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Melody Fox

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Melody Fox Empty Melody Fox

Post by brokentoaster on May 24th 2017, 12:56 am

Melody Fox


The Bio

Real Name: Melody Fox
Hero Name: Symphony
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 19
Gender: female
Race: Human, appears to be of mostly Caucasian descent
Hair: Melody's hair is very long, reaching well past her waist, and is straight blonde, though she occasionally will clip in different colours.
Eyes: Melody's eyes are a deep blue.
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Blood type: A+

The Looks

Melody Fox is a very stunning young woman. While she doesn't seem like much, only standing a mere 5'2" tall, she has this way of commanding the presence of a room anywhere she goes. Spending most of her life out and about in the night time hours, Melody has a rather pale complexion, complimented by her abundance of golden-blonde hair, which reaches well past her waist. She mostly keeps her hair down and free, giving her that much more of an eye-grabbing appearance.

Melody has two general types of dress. Whenever she is out and about in her day to day life, she tends to wear very simple clothing, typically some sort of simple pair of jeans and a printed tee. She has a fair bit of jewelry as well, most notable the countless bracelets that she wears. She is never seen without her signature headphones, which are almost always locked firmly around her ears, even when she isn't listening to anything, though that is a rare occurance.

A small but rapidly growing local singer, Melody often plays many shows around her hometown, usually to great acclaim from the crowd. She is known for her outlandish, rave-inspired outfits whenever she is singing, and is a common sight in the dance floors of many clubs through the city. She often wears the same outfits she uses on stage when dancing on her own time, and has also adopted the same look whenever she is off fighting crime, hoping that the reconizable state of her attire will garner her more fame and success in her career.

The Personality

Melody is overall a fairly nice young woman. Having grown up fairly poor, she had the ethics of hardwork and dedication implanted into her early. Because of this she can sometimes come as a bit standoffish if she feels someone is wasting her time, but she usually don't mean the person any ill-intent. This doesn't mean that she doesn't have her playful side. Known to be something of a party girl, when the mood strikes her there is no stopping her from dancing the night away.

Melody lives her life in the moment, and as a result will tend to do many impulsive things. This has landed her in trouble more than a few times, and as a result she has more than a few misdemeanours to her name. Despite these (mostly drug related) blemishes on her reputation, those who know her greatly enjoy her company.

The Story

Melody Fox was not a very remarkable girl. Born to simple blue collar parents in the suburbs of New York, Melody didn't have very much growing up. She did have an almost immediate affinity for music, something that her parents worked hard to nurture. With what little money they could spare, they managed to get Melody vocal lessons, and throughout her childhood she would develop this skill.

Growing up Melody didn't stand out all that much. She seemed to have a great liking for the arts, aside from music she was also a fairly skilled actress, landing many of the lead roles in her elementary school plays. She would continue to pursue these avenues entering high school, where a few key moments in her life would happen.

The first was her discovery of dance clubs. While she had heard about them growing up, when she was 15 she went to her first all ages event, and was immediately hooked the moment she entered the door. The energy, the music, the people, everything about it resonated with her. She would also begin to perform as the lead vocalist for her band's choir, which would eventually lead her to being noticed by a talent scout. And the final event that would end up shaping her world would be the most important one of all.

Melody was 17 years of age at the time. After a night of some hard dancing and some slightly harder drugs, something that she had begun to experiment with, She would stumble upon a strange device. It appeared to be an MP3 player of some sort, complete with a pair of extremely expensive headphones. Without even thinking about it Melody took them, thinking to herself that she would find the owner and return them. Of course, this never happened, as she still owns them to this day.

The next day when Melody woke up with the player in her possession, she decided to turn it on and see if she could find any sort of identifier for the owner. Instead she found strange, unidentifiable text before music suddenly began to play from the headphones. It was of a style that she had never heard before, and she couldn't help but put the headphones on to see what it was.

Almost immediately as soon as she put the headphones on, what felt like a shock of electricity shot through her body. The high tempo drone of the music pierced into her mind, and slowly began to change itself into recognizable sounds. Melody would practically throw the headphones off her head, completely freaked out about what had just happened.

