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First days always suck. (Bolt)

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First days always suck. (Bolt) Empty First days always suck. (Bolt)

Post by Quinn June 5th 2017, 11:11 pm

She was suppose to ride the bus to go to this new school that she was going to, but since it was much safer, and faster, to just put her children into her pocket world and run there, that's what Maya did, stopping in front of first the day care and dropping off the youngest children before going to the elementary school and letting the rest of them out there. Every single one of them got a hug, a kiss and a cellphone check before they got sent off, with Maya waving until they got out of sight.

Maya appears in front of the school, startling a few of the students around her. She checks to make sure her tail and ears were hidden before taking a breath, not really sure how school was going to help her out. Heading inside the building, she looks around, spotting the main officer easily and going inside. Leaning up against the counter she gives the man sitting behind it a stare. "I'm here for my schedule. I was told to get it here?"

"Of course, can I get your name?"

"Maya Shishio." Maya just watches as the man pushes down a few times on his...keyboard before a noise is heard as the printer starts up. A few moments later a freshly printed out schedule is handed to her, which she takes and glances at. Nodding at the man she turns and leaves, heading for her first class. It takes her a bit to get used to how they have the numbers set up, but she does manage to get to her class just a minute before the bell. Scanning the room, she quickly notices that every chair in the back was already taken and was forced to take one of the desks near the front.

Pausing at the desk she picked, she quickly rearranges her tail before sitting down, having already learned the hard way how much it hurts to sit on it. Feeling someone's gaze on her, she glances over and sees the girl to her right staring at her. "What?" The girl quickly looks away leaving Maya confused, but before she can say anything the bell rings and the teacher walks in right at that moment, putting his stuff down on the desk at the front of the room.

"Okay class, we actually have a new student with us today. Maya can you please stand up and introduce yourself?"

Maya looks around the class, seeing how everyone is staring at her and has already started to dislike the teacher. She turns her attention back to the adult, giving him a stare. "No."

The teacher stared back for a few seconds before diverting his gaze and coughing twice. "Well then, can everyone pass up their homework from last week? We'll get started after that."

Maya settles a little lower in her chair and just glares at the chalkboard, wishing she was doing something more interesting then this.
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