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The Angel Who Lost His Wings

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OPEN Re: The Angel Who Lost His Wings

Post by Atlas on March 16th 2017, 7:04 pm

Saving people had been his primary concern, but now he needed to stop this villain from creating any more collateral damage, well that and the hero that was also causing it. Hearing the man talk to himself was something that did happen, though the fact was that there were two voices. Likely he had someone sending him out much like himself, though who that was he would have to talk with his handlers at some point in the future. In a few seconds’ shards of ice shot outwards, Atlas quickly moving into action. He could tell they were denser than his last few attacks, though Atlas was not sure if it would actually puncture his skin. Rather than not testing that hypothesis, he decided to shoulder through the attacks.

They collided against his flesh, causing pain to scream through his flesh but he could tell he would at worst have a few bruises from the impacts. Not that they would stay there long, but it did hurt while it was there. That was when his sight caught what looked to be a shape moving through the air, like that of the male but within a bright colored bubble. That was when the idea hit him, Atlas  slightly altering his course of movement as he put a large amount of power into his feet and leapt upwards. Meeting the ball at the same point was a matter of a second, his hand in the shape pf a fist  whipping backwards and forward to slam intro the bubble itself with considerable force. The connect was solid as it shot downwards towards the villain at even greater speeds, barreling likely too fast for even Atlas to correctly follow.


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OPEN Re: The Angel Who Lost His Wings

Post by Lucas on March 21st 2017, 1:36 pm

Oh, the luck of battle. it at times prevented knights from being struck down under a seemingly never ending volly of arrows, or made it so that soldier had just enough time to toss a grenade back to his enemies. Unfortunately, it wasn't as favorable in this case, at least not for Lucas.

Revanant had been knocked away from the gamma rays, and the only one seemingly effected by it was the cannon ball guy.  Fortunately he didn't burst into flames or die in any other unusual manner, so maybe he was alright? The real question now was whether or not Lucas could stay that way himself.

A currently physically normal child was bound to get hurt when around a superhuman fight. It was not a question if, but when. Revanant created a barrage of ice shards that Lucas could simply not avoid. They shot out in all directions at velocities his body could not keep up with, even if his mind did see it.

No, no no no no! Lucas thought as he saw his inevitable fate. He knew he wouldn't be killed, but what would happen could be so much worse, and perhaps even lead to his demise anyway. He tried to run, turning away, but it was far too late.

A half dozen shards tore through his body, red splattering across the roof as the boy yelled out in a subdued gurgle of agony. They didn't even stick in, all creating exit wounds through the front of the boy's hoodie.

Lucas was barely conscious, laying in a pool of his own blood. He gagged, whimpered, and cried. A little pain he could deal with, but not what was about to happen. Everything appeared in slow motion, as if he were shell shocked. He told himself he wouldn't let this happen. He believed for just a moment he could be normal, and that he didn't have to be a monster.

The boy's body was going into damage control mode, using anything available to it to keep Lucas alive. Unfortunately, that meant reactivating Synthesis to heal him.

Lucas' glazed grey eyes shut, moving rapidly behind the lid, until finally, they shot open, sparked with red.


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OPEN Re: The Angel Who Lost His Wings

Post by Andrew on April 11th 2017, 12:39 am

"This is not good Revenant!"
The speaker boomed into his ear.
These heroes were formidable. What the younger of the two lacked experience, Atlas made up for in power.
The doctor paced back and forth quickly before staring around the room.
"No other choice Shields. We have to reveal some of his powers."

As The street was cleared Andrew watched in awe as the heroes made a human volleyball. With little time to react, he gave his best attempt to make a bubble of ice around himself before being smashed into the pavement. Bouncing across the street. With every second the shield grew larger around him. This grew counter productive. As he was ragdolling through the streets of New York he smashed out of the ice chamber and was flung into a building.

With one arm literally being torn off from pure speed, strength, and impact. Andrew stood up from the debris and groaned in pain. "Fucking heroes."
An arm of ice formed where the missing limb was before shattering and a new flesh extremity taking it's place.

Clapping his hands together he sent a wave of ice back up the street. Smashing into buildings, cars, any survivors, and with any luck the duo he was up against. With one eye wincing, he felt the pain. Sure the arm healed, but he was feeling the aftermath.

Dropping to one knee, he breathed in and out heavy to catch up to his lungs. He created a sword in each hand, and ice armor around himself. He looked like a knight in quite literal shining armor. "Let's introduce you to god."
Another giant wave was sent in every direction as he slammed his swords into the ground.
"Revenant get out soon if you don't think you can handle them."


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OPEN Re: The Angel Who Lost His Wings

Post by CRASH on May 24th 2017, 8:50 pm

He was moving again. All at once his arms and legs jerked backwards as some incredible force slammed into the ricochet bubble bursting it in a concussive wave of pure force. But Crash was not traveling downwards, not that he knew it. He had no idea how fast he was going or where. By the time he realized what had happened he would already have made contact with the man who Atlas had fired him at. His body felt hot from the immense speed, superheated in fractions of fractions of fractions of seconds. His clothes singed from the heat, igniting in spots all across his body. By the time he realized where he was going and felt the impact from the incredible force, the damage of such incredible speed would already be done.

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OPEN Re: The Angel Who Lost His Wings

Post by Atlas on June 5th 2017, 1:42 am

Atlas felt the impact through his palm, the sting itself something that caused him to wince as the large bubble hurled towards the person he intended. Accelerated perceptions allowed him to see the impact, blood and bone visible for a single second as the revenant lost his arm which showed how much force was behind that. Looking down upon the scene, which was collateral damage galore he caught sight of the one he was fighting, as well as the raised heat of something on fire. Flying down,he landed on the ground with hands formed into a fist.

”You have one more chance to turn yourself in. I’ll stop holding back if you don’t.” He said rather seriously, narrowing eyes which were brimming with bright energy. Should they come at him with any manner of attack, he would unleash these beams of energy, melting ice sent at him or just aimed to hit anything charging him.

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