She would not look at or even touch the device or the headphones for nearly a full month, laying dormant on her desk the entire time. Every time she looked at it, she would get the urge to put them on again, but would resist. Eventually curiosity got the better part of her and she would approach the device again.

Much like the first time, turning it on caused unrecognizable music to emit from the headphones. She put the headphones on, and once again felt the same jolt as the music morphed itself into sounds and word she could recognize. The hairs on her body stood on end, and she almost felt as if time was slowing around her. It was a truly exhilarating experience, and over the course of the next few weeks Melody would slowly begin to understand the inner workings of the device.

Melody would begin to carry the device around with her everywhere she went, but it wouldn't be for nearly 6 months before she discovered it's true power. At this time in her life, Melody had begun to make her own music, and had landed her very first gig at a local club, which was attended by a decent number of people. After the show Melody was making her way home when she was cornered by a group of clearly drunk individuals who had recognized her from the show. They begun to harass her and eventually started to get a little physical. Having just finished a fairly high energy show, Melody had been listening to some fairly easy going music to bring her back down from the high of the excitement.

As one of the drunks grabbed her arm, she turned and tried to shove the offender away. What ended up happening was the drunk was propelled nearly six feet away, stopping only when his back crashed into a parked car. The car was completely destroyed at this point, but before Melody could even think to do anything else, she turned and started to run. Much to her frustration, she found herself running much slower than she knew she was capable of, until in a fit of panic she slammed her fist onto the music player. She felt the now-familiar jolt into her mind as the music began to ramp up it's tempo considerably, and much to her relief she began to pick up speed. And pick up speed. And keep picking up speed until she was running much faster than she ever had in her life.

As soon as she got home she tore the headphones off her head once again, throwing them on her bed and staring at them in horror. Something had happened to her body. She couldn't explain it, and part of her wanted to dismiss the entire thing, but she knew that something had happened. Something unnatural, and it had everything to do with the music player she had found. As much as it scared her what had just happened to herself, she also found it strangely.... exhilarating. There was a part of her that wanted to do it again, to figure it out and see what exactly it could do.

This is exactly what Melody would do over the next couple months, experimenting and discovering the extent of what she could do. During this time she began to formulate ideas in her head. She could do great things with powers of this magnitude. Plus, what better image for herself as a growing musical artist than to be a super hero too? Crime was a big problem, and she had been apparently handed the means to help against it. She wasn't quite sure where these ideas were coming from, but the more she thought about it the more it seemed like a good idea. Melody hasn't started actually acting upon this idea just yet, but she is steadily working her way towards it.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Endurance

The Powers

  • Symphonic Dissonance

This is the ability that shapes the rest of the abilities that Melody is able to use. A name that Melody herself coined, this is what she calls the enhancement of abilities that she can achieve though the use of her music player. Depending on the type and tempo of the music that is playing in her headphones, Melody gains access to one of two forms.

  1. Forté: Named by Melody due to the incredible boost in strength that this form achieves, this form is activated when the player is playing slow tempoed songs In addition to the strength boon, Melody, or anyone under the influence of the device, also gains a temporary boost in durability so that a single use of this form doesn't cause their muscles to rip off their bones. While under the influence of this form Melody is able to launch people many times her size a great distance. The first time that she overexerted herself in this form was when she accidentally punched through a solid brick wall, which caused her to break her hand and tear a muscle in her forearm.
  2. Piano: The opposite of Forté, this is activated with fast tempoed, upbeat songs, giving Melody an incredible boost in speed. At her current safe speed levels she is able to keep pace with city traffic, being able to comfortably mantain speeds of about 40 MPH without any significant strain on her body. She can exceed these speeds in times of great need, having once outran a speeding car that was well exceeding 80 MPH. However doing this caused her a great amount of exhaustion and incredible pain in her legs after she came down from the effects of the device, being bed-ridden for nearly a week after the ordeal as she healed.

