted behind him. Hell yeah it was. And wherever she was going, she was really booking it. It's gotta be something important. I gotta see this. Thomas changed direction and sprinted into the nearest alley. He whipped off his back pack and started to change into his costume.

Oh jeez, this is it, this is it! Wait, what do I even say? "Hey there little lady. Looks like you could use some help. Who me? Oh yeah, I've only been doing this for four weeks. Watch and learn something." Stupid Teller, stupid!

Hopping on one foot as he awkwardly tried to fit into his costume pants, he tossed his backpack behind the nearby dumpster and webbed it to the wall with the one shooter he had already slipped on. "Stay this time, stupid." I can't have Uncle Matt pay for another one.

Pulling up his mask and pulling down his goggles, Thomas got up a running start down the alley and then thwipped a line of web up towards the rooftops. One good yank and whoosh! He was away. He still hadn't gotten used to the acceleration. The wind whipped past his ears and he yelped as he nearly smashed his leg into the corner of a rooftop. He rolled when he hit the concrete and then launched himself into the air again with a jump.

There she is! He saw the red blur in the distance. "Oh hey, is that that one Emerald guy from TV? Isn't he- ohcrapTHATSAMISSLE!"

Thwipping another web and launching himself forward, Tom spat out another web that hit the tail end of the rocket. Yes! He pulled and the missile went careening off course. Alright! Bingo baby! He leaped off a web line and swung into the hero's view.

"Hey! Hey, Ms. Scarlet Web! Could you use a hand?"

Miss? Smooth Teller....

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