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Lost in Thought (N.K. Wells)

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INV ONLY Re: Lost in Thought (N.K. Wells)

Post by Chellizard on September 24th 2016, 7:03 pm

Being held hostage was one thing, but to be offered up as a hostage by the person you literally just hired is ridiculous.

Naomi was filled with feelings of betrayal when Javian started to offer her up as a hostage rather than jumping in front of the gun and taking the damn bullet!

As she sat there, the man in front of her would wheeze and pull his hood back.

A few gasps escaped the people that could actually see his face.

"SHUT UP!" all the energy he could muster was expunged when he let his lungs fill with a big deep breath in and then he yelled in annoyance for those gawking at him to keep their annoying gaze off of his face.

That was right. Naomi had pushed this guy into a puddle of acid that had spilled over during a skirmish with one of the gangs...

Serves him right for trying to hurt her in the first place. But, as it was often times said aloud, Karma is a bitch, and she was here right now to enact revenge for this imbecile with a gun.

Naomi slowly moves her hands back, her pen sliding up her sleeve as she devised her own plan - especially since Javian was so easily going to offer her up.

She felt the gun press against her forehead, then glide over to her temple as the man moved to walk around of the side of the table to get behind of Naomi's wheelchair. He would push her with one hand, the other pressing the gun into the base of her head, the barrel pushing into her vertebra.

"Well. Someone, make sure you include this in my life story." she said, keeping the atmosphere as light as possible. She may be a bit devilish and evil in some cases, but she had to keep up appearances to her fans.

The man wheeled her out to a car that was waiting, just as Javian had said.

But now what? She couldn't just get into the car without her wheel chair!

"Get in the... car!" the man wheezed, pushing Naomi's chair up until her shins hit the edge lip of the doorway. She let out a grunt and sighed.

"I'm a paraplegic. Idiot." She said, the man grunting as well and then, a split second, he moved the gun from her neck to just push her into the car.

She took this split second to rip her hand up and backward, shoving her pen into his eye. But, it would be her mistake most of all.

The gun would go off, and a bullet would go right through her arm. Her dominant arm.


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INV ONLY Re: Lost in Thought (N.K. Wells)

Post by The Lost on September 25th 2016, 1:12 am

The guards would all keep their distance, not wanting to set him off, but never letting him out of sight. Javian would also have followed when the target had moved out of hearing range.

"Don't let him out of your sight," Everyone was in position, ready to strike the moment things went bad, but things went bad really quickly.

"You fool!" Javian cursed Naomi's desperate ploy. All they had to do was wait for the suspect to turn the key, and the anti-theft nerve gas built into Javian's personal town car would have paralyzed him near instantly.

Instead, he had to rush in himself and drag the man off of her. His first priority was to pull the man's gun arm away from her and point it down the alleyway or better yet, up into the air. His other arm would grab the target from behind and try to pull him off of her. Naturally, he'd apply an appropriate amount of his irregular strength. Not enough to rip the guy's arms out of their sockets, but enough to easily dominate a normal human being. The other guards would also rush the car. They'd help try to restrain the target, and would be sure to stay clear of the gun's line of fire. Bursting out of a door on the other side of the alleyway, two guards would open the car's other door and would attempt to recover Naomi herself.

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INV ONLY Re: Lost in Thought (N.K. Wells)

Post by Chellizard on October 8th 2016, 7:09 pm

Being recovered was easy. But getting shot in the arm was not.

Everything was a blur. Adrenaline was rushing through Naomi. She wanted nothing more than to see the look on the shooters face as she crushed it... but she couldn't. She felt arms encircle her small frame. She was yanked from the car, and she could smell only copper. The rich smell flooded her senses, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

She was out of it. Completely gone. At least, for now. As she drifted off she could hear the sound of sirens. She would be going to the hospital.



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