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Supernatural Detective Meets Mundane

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Supernatural Detective Meets Mundane  Empty Supernatural Detective Meets Mundane

Post by Romulus Emanuel Mercury December 28th 2016, 1:17 pm

Disappearances, bodies turning up out of nowhere, strange drawings popping up in places they did not belong or were not at before, strange sounds and flashes of light, things that are that should not be. All of it seemingly connected to one person. Romulus was of a scientific mind but he was no fool like some others who claimed that there was no such thing as magic. He had trained with quite a couple of occult users during his years of training. He himself never really picked up any of it or saw an interest in it for himself. That however did not mean he was unable to spot the signs when they were there or was unaware on how one could protect themselves. He had plans for everything. Or so he liked to tell himself, and not knowing something or not having all the pieces was not something he enjoyed.

Which was why the man in black was making his way down the streets of Chicago to an old residential district. It was less populous than the inner city, not nearly as big or flashy and had a sort of ‘old world’ feel to it. As if it was ripped from the pages of an ‘80s horror film complete with town graveyard. It was in this part of town that he was hopefully to come across the individual he was looking for, the man whom he believed to be either the cause or reason for all the supernatural events that had been occurring. What he was going to do with the man, or woman, or thing, when he found them he was still unsure of but he was prepared for the worst.

Investigating the town, a bit it soon became clear that he was not the only ‘outsider’ that had been here tonight, that someone else had been seen snooping around an older building in town. Someone who didn’t quite belong. The lead may have been a bit too forward and possibly even planned but there was no way that the individual knew someone was following him, Romulus himself wasn’t even fully aware of what he was getting himself into. So, he took off towards the building as quietly and stealthily as he could move while not sacrificing speed as he needed to get there before anyone else got hurt.

However, it seemed he was too late. Upon arriving at the scene of the ‘disturbance’ there were already noises coming from inside the building. Shouts, screams, echoing wails, and a couple of crashes here and there. Cursing under his breath the dark avenger wrapped his hand around his silver brass knuckles and dived in through a broken window on the first floor. Landing inside into a roll, he positioned himself up against the wall and creeped forward towards the source of the noises. He needed to know what was going on, and wanted to get there before anyone got hurt but he also didn’t want his presence to be known just yet. When dealing with things of the unknown it was best to ascertain some information before attacking. He was only human.

Moving down the stairs he’d make his way towards the source of the noise in what appeared to be the basement. Flexing his fingers as he went, the noises becoming louder the closer he got now able to make out the sounds of not one and not two but three different voices. Two male and one female, the female sounded the oldest of the two and there was one young male voice mixed in as well. He couldn’t quite make out what they were saying just yet but as he slinked down to the bottom of the stairs and turned his head to look into the room he saw the scene unfolding in front of him and reacted. A silver throwing star left his hand and made its way to strike the younger man who from his vantage point was attacking the older man and lady.

Romulus Emanuel Mercury
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Romulus Emanuel Mercury
Romulus Emanuel Mercury
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