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High Voltage

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High Voltage Empty High Voltage

Post by The Swolefather February 21st 2020, 10:23 pm

High Voltage

"Electricity is really just organized lightning"

The Bio

Real Name:Roan Hughes
Hero Name:High Voltage
Title: The Kilowatt Hero
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Blood type:O-

The Looks

Roan is a giant of a man, with long curly red hair pulled into a bun, and a thick beard adorning his face. His nose is slightly crooked from years of wrestling, and a small scar runs down his left eyebrow. His eyes are a warm golden hazel, bright with positivity. His physique is well crafted from years in the gym, from his boulder like shoulders to his calves which look like they're ready to explode out of his skin. On his right shoulder is a large tattoo of a chinese cloud, with a thunderbolt striking across his chest. Generally Roan can he found wearing hand made crop tops of different metal bands, compression pants, fanny packs and gaudy training shoes. He tends to accessorize with headbands, wrist bands and large sports sunglasses.

The Personality

Roan is a very different person when he's out on patrol/fighting villains than when he's just hanging out with friends. When taking on the persona of 'High Voltage', he tends to become very flamboyant, loud and crass..while in reality he's a very calm, polite and lovely person.

The Story

Roan truly doesn't have a tragic or exciting story to his life..until recently that is. He was born in Queens, New York to two middle class parents..who are still around to this day. He had a normal childhood besides the being meta thing, but his parents were too so it's not like it was some big secret in his life. Due to an obsession with wrestling since a young age, Roan practiced gymnastics, martial arts and weightlifting in order to mold himself into the greatest wrestler of all time..and now he fights crime with those very same skills.

"BUT WHY DID HE BECOME A HERO?" I hear you fans ask..well it's quite simple. Roan spent much of his time trying to get noticed by the WWE, to no avail. From backyard wrestling matches, to youtube videos and audition tapes..nothing seemed to peak their interest. So Roan took to heroism, which often got him a spot on the news, and apparently a spot on their roster. But after months of heroics, he grew to love it much more than the scripted fights of the WWE.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Agility
3. Reaction
4. Endurance

The Powers

Charging up: When Roan comes into contact with electricity, his body will absorb it and use it to fuel his powers. As Roan absorbs electricity, he can decide to use it to fuel his body; which increases his strength and speed. His body is currently limited to absorbing the full charge off of a Tesla; which allows him to move at speeds up to twenty miles an hour, and toss cars around with general ease.

Flashbang: Roan concentrates the energy he has absorbed into a large flash of light, blinding those around him.

Taser fist: Roan channels the electricity in his body to his fists, turning them into...tasers.

Calloused: After years of abuse in the ring, Roan's body adapted, allowing him to take bigger hits with less damage; such as allowing him to survive being hit with a car with just a few bruises and some soreness.

Meta human strength: At a base level, Roan is much stronger than a human, allowing him to overhead press six hundred pounds with some struggle, or lift cars off of people.

The Weaknesses

Water: When submerged in water, Roan will basically short out when he uses his powers; causing him harm.

Blinded by the light: If Roan doesn't close his eyes before using his flashbang ability, he will also blind himself.

Meltdown: When Roan absorbs too much energy, he'll begin to burn from the inside out. This causes him immense pain until he discharges the energy.

Rubber: Obviously, Roan can't harm anything covered in rubber with his powers...only his fists.

Battery: Roan needs to constantly recharge in order to keep up his strength or use abilities. The time between charges differs on how he's using the energy. If he's going all out with his strength and speed, he could probably go for a good fifteen to twenty minutes when topped off(or 10 posts, whichever may come first)

The Fluff

Roan is a master class wrestler(we're talking WWE not the high school sport). He's known for his ability to improvise in combat to set up a great take down.

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The Swolefather
The Swolefather
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Post Mate

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High Voltage Empty Re: High Voltage

Post by Zonkes February 21st 2020, 10:46 pm

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Retired Moderator

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