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Melody Potts

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Melody Potts Empty Melody Potts

Post by Nate6595 on September 15th 2018, 4:29 am

Melody Potts

"If punching doesn’t work, punch harder."

The Bio

Real Name: Melody Potts
Hero Name: Rabbit Punch
Title: The Boxing Rabbit
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue/Red
Height: 6’0
Weight: 127 lbs
Blood type: B Positive

The Looks

When in her human form Melody looks like a normal person, though much more fit. She’s been training all her life to become a world class boxer and very much has the physique of one. She is very buff, and it shows. Her hair is a short cut and snow white, her eyes a deep blue color. She tends to carry a very confident and determined expression on her face, usually wearing a very self-assured smirk. Her movements also carry this confidence, a stride that screams she’s a strong person.

In terms of attire, Melody usually wears normal clothes, sticking to jeans, tank tops, sweaters, boots, sneakers, so on and so forth. When she’s boxing she wears the regular boxing attire, gym shorts, the top, and, of course, the bright red gloves.

In her hero form, her physical appearance changes. Her white hair grows longer, stretching the length down to her back. Her ears grow some too and become white and furry, similar to that of a rabbit’s. The color of her eyes shifts from blue to red, becoming a bit sharper. They hold a glance that is surprisingly more determined than her previous gaze.

For her hero outfit she wears padded light gear, enough to take some physical hits, but keeping her mobile. She wears a padded black vest with a white fur trim to it, under which she wears a black shirt with a white stripe stretching each of the arms as well as a white circle on her upper chest. She also wears a black skirt, also with white stripes on the sides and a white cotton tail on the back of it. Under her skirt she wears a light fabric pants that enable her to move more freely. The three most notable pieces of equipment are her gloves, her boots, and her mask. Her boots and gloves are both are both made with a new technology, though custom designed for her aesthetic. Her boots are white and made of some sort of metal mixed with cloth and they look similar to rabbit’s feet. Her gloves are made of the same metal and cloth as her boots, but instead look white metal fists. Both her gloves and boots do have small meters with white markers that seem to fill up the more she moves. The last piece of her outfit is her mask! It is thin white painted mask that holds the design of the rabbit, not at all cartoony, but more so artsy, like something that would be worn at an eloquent masquerade.

The Personality

Everything about Melody is confidence and determination. She is a very forward and blunt person, though she doesn’t really mean anything cruel by it. She’s actually very nice and encouraging, it can just be hard to tell beneath her tough persona. As a boxer she has always carried this sort of mindset, trying her best to be what she considers strong.

Beneath this, however, she does have a few nervous tendencies. When she is embarrassed by something she’ll often ignore the situation and avoid it, she doesn’t like being made fun of or risking the chance of that happening. She has a hard time going to people for help, though it is less present when working with a team during hero work, this more so applies for personal problems.

The Story

Melody grew up in a very small household with her mom, dad, and younger brother and sister. Her mother was a nurse and her father a couch for boxing. They lived a relatively comfortable life, though they rarely got to take trips or vacations, and there were some less…gifted Christmases, but they had a good life.

When she turned twelve Melody had taken up an interest in her father’s career. More than anything she wanted a chance to go in a ring and fight. She had always been a tough girl in her classes and often picked fights with other students, mainly the boys for calling her sissy. Believing that this would be a good outlet for her, her father accepted and began to teach. She practiced for years and years of her life, all throughout high school and then after graduating. More than anything she wanted to become a world known boxer, someone people could look up to.

It was soon after her twenty-third birthday that she was asked to help a friend, Harriet, with an experiment she was doing that she recently got funding for. If it worked Harriet would have a major position in a new-age technology company, however she needed help moving and lifting the machines. Wanting to help Harriet, Melody happily accepted and got to work. During her time assisting her friend there was…accident. She was caught in the machine her friend was working on and something that had been dormant inside her awakened and melded with the DNA of the other who was in the machine, her friend’s test rabbit.