  • Enhanced Healing

The device comes with the ability to enhance and accelerate the healing process of the person wearing the device. While by no means a fast process and not very useful in the middle of combat, it can cause injuries that would normally take weeks to months to recover take place in the matter of days instead. This is especially useful for those times when the use of the device causes damage to the user.

In theory, the boosts that these can give are nearly unlimited.

The Weaknesses

Each Form of Symphonic Dissonance comes with it's own drawback. Forté grants an incredible boon in strength, however as a consequence the user's natural agility and speed decreases dramatically, making them a fairly easy target if they're not careful. Conversely, Piano allows the user to move at superhuman speeds, but if they try to hit anything it will feel like they've just tried to punch a brick wall, and usually will result in Melody hurting herself more than the person she attacks.

In addition to the weaknesses that the forms have, the device itself has many weaknesses of it's own. It can only grant the effects of Symphonic Dissonance if Melody can hear it, which means removing her headphones removes her power, making her no more than a regular, fairly physically unimpressive human. Additionally, the boons that the device's effects can give may be limitless, however there are physical limits to the human body. If used incorrectly, it can have devastating, potentially crippling or fatal consequences for the user. There also appears to be a somewhat addictive quality to using the powers of the device, however Melody has yet to fully experience this beyond the urges to use it again whenever she takes it off.

The healing aspect of the device is by no means natural. It accelerates the healing abilities of the body to cause it to heal it's wounds much quicker than normal, which in the hands of the race that made it is no significant issue. However in the hands of a human, this process is debilitatingly painful, often even moreso than the injury that it's trying to heal. As it is forcing the body to heal itself at an unnatural rate, overuse of this can have significant long-term effects on the health of the user. During the healing process the user will also have a significantly comprimised immune system, making them highly susceptible to disease and viral infection during that time as well.
The Items

  • Modification Interface Data Impliment (M.I.D.I)

a piece of advanced alien technology, this device was designed purely for war. M.I.D.I. is a low level Artificial Intelligence, able to interface with nearly any sentient being in the universe. It uses auditory enhancement to boost the abilities of it's user, and is able to scan the brain patterns of the one wearing it's headset to determine the best method of delivering said enhancement, as different species respond to different frequencies of sound. In the case of Melody and any human who would wear the device, this is interpreted as music.

M.I.D.I. has many benefits, but it also has various safeguards to ensure it's continued use. Using the enhancing effects of M.I.D.I. causes a massive release in dopamine, causing anyone using the device to slowly become addicted to it's use. This was by design, as the euphoric feeling was meant to distract it's user from the negative side effects and potential consequences it's use can have on the body. M.I.D.I. will read the brain patterns of it's wearer, and give the appropriate enhancements required for the situation. However, it has little regard for the physical limitations of the body, meaning that the user has to make a conscious effort to not overexert themselves. This is interestingly not an effect that the original creators of the device has, as it is calibrated specifically for their needs.

The Fluff

Melody is almost constantly listening to music, and as a result small snippits of lyrics will tend to intersperse themselves into her thoughts.

The RP Sample

[exerpt from my Naruto days ]

The sun was only barely peeking over the horizon as Uchiha Makoto arrived at the destination she had appointed. Unsurprisingly she seemed to be the first one there, though she was quite a bit early. Though the mission was a small one, barely even registering as a D-rank, Makoto was more than happy to volunteer her crack team of misfits for the job.

Placing the wooden box on the ground in front of her, she wiped her forehead, leaning against a nearby tree. From her current position she could see the small gate that seperated their destination from the rest of the village, the line that divided the wealthy district from the rest. She could just barely see the stirrings of the guard in the little kiosk next to the gate, probably no more than a Chuunin if she had to guess. Not much protection, but then again his job rarely required any more than shooing off the occasional bratty kid. It was of course, due to one such failure that lead the elder kunoichi to even be here in the first place.

The mission could be any more simple, a simple extraction of some pesky rodents. If things went well then the whole thing would be done before lunch time. In fact she was counting on it, because if her team managed to do just that she was going to have a little surprise for them.

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Melody Fox Empty Re: Melody Fox

Post by Thorgron on May 24th 2017, 9:22 am

Approved until stated otherwise Smile

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