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A Savior within a city of sin

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INV ONLY A Savior within a city of sin

Post by Shael Atterrius on May 25th 2017, 5:18 am

Las Vegas was a city of sin in more than just name, but the city of sin was a place he found to be rather ideal for beginning his own crusade. If something beautiful could be made within a mire of filth, then perhaps that could prove the purity of what he sought to do. Anthony pondered this very train of thought as he gazed out the extravagant office afforded to him by his following in Vegas, a hide away within the very compound that people gathered. Maybe to hear him speak, and maybe to hopefully  be seen as worthy of the powers that he gave. His fingers played over the disc case at his hip, feeling the weight of the power that it contained and those that would need to wield it. His mind grew heavy thinking upon these things, but that was the destiny given to him.

”So, am I expected to make another public appearance tonight?” He spoke out loud,  his personal bodyguard speaking up.

”Not tonight. Remember, that’s tomorrow.” The larger man has his arms crossed, looking at him with a single arced brow.  He had been with Anthony since the beginning of everything, probably the closest thing he would allow himself to a friend.

”Guess that makes the night mine.”He allowed himself that, standing from his seat and preparing a small glass of scotch, letting it settle over the ice before drinking said scotch. The compound itself would have been silent now, save for perhaps the two of them enjoying the night. Odd, when he thought about what he did.”Maybe we can order take out. I could really use some greasy food right about now.”

He heard nocomplaints about that.
Shael Atterrius
Shael Atterrius
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INV ONLY Re: A Savior within a city of sin

Post by Uryurvkos on June 3rd 2017, 4:02 am

AAT-08317 cut down with the knife in his hands.

The cabbage he held was cut through with extreme ease, as the assassin seperated the leaves and shredded them into bits on his cutting board. The sounds of the kitchen he worked in overpowered the slicing motions, his powerful motions finishing his work as he eventually cleaned his work off his cutting board and into an empty frying pan.

"Where is Anthony?" The manager of the restaurant asked faintly over the sounds of the kitchen. AAT-08317 heard his psuedo-name, but ignored it—thinking it out of character for him to hear it in such a loud environment. The Chinese man stepped behind him, resting his heavy hand on AAT-08317's shoulder before he continued to speak in Chinese: "We have an order! You can take it!"

"Yes I can." AAT-08317 merely replied in the same language, "Where am I headed?"

"Some office in Vegas," the manager replied, "it's written on order, it is in front of shop!"

As the manager turned on a heel and marched away, AAT-08317 plunged the knife he held into the cutting board before he yanked off his cooking apron and approached the front of the restaurant. Collecting the bag of assorted dishes in his free hand, the assassin glanced down at the address before he recognised the location.

AAT-08317 then stepped out of the door, entered the company vehicle and drove off to his destination.
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INV ONLY Re: A Savior within a city of sin

Post by Knightfall on June 6th 2017, 6:17 am

Nathaniel hurried through the dark streets of Vegas his trenchcoat billowing out behind him in the breeze. He kept his head down so as not to attract unwanted attention and made way to his destination. An office building a block away. He would have taken Nocturne out but he was shut down at the moment for necessary finishing touches. Making his way through the door he walked up to the receptionist behind the counter. The lady looked up from her phone with a bored expression and awaited his question. "Excuse me but I'm looking for a man going by Savior?" The woman simply pushed a button that let out a dull buzz looking him up and down. "Mr. Anthony there's someone here to see you."

A Savior within a city of sin 2rggabb
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