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A Kink in her wings (open)

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A Kink in her wings (open)  Empty A Kink in her wings (open)

Post by ghost March 1st 2012, 10:19 pm

Lance's green eyes scanned the desert floor. The slight breeze caused sand to move lightly over the surface of the ground, and tumbleweeds to blow about. The majestic view brought back memories, everything seemed to in those days. The desert floor reminded him of a mission in Iraq, but that is as far as he would let himself go. Any further and the sand would probably become glass from his frustration. Yet, there is something comforting about the open land. Something about the vast empty space that gives man peace inside, but this peace was soon overcome by reality. His eyes found his Target. A fence line protected the facility, it didn't look like much. Just a metal structure with barbed wire at the top, but behind it lie a small army, it wasn't visible at the time, but his intelligence indicated so.

Lance was laying behind a mound of rocks in the Nevada Desert, he was covered from head to toe in camouflage and spent days getting this close without getting detected by the roving patrols. All that was visible in this uniform was his green eyes that darted across the landscape, and possibly his sniper-rifle, but that was covered in camo as well. So far his equipment was working fine, his disguise emitter was putting out just the right energy, his weapons seemed clean, his boots where tied and clothes where perfect for the job. His tight black suit had a climate control meter, his face was the hottest thing on his body, but somehow he still found time to complain to himself.

He had a few hours till the infiltration. He needed to wait till twilight, at that time the patrol shift would change and he could have a direct rout in, as long as his contact shows up. He hated to rely on other people, especially people he didn't really know. But the info he would get from this job was worth a lot of money. Some big shot from over seas was going to pay him $50,000,000 if he accomplished everything right, but for every mistake the cash went down. "But even if I did get caught, that is enough money for bail a thousand times over." He reasoned with himself.

His eyes shifted quickly to his left, a truck was approaching from behind him. The sound was getting louder and louder, and suddenly all he could smell was the exhausted from a diesel truck, but it quickly passed him. He was about 10 feet from the road, awaiting his contact. All the person said is that a truck would pull up and he would get a direct ride into the facility. After that, he was going to be on his own. Just like old times.

A smile appeared on Lances face.

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