When she emerged from the machine, holding the rabbit that her DNA melded with, not only was she unharmed, but she better than before. She was faster, had better hearing, her reaction time had improved, and her favorite…she could jump higher. After a long talk with her friend they decided to both keep it secret, if word got out Melody would most likely be studied and taken away from the ring and Harriet would lose all chances of getting a job at her company.

Melody, however, wanted to do something with her new-found ability. Confiding in Harriet she decided to take the path of a superhero! She got the costume, the gear, and the name, and she was ready for action. Now as Rabbit Punch she fights crime alongside any who she deems fit to follow! Between her bunny abilities and her special gloves and boots she is a force to be feared!

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Agility
3. Reaction
4. Endurance

The Powers

Power 1) Rabbit Stats!: Ever since melding with a rabbit Melody has taken on several traits similar to that of a rabbit! She is able to move at speeds of 30mph as well as having improved jump heights, lengths, and speeds (She can jump faster than she can run)! Not only that, but her hearing, long sightedness, and sense of smell have also improved, which in turn improved her reaction time. Finally, when she is in rabbit form she is more resistant to cold weathers.

Power 2) Rabbit Punch!: Both her gloves and her boots are built with a new-age technology that will slowly build in power the more Melody moves around. The more momentum built up the more energy her gloves and boots build up. The energy then can be released in powerful blows. At full charge one of her blows can dent and potentially break steel.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1) Carrot Time: In order for Melody to actually activate her rabbit abilities, improved speed, jump, eyesight, and hearing, she needs to eat a carrot, she is unable to activate those abilities otherwise.

Weakness 2) Last Round: Depending on the size of the carrot will determine the length of time she can remain in her rabbit form. A full-sized carrot will give her an hour in her bunny state, baby carrots give her ten minutes, anything in between will give her twenty to fifty minutes. She can eat multiple carrots to stack the time as a rabbit.

Weakness 3) All or Nothing: The energy built up in each of her gloves and boots, when released, must be released in full. She cannot release only portion of the energy she has built, it has to be all of the energy that glove, or boot has built up. After that energy is released, whether she has hit her target or not, she is back at zero energy in that glove or boot.

Weakness 4) Overheat: By moving around too much or taking too many actions Melody runs the risk of overheating. If she overheats she will pass out and exit her rabbit form.

Weakness 5) Blind-spots: While in her rabbit form, while her long sightedness increases, she does lose some short-sighted vision. Attacks from directly below the nose and by her ears. She may be able to smell or hear the blow coming, but she will not be able to see it perfectly.

Weakness 6) Smell and Hearing: With her improved sense of smell and hearing they both become a bit susceptible to strong sound waves or from strong smells, they can potentially disable her slightly.

Weakness 7) Hopping Mad: Generally speaking, Melody tends to take a headstrong approach to things, often times rushing forward unless she knows there are hostages or that her actions could endanger other people. She also has a bit of a temper which may cause her to rush in, even if she knows her enemy is stronger than her.

The Items

Punching Mitts: Gloves made to store energy built up from momentum and then release at the moment of a punch when a certain button is pressed on the mitt. They also act as shock absorbers to
prevent fall damage and backlash from her punches.

The Hops: Boots made to do the same thing her gloves do, but for her feet.

Padded Gear: Most of her outfit is padded and made with intention to absorb physical blows like from a bat or something, but heavier attacks can get through with ease. The armor is mainly designed so she can move around easier and dodge.

Communicator: In her mask she has a small communicator installed so she can talk to anyone on the right frequency or call her close friend, Harriet.

The Minions

Not technically a minion, but she considers Samuel Grayson to be her lacky/sidekick, even though she asked to join him so she could learn how to be a better hero.  

The Fluff

Underneath her mask she wears a sweatband to sweat doesn’t get in her eyes.

Her tail is very fluffy.

If something goes wrong she tends to blame herself, though will take it out on other people before admitting to it.

Whether it is hero work or in the ring, she wants to be someone people can look up to.

For whatever reason, she loves to make rabbit-based puns when fighting.

Luckily, bunnies are her favorite animal.

Usually her first solution is punching. Her second solution is also usually punching.

Harriet acts as her guy in the chair for most jobs.

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