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Voltage Empty Voltage

Post by Voltage July 18th 2017, 12:36 am


"Why is it that when heroes gain powers, they're never put to question, but when someone like myself does, you all  ridicule me and question how many of you I will kill. Well the answer is none, for you can’t torture what is already dead."

The Bio

Real Name: Voltavious
Villain Name: Voltage
Title: The Electron Lord
Alignment: LE
Age: 20 (2000)
Gender: Male
Race: Skadusian
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’0
Weight: 185 lb
Blood type: Electricity

The Looks

The Personality

Voltage is a very intelligent man, who thinks with his mind and will outwit his opponent, before meeting in the battlefield even. The self proclaimed "God" lives life with no honor code, and simply takes what he pleases. To those who stand in his way, they will be punished. Voltage tends to go lands of sand or ice, which remind him of his home Skadus. The last son of Skadus brings vengeance and destruction to anyone who knew, or helped his father in any way. His visions of the time he was imprisoned still haunt him every day.
The Story

Originally known as Tarious, the boy was being groomed to become Emperor of his planet for years until he was caught in the act of killing his Half-Brother at age 8. By age 10, he was grown enough to start reproducing children, and that is when he met the love of his life "Annabetha". He knew it was wrong of his people to love, but he couldn't resist the temptation. Knowing of a way to birth a child with nothing more than an egg, they shipped their only son off to Mars, and turned themselves in. The stories of the Skadusian who betrayed his father, the Emperor's, wishes for love fled throughout the entire Milky Way. The boy had prematurely been stripped of his manhood and turned into the prisoner of Skadus, Voltage. He was used to fight off the inter-planet war against Kolaria. He simply demolished the entire planet with one snap of his fingers while under the influence of his father. When his home planet’s government began failing, a revolution broke out. Once the rebels won, they found Voltage out in space, broken and damaged from his father. They fixed him and set him free from his imprisonment. Voltage slayed them all, and destroyed the very people he once called home. Now the last of his race is him, and his son who has been safely hidden on the planet of Mars. The self proclaimed “God of Light” will stop at nothing until his people are slaughtered, and he is all that is left in this galaxy. Two (200) years prior to his sighting of Earth, he roamed the Universe, in hopes he could find refuge. News of him spread quick in his Galaxy though, and he was forced to destroy anyone who got into his way, of what he knew was his destiny. To become, a God.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Strength
4. Agility

The Powers

1. Can control Electricity: Voltage can control the electric currents, electronic devices, etc. with his mind due to his father's punishment. He can manipulate it, feel it's presence, and travel through it if need be.
2. Flight: Voltage can use the Electric Currents in the air to grant himself the power of flight.
The Weaknesses

1. Can only manipulate devices he is within eyesight of
2. Can only fly to the limits of the Earth’s skies
3. Can only fly once a day due to his weakened state.
The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

1. Has Organic clothing
The RP Sample

Application created by Voltage | This code is open-source and available for free use.


Status :

Quote : "Why is it that when heroes gain powers, they're never put to question, but when someone like myself does, you all ridicule me and question how many of you I will kill. If I could choose a number of

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Voltage Empty Re: Voltage

Post by Bliss July 18th 2017, 3:47 am



Mitsy's Boutique


Voltage D3d4aa511c4d025601eecb3540adc5f1


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Quote : I'm pretty much the Captain Kirk of this place when I'm not too busy being the Han Solo.